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  1. Research on the Key Technology of Feeding Robot,YuanKai/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/40
  2. Study on Effect of Hyaluronic Acid by Oral Administration for the Treatment of Arthritis,ChenJie/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/15
  3. Hypoallergenic Approach of Major Allergen of Penaeus Vannmei and Its Evaluation System,SunJiaYi/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/40
  4. Research on the Optimizational Extraction of Antibacterial Substances from Dictyopha and Its Antibacterial Mechanism,CaoZuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/58
  5. Screening of Antitumor Metabolites from Marine Microorganisms, Strain Identification and Primary Investigation of the Metabolites,YiYao/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/76
  6. Study on Application of Electrolyzed Water Ice in Preserving Freshness of Sea Food,LinZuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/48
  7. Study on the Keep-alive Technology for Yellow Catfish,BaiYanLong/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/45
  8. Numerical Calculation Model and Simulation Optimization of a Effective Speece Cone for Recirculating Aquaculture System,FangYan/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/35
  9. Research of Cutting and Collecting Device System of the Aquatic Plants on the Surface of the Water,ShenWenLei/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/13
  10. The Characteristic and Function Research on the Intestinal Microflora of Shrimp,LiYuHong/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/56
  11. High Density Cultivation of Genetically Engineered Bacteria in Alginate Lyase and Brown Algae Hydrolyzate Applied Research,LiAnXue/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/30
  12. Ecological Study on the Optimization of Hyriopsis Cumingii Culture,WuZhen/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/36
  13. The Effects of Formulated Diet、Fresh Fish on Growth, Related Gene Expression in Juvenile Crab: and Genetic Variation Analysis between Even and Odd Year Populations of Chinese Mitten Crab in the Estuary Yangtze River,WangZhongQing/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/25
  14. Study on the Effects of Plankton and Zoobenthos in Rice-crab Culture System,LiYan/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/35
  15. Study on the Effect of Water Quality in Rice-crab Culture Model,ZhangYunJie/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/45
  16. Exploration of the Key Points in the Pond Farming Process of Chinese Mitten Crab(Eriocheir Sinensis),JiLianYuan/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/45
  17. The Effect of Donor Hyriopsis Cumingii on the Quality of Pearls,LiuYue/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/27
  18. Study on the Breeding Effect of Tilapia in Two Systems,GaoQi/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/23
  19. Studies on Biology in the Early Life Stages and Artificial Breeding Technique of Kelp Bass (epinephelus Moara),SongZhenZuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/54
  20. Study on Improving the Intensive Eel Ponds by Using Three Different Biological Filters,DengPengWen/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/24
  21. Effects of Dietary Small Peptides Levels on Growth Performance, Muscle Quality, Physiological and Biochemical Indexes in Juvenile Starry Flounder (Platichthys stellatus),JiangKeJun/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/23
  22. Study on the Protein Requirement of Juvenile Mirror Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) at Different Temperature,HuangJinFeng/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/15
  23. Studies on Application of Biofloc Technology in the Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon Idellus) Aquaculture,LuBingGuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/46
  24. Mechanism of Faba Bean Upregulating Type Ⅰ Collagen Expression of Grass Carp Based on the TGF-β/Smads Signal Pathway,LvChiBo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/20
  25. The Application of Bioflocs Technology for Crucian Carp (Carassius Auratus) Aquaculture,LuoWen/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/33
  26. The Research of Feeding Physiology of Filter-feeding Bivalves on Uneaten Feeds and Faeces from Cage Fish Farming,WuTao/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/27
  27. Preliminary Study on Cage Culture of Leiocassis Longirostris of Pistia Stratiotes and Lemna Minor,LeiJunZuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/9
  28. Preliminary Studies of Mariculture Ecological Effects and Services Values in Shen'ao Bay,WangZhaoLi/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/23
  29. (Grobiotic-A) on Growth, Digestion and Non-specific Immunity of Juvenile Juvenile Starry Flounder Platichthys stellatus,ZhangDeRui/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/22
  30. Effects of Dietary Lipid Levels on Growth Performance, Nutritional Components and Activities of Digestive Enzymes of Siganus Guttatus,ZhuWei/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/38
  31. Photosynthetic Carbon Acquisition and Diet Contribution to Abalone, and Sea Cucumber in Macroalgae,HuangYao/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/33
  32. Effect of Dietary Carbohydrate and Lipid Levels on Growth Performance and Physiological Status of Japanese Seabass (Lateolabrax Japonicus) in Different Growth Stages,ZuoBingShuai/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/60
  33. The Study on the Optimum Requirement of Dietary Protein and Protein to Energy Ratio of Japanese Seabass (lateolabrax japonicus) in Two Different Growth Stages,ChenZhuang/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/34
  34. Replacement of Fish Meal in Diets for Penaeus Monodon and the Environmental Safety Evaluation on the Commercial Feeds,ZhangJiaRun/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/36
  35. Ffects of Dietary Vitamin E Levels on Growth, Immunity and Resistance to Stress of Wuchang Bream (Megalobrama Amblycephala),ZhouMing/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/27
  36. Effects of Dietary DHA Levels and DHA/EPA Ratios on Growth and Lipid Composition of Juvenile Chinese Mitten Crab Eriocheir Sinensis,ZhaoYaZuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/33
  37. Effects of Dietary Protein Levels on the Families of Penaeus monodon,JiangSong/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/30
  38. The Effects of Dietary Supplement of Arachidonic Acid on Ovary Development and Nutritional Quality of Swimming Crab, Portunus Trituberculatus,YangYinZuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/25
  39. Primary Studies on Integrated Culture of Litopenaeus Vannamei, Scatophagus Argus and Ipomoea Aquatic,HuZhenXiong/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/31
  40. Industrialized Culture System Design Based on the Use of Fuzzy Neural Network Applicated in Bubble Column Using Ozone Tooxidize Ammonia Nitrogen,ZhouYi/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/25
  41. The Effect of the Nitrifying Bacteria on the Water Quality and the Change of Heterotrophic Bacterial Population in Freshwater Aquarium,HuangYi/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/53
  42. Studies on the Residues and Depuratio Nrules of Nitrofurazone,Furazolidone,Malachite Green and Its Primary Metabolite in Hybrid Snakehead (Channa Maculata(♀)×Channa Argus(♂)),LiuShuGui/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/12
  43. Safety Evaluation, and Bactericidal Effect of Fishery Povidonum-iodum,GaoXiaoHua/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/68
  44. The Prevention and Control Drug Screening on Pseudovorticella Jiangi Parasiting on Eriocheir Sinensis and the Toxicity of the Drug on Several Fresh Water Organisms,ZhuLei/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/26
  45. Antibacterial Mechanism Study on Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens Antagonistic Against Aeromonas Hydrophila and Safety Evaluation on Its Microcapsules,CaoHaiPeng/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/107
  46. Pathogen(Suspected) Study of Aural Abscesses in Chrysemys Picta Picta,WangWei/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/16
  47. Studies on Thetoxical Effects of Chlorpyrifos on the Cultured Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei,LiuQiang/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/23
  48. The Pathogen and Pathology of Microsporidiasis in Ridgetail White Prawn, Exopalaemon carinicaud and Swimming Crab, Portunus trituberculatus,WangYuan/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/19
  49. Cloning the Genomic DNA of White Spot Syndrome Virus as Bacterial Artificial Chromosome,FengBo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/11
  50. HSP60, HSP70and HSP90of Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei Interact with White Spot Syndrome Virus,SunFan/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/20

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