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  1. On the Strategies of Hang Kong Disneyland: a Constructed Field of Care for Chinese,GeJieQin/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/123
  2. Study on Conflicts in Management Philosophies in Enterprises’ Cross-border Operational Strategies,LiKai/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  3. The Research of Herborist’s Branding and Communication,WangZuo/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/4
  4. A Study of Apple Rush,WangYi/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  5. The Construction of Celebrities in the Program the Voice,HuXiaoLan/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  6. Development and Dilemma of Television Reading Program,ZhangChangZuo/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  7. The Reasons for the Changes in American Reports of the Nanjing Massacre,RuHuiYuan/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  8. A Study of Foreign Correspondent Group of Ta Kung Pao during the Anti-japanese War,HeMengYing/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/2
  9. The Study of Microfilm Advertisement Based on the Brand Communication,HuQiuQin/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/3
  10. The Communication of Mobile Internet and It’s Influence under the Perspective of Media Ecology,ZuoZuo/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/2
  11. The Construction of the Assessment Scale of FL Academic Degree Postgraduates' Individual Quality,WangYingYing/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  12. A Study on Value Orientation of General Education in Colleges and Universities of China,ZhengDongFang/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  13. A Comparative Study on General Education Curriculum Setting of Chinese and U.S Universities,YangChunFang/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/3
  14. School-based Curriculum Development in Local Universities,DengYaQing/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/3
  15. The Effects of Dictogloss on Senior School Students' L2Oral Productive Vocabulary,LinYing/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/3
  16. The Comparison of China's and Israel's Education on National Spirit,WangZuoZuo/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  17. Hair and the Construction of Black American Women's Identity,HeYan/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/13
  18. Research on adolescent Military Patriotism Education twenty-first Century don Cossack,WuHui/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/2
  19. Congressional Challenges on U.S. Administration's "One China" Policy during the Clinton Administration,TangZiCui/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  20. Analysis of America's "Back to Asia-pacific" Strategy since the Obama Administration,HaoYaJie/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/7
  21. Political Influence Reflected in the Press Framing of the American First Lady Michelle Obama,OuFang/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/7
  22. Exploring American Single-mother Families' Welfare in the20th Century: Its Origin, Expansion and Retrenchment,LiZuo/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  23. The Media Construction on Hillary Clinton in Benghazi Attack,JinYingYing/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  24. Reforms of British Labour's Social Security System for Ideological Reasons,LiMengChen/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/2
  25. A Critical Study on E·F·Carritt's Aesthetic Theory,HuangZuoZuo/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  26. The Effect of Chinese EFL Learners' Individual Emotions on the Processing of Emotional Sentences,ZhangShuangShuang/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  27. The Effect of the Markedness of Intra-sentence Perspectivization on Sentence Processing,XieWeiXia/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  28. On Habermas's Unsatisfactory Effort to Distinguish Communicative Reason from Instrumental Reason,ZhuZhanJun/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/9
  29. From Rousseau's Naturalness to the Goodness of Public Volition,LiQiao/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  30. Nietzsche's Dionysian Spirit and Its Practical Significance,ZhaoShuYang/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/4
  31. An Analysis of Socrates' View of Life and Death,YeZuo/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/8
  32. Discourse on Kant's Respect,ChenHongYang/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  33. Analysis on Political Comments of Anti-japanese of Time and Tide during the Period of Chongqing(1938-1946),LiuYu/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  34. A Study on School Resegregation in Maryland from1989to2013,LuoQinQin/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  35. The Predicament of American Jewish Organizations in the Face of Nazi Holocaust during WWⅡ,YuFaQiong/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  36. From the Unique to the Universal,WanMin/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  37. The Roles of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in American Holocaust Education,ShiJin/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/2
  38. On the Racially Constructed Space Politics of Ronald H. Bayor's Atlanta,YanFengPing/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  39. The Causes of Blood Libel in Medieval England between1066and1290,FengYun/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  40. An Exploration of Middle Class Factors for British Suburbanization during the Victorian Era,NieZuo/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  41. Jewish Community: the Main Force behind Holocaust Education in American Schools,LinMeiYu/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/2
  42. Look at the Korean national culture consciousness from "Fuji soil",ZhangHong/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/2
  43. American Modern Gods,YangLi/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/2
  44. Cultural identity - Japanese culture of Taoism to folk religion as the center,WangJingYu/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/2
  45. The formation of image - Moscow Russian eyes from the perspective of historical and cultural analysis of the image of the Moscow,ZhangHuan/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  46. High-heeled Shoes: Cultural Signs in America during the Fifties and Sixties,ShenYang/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  47. Inspiration of French Alliance on Confucius college in intercultural communication aspects,WuPanPan/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1
  48. The Reasons for the Hindrance of the Development of Confucius Institutes in the United States,TanYin/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/6
  49. Study on the Cultural Soft Power through the Perspective of Philosophy,LiuZuoZuo/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/7
  50. Chinese Enterprise in Africa,ZhouQiongYao/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/1

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