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  1. Research on Elongation Control System of Double Stands Skin Pass Mill,SunMingJun/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/67
  2. Simulation and Optimization of the Logistics System Based on Flexsim,CaiJing/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/364
  3. Product Platform Design Services Based on Cloud Computing,JiHai/Research Institute of Mechanical,5/1843
  4. Investigation on Strengthening and Toughening Factors of Deposited Metal in A508-Ⅲ Nuclear Pressure Vessel Steel Welds,WuJia/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/75
  5. Experimental Study on Silica-based Ceramic Core Used for Hollow Turbine Blade,GuoXinLi/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/129
  6. Research of Automatic Shift Control System for AMT Test Rig,ChengJin/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/197
  7. Research on Product Certification Technology and Evaluation of Li-ion Batteries for Use in Electric Vehicles,WuXiangLiang/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/102
  8. Research on the Mechanism of Improving Cannon Gun Barrel Life by Electrical Explosion Spraying Technology,JiangXiaoLin/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/150
  9. Research on Safety Performance Test and Evaluation Technique of Lightweight Truck Crane,LiuZhongXing/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/133
  10. Description and Implementation of Cloud Manufacturing Services for SMEs(Small-and Medium-sized Enterprises),WangHaiDan/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/531
  11. High&Low Temperature Fatigue Test Method and Application Research of Gas Springs,XiaoZiHeng/Research Institute of Mechanical,1/73
  12. Fatigue Reliability Method Research of High-stress Valve Springs,ChengPeng/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/113
  13. The Finite Element Analysis on Key Parts of the Sea Water Circulation Vertical Pump Planetary Reduction Gear Box,WangZhenShan/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/30
  14. Enveloping Worm Gear Pair in the Research and Application of Expansion Machine,QiaoYongQin/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/36
  15. Study on the Internal Meshing and Transmission of Double-circular-arc Gear,XuWenBo/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/82
  16. Study on Key Design Technology for High-power Gear Variable Speed Device,WangZhen/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/92
  17. Research on Lightweight Design Technology for Large Scale Yaw and Pitch Gearboxes,WangZhengBing/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/110
  18. Research on Key Technology and Application of the MBD-based Three-dimensional Design Standards for Mechanical Products,PanKangHua/Research Institute of Mechanical,4/684
  19. Research on the Probability, Mechanism and Control Measures on Slips and Falls of Human Body While Walking,JiaLiXiao/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/40
  20. Application Research on Reliability Growth in the process of Product Design,JinFengMing/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/156
  21. Working Mechanisms and Numerical Simulation Research of Suspension Chain Moving Aeration,YangFei/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/72
  22. Solvent-Flocculant Composite Reifining Technology of the Waste Gasoline Engine Oil,LiuJingJing/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/137
  23. Research on Key Technology of Three Dimensional Multi-elements Measurement of Parts and the Devdlopment of Measure System,GongYu/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/219
  24. Research on the Cutting and Tribology Properties of PVD Carbide Coated Tools,ChenZhengWen/Research Institute of Mechanical,3/358
  25. Numerical Simulation and Experimental Research on Hot and Cold Composite Forging Process for Bevel Gear,QiuDeHua/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/40
  26. Investigation on Welding Usability of a New Medium Alloy MAG Welding Wire Used for Railway Freight Cars,YangCheng/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/37
  27. The Loading Process Numerical Simulation of Radial Friction Welding of Ring Rotated and Compressed,ZhangZuo/Research Institute of Mechanical,1/30
  28. Study on Microstructure and Microhardness of Heat-affected Zone of Quenched and Tempered Steel in Open Arc Swing Bead Welding,ZhangXiuBao/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/87
  29. Investigation on the Radial Friction Welding Process of Steel Pipe,ZhangChunBo/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/124
  30. Research on Ar Gas Shielded Scan Laser-CMT Arc Hybird Welding Technology of Stainless Steel,WangXiaoPeng/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/141
  31. Effect of Nitrogen Content on the Properties of Deposited Metal with ER2209MAG Wire,WangGuoFo/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/52
  32. A Study on Grain Evolution Characteristics of P91Steel and Numerical Simulation of Hot Extrusion of Thick Wall Tube,DiYueZuo/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/75
  33. Research on Forging Die and Die Holder for Large Crankshaft on140MN Hot Forging Press,SongTong/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/82
  34. Research on Hot Deformation Behavior and Microstructure Property of6082Aluminum Alloy Forging with Rib,WeiZuo/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/88
  35. Analysis and Research on the Frames of Screw Press,ZhangXiaoFei/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/113
  36. Research on Rapid Combined Forming Process of Casting,GuZhaoXian/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/71
  37. Research on Expert System of Complex Die-Casting Die Design,ZhengHuiChao/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/140
  38. Study of Preparation and Properties of Nitrides/Tantalum Multilayer Films,ShangHongFei/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/116
  39. Effects of Some Factors in Water Chemistry on Stress Corrosion Charackin of Advanced Dissimilar Metal Weld SA508-52M-316L Used for Nuclear Power Plants,PengJun/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/144
  40. Environmentally Friendly Passivation Technology for Aluminum and Supporting Research of the Coating,HuangXuan/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/173
  41. Research on the Corrosion Resistance of Alloy Construction Steels, Stainless Steels and Their Surface Ceramic Coatings,XuChangSheng/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/212
  42. Research on Corrosion Resistance of Oxidation Film and Microarc Oxidation Process of Magnesium Alloy,XiaHao/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/345
  43. The Research of Track Shoe’s Deformation Control in Continuous Heat Treatment Production Line,GuLei/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/52
  44. Interfacial Reaction between Zirconium Alloy Melts and Several Mold Materials,LiuHongYu/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/74
  45. Study on Components and Properties of A201Aluminium Alloy,SunMaoTian/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/90
  46. Research on Interfacial Bonding Strength between Guide-sleeve and Resin in3d Weaving,QiaoJuanJuan/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/24
  47. Research on3D MFL Inspection System Used in Pipeline Inspection,CaoXi/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/181
  48. Research on the High Efficient Inhibition Cleaning Agent Used on the Cobalt Alloy and Its Properties,YangChengFeng/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/96
  49. Research and Development of Waterborne Heat Insulation Coating,LiuZuo/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/323
  50. Study and Preparation on Silver Conductive Adhesive,WangPing/Research Institute of Mechanical,0/329

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