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  1. The Influences of Base Oil Compositions and Additives on the Antirust Performance of Turbine Oil,KongJiXia/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/80
  2. Preliminary Investigation on Behaviors of Asphaltenes Conversion during Thermal Cracking of Heavy Oils in the Presence of Hydrogen and Dispersed Catalysts,YangYongJia/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/72
  3. Study on the Mesophase in the Process of Needle Coke Preparation from FCC Slurry,ZhangDeBao/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/65
  4. Study on the Characteristic Products from Catalytic and Thermal Cracking Reaction and Their Reaction Paths,YeZongJun/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/73
  5. Simutaneusly Determing the Multi-properties of Residues by Attenuated Total Renectance Infrared Spectroscopy,LiHaoRan/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/47
  6. Novel Catalytic Materials for Gasoline Olefin Reduction in Catalytic Cracking Processes,ZhangJianQiu/Research Institute of Petroleum,12/576
  7. Synthysis of Half-Metallocene Types of Titanium Complexes and Their Catalysis for Ethylene Polymerization,YiJianJun/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/149
  8. Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Property of Zeolites with 12-membered Ring,QiXiaoZuo/Research Institute of Petroleum,4/501
  9. Study on the Relationship between the Composition and Performance of Viscosity-Reducing Agent Used in the Viscous Crude Recovery,QinBing/Research Institute of Petroleum,21/1491
  10. A Study on Hydrogen Transfer Reaction over Catalytic Materials Used in FCC Process,ZhuHuaYuan/Research Institute of Petroleum,2/538
  11. Effect of Aromatic Heavy Gas Oil on Residue Hydrotreating Reactions,NiuChuanFeng/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/711
  12. New type of water-insoluble fungicides Development,LiFengYan/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/434
  13. Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Cracking Performance of MWW Type Zeolites,LiuZhongQing/Research Institute of Petroleum,4/328
  14. Study on Selectivity of Hydrocracking Catalysts,DongSongTao/Research Institute of Petroleum,10/903
  15. Study on Removing Flue Gas Entrained by Regenerated Catalyst,LuWeiMin/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/167
  16. Study of Manufacturing High Grade Lube Oil Base Stocks from Intermediate Crude Oil by Medium Pressure Hydrotreating Process,GuoQingZhou/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/403
  17. Application of Artificial Neural Network in NIR Analysis and Dark-colored Oil Analysis,WangYanBin/Research Institute of Petroleum,10/680
  18. Study on Catalytic Materials Used for Simultaneous Removal of NO_X, SO_X, CO from FCC Fuel Gas and on Related Mechanism,WenBin/Research Institute of Petroleum,4/454
  19. Preparation of nano - β zeolite , modified , and catalytic properties of the,WangYongZuo/Research Institute of Petroleum,2/701
  20. The Research of Catalysts for Thermal Catalytic Cracking and the Development of Corresponding Micro-Activity Test Instrument,LiuHongZhou/Research Institute of Petroleum,4/499
  21. The Study on Polyolefin Nano-composites and New Type Catalysts for Olefin Polymerization,RongJunFeng/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/271
  22. Study on the Relationships of Circulation Cooling Water Quality and Water Treatment Effect in the Refinery Device,LiBenGao/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/254
  23. To oxygen introduction of sulfurized isobutylene extreme pressure performance,LiHongJun/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/77
  24. Passivation component migration and new solid deactivator,LiuXiaoDong/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/78
  25. Modified zeolite for the semi-regenerative reforming catalyst,WangLiXin/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/136
  26. Increase in gasoline the isoparaffin catalyst features research,ZhaoLiuZhou/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/211
  27. Polymer molecular weight surfactant MALDI mass spectrometry method,XueYan/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/274
  28. Hydrogenation of purified catalyst preparation method,ZhangLe/Research Institute of Petroleum,12/581
  29. Hydrodewaxing catalyst deactivation mechanism of preliminary exploration,WangLuQiang/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/100
  30. Hydrogenation diesel color,YangXiangXin/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/191
  31. study on the synthesis and properties of overbased calcium alkylphenate sulfide,ZhangJun/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/119
  32. Deactivation of the composite zeolite catalysts cracking performance,ChenZhenYu/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/157
  33. Law of rare earth NaY Zeolite cake exchange process,JiangLei/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/184
  34. Calcium and nickel- iron - vanadium interaction and USY zeolite structure,HuangCongJun/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/114
  35. Improved method of polymerization inhibitor performance dynamics assessed,JiangWei/Research Institute of Petroleum,2/167
  36. Catalytic cracking main fractionator mathematical model,LiPeng/Research Institute of Petroleum,6/291
  37. Study on Stabilization Mechanism and Preparation Process of SBS Copolymer Modified Asphalt,JiYongHai/Research Institute of Petroleum,9/459
  38. Pentane Isomerization solid superacid catalyst,FanShuXin/Research Institute of Petroleum,4/148
  39. Of ZRP modified zeolite of n - heptane aromatization performance,ZengHouXu/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/158
  40. Thiophene sulfur the cracking law and the modified zeolite desulfurization performance,YuanHaiLiang/Research Institute of Petroleum,4/327
  41. Synthesis and Properties of new organic silicate corrosion inhibitor,FengLanZhen/Research Institute of Petroleum,2/406
  42. Unit model integration,LiuXianQiu/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/63
  43. Refinery hydrogen network management decision support system,GuoXiangBo/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/90
  44. Hydrodynamic Performance of a new catalytic distillation,WangShaoBing/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/70
  45. ZSM-5 zeolite deposited SiO_2 modified for toluene shape - selective disproportionation reaction study,LiuJie/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/212
  46. Polystyrene sulfonate synthesis and grout drag reduction performance,ZhouYong/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/324
  47. Alumina carrier surface chemical the nature of Ni-W/γ-Al_2O_3 hydrogenation catalyst activity,ZengShuangQin/Research Institute of Petroleum,2/483
  48. Sludge generated simulation test of VE bench,ChenPing/Research Institute of Petroleum,1/55
  49. The needle coke Research of Liaohe heavy oil production,XuXuMing/Research Institute of Petroleum,3/167
  50. The light hydrocarbon sulfide qualitative research and quantitative analysis method,LiKeYu/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/185

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