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  1. Study on foreign decision-making function USA think-tank in the Obama administration study of Sino US economic and trade relations American think tank as an example,ZuoZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/84
  2. An empirical analysis of RMB real exchange rate misalignment,XuTianZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/4
  3. Study on the structural effect of the RMB real exchange rate,DengYeJian/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/51
  4. Study on the mechanism of the exit of venture capital in China,ZuoZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/12
  5. An Empirical Study of Hedging Ratios of Stock Index Futures,YuLiang/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/7
  6. Study on the effects of closed securities investment fund governance structure of the fund performance,ChenZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/7
  7. From 2003 to 2011, China's "hot money" flows into the scale and influence research,LiuJin/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/30
  8. Analysis of the effectiveness of PEG on stock selection decision,NiuZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/11
  9. The bill market discount rate, the discount rate and the correlation analysis of SHIBOR dynamic.,ZhangShengChen/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/46
  10. And the role of the state-owned commercial banks in the small and medium-sized enterprise loan in the position,ChenZhuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/29
  11. Research on market positioning of small city commercial banks in China,MaXiaoLing/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/27
  12. An empirical study of ownership structure and bank stability of China banking,ZhangZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/5
  13. Analysis Chinese money demand function and its currency gap problem,WanQing/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/12
  14. Study on the credit risk of local government financing platform debt an empirical analysis based on interbank credit spreads,YaoZhen/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/38
  15. Shanghai district government on tax competition,LiGuoDong/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/13
  16. Background the European debt crisis in France, Italy's fiscal sustainability research,ZhangNian/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/12
  17. A comparative study of Chinese and American Treasury bonds market,YuanTao/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/52
  18. An analysis of Marx's idea of free trade,YangLei/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/18
  19. Research on international trade benefits under the FDI inflow,ZhouZhuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/56
  20. Study on development strategy of restructuring state-owned business group in Shanghai Yangpu business group as an example,ZhaoPin/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/19
  21. "Declaration" advertisement of financing,WangZhongQiang/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/7
  22. An empirical study on the effect of Chinese outsourcing services to the development of the service industry,ShaoSaiJun/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/29
  23. The cultural and creative industries in Shanghai export trade development present situation and countermeasure research,ShiZuoZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/46
  24. The industrial relationship and industrial production services and research process to industrialization in the Sino Indian as an example,ZhouJiZhen/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/70
  25. Research Oriented Innovation - the development of the theme park leisure economy with Songcheng as the focus of the case,YouYun/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/37
  26. Study on income distribution China state-owned enterprises,DiaoPeiLian/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/23
  27. Study on the coordination of prices in Shanghai guild,YanYuePing/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/19
  28. Research on the problems of Shanghai Zhangjiang High tech Industrial Cluster,LiuYing/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/23
  29. Analysis of factors of production of the private economy in Shanghai,LiuYuBo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/17
  30. High technology industry research - the global value chain specialization and value chain of low-end economy industrial upgrading,WangJingJing/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/169
  31. Research on performance evaluation and incentive mechanism of science and technology business incubator,SongWenZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/21
  32. Study on the differences in the rate of scale listing Corporation earnings based on,XiaoDaYong/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/12
  33. An empirical study on the influencing factors of cash holdings of China's listing Corporation,LuJun/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/20
  34. The Company re financing mode selection - An Empirical Study of factors affecting the bond issuance and stock issuance of two way comparison,YangZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/15
  35. An empirical study of China's private governance structure and performance of listing Corporation quantile regression analysis based on the gem,HeZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/20
  36. Research Chinese bio pharmaceutical industry financing problems,XiaJing/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/21
  37. Research on the innovation efficiency of pharmaceutical manufacturing R&D inputs,HaoLiLi/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/24
  38. Study on the China civil aviation manufacturing industry upgrading in the global value chain theory based on the leading enterprise,YanZuo/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/8
  39. Mechanism of local Shanghai build a park share based on the interests of the,ChenBin/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/13
  40. Financial agglomeration effects on regional economic growth in the Yangtze River Delta economic circle for example,LiuBin/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/21
  41. An empirical study on the optimization of industrial structure and economic growth in the Yangtze River Delta region,FanHaoBin/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/31
  42. Pan Yangtze River Delta economic circle city economic growth spillovers,TangYiFan/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/17
  43. Study on diffusion of financial industry in three economic metropolis circle polarization,LiangYanZi/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/9
  44. Study on characteristics and mechanism of changes in the global value chain,FengZuoLing/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/23
  45. And the realization path of imports in the industrial upgrading process,ChenSiSi/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/18
  46. Total factor productivity, industrial structure and economic growth,ShaoZhiRan/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/22
  47. Countermeasure research on characteristics of China's income distribution and the income doubling plan,ZhuJianLi/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/28
  48. To study the possibility of economic crisis China,YangYi/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/98
  49. Research on government factors and its effect in the development of the industry,YuXiaoJing/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/53
  50. The liquidity shocks and asset price volatility on,WangXianHua/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/48

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