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  1. Ontogenesis of Cationic Amino Acid Transporter mRNA Expression in Chicken Intestine and the Nutritional Regulation,TanHuiZe/South China Agricultural University,3/278
  2. Screening and Identification of the Gender-associated Differentially Expressed Genes and Analysis of New Genes in Schistosoma Japonicum,XiaYanXun/South China Agricultural University,1/381
  3. SSC15 on the breeding candidate gene isolation, identification , and expression differences in study,DuHongLi/South China Agricultural University,0/162
  4. A Study on Sustainable Agricultural Development in Guangdong Province,WanZhong/South China Agricultural University,2/1336
  5. True Fecal Phosphorus and Calcium Digestibility and Predicted Model of Truly Digestible Phosphorus in Unconventional Plant-Feedstuffs for Growing Pigs,ZuoJianJun/South China Agricultural University,1/278
  6. Study on the Linear Ultrasonic Motor Based on In-plane Bending Modes of Piezoelectric Rectangular Composite Laminated Plates,LiuRenZuo/South China Agricultural University,1/275
  7. Molecular Characterization and Detection of Cyclospora sp. and Giardia sp. from Dairy Cattle,XiaoShuMin/South China Agricultural University,0/108
  8. Histology and Cytology of Resin Ducts at Different Development Stages in Pinus Massoniana,LiAiMin/South China Agricultural University,1/159
  9. The Effects of THRSP Gene on Chicken Fat Deposition,ZuoWenLong/South China Agricultural University,0/316
  10. The Cloning and Functional Identification of a RNA Virus Host Factor Gene ToTOM3 from Tomato,MengZuoRong/South China Agricultural University,0/171
  11. Study on Water-saving and Mechanism of Yield Response of Paddy Rice to Upland Condition,WangQiang/South China Agricultural University,1/600
  12. Studies on the Mechanism and the Control of Special Discoloration of Fresh-cut Chinese Water-chestnut and Lotus Root during Storage,PanYongGui/South China Agricultural University,2/656
  13. Molecular Identification and Studies of Mitochondrial Genome of Toxocara Species,LiMingWei/South China Agricultural University,1/273
  14. On the Hybrid Organization and Its Governance,WangChaoQuan/South China Agricultural University,2/621
  15. The comb brush Sugarcane Leaf Cleaning Mechanism Testing,ZhangZengXue/South China Agricultural University,10/289
  16. Growth Redundancy and Structure Optimization of Root System in a Cultivated Rice Community,CaiKunZheng/South China Agricultural University,8/339
  17. Studies on Ivermectin Microspheres and Its Pharmacokinetics and Efficacy Against Nematodes and Scabies,XiaoTianAn/South China Agricultural University,6/460
  18. Studies on Cloning of Spodoptera Exgua Nucleopolyhedroviruses in Insects Cells and Its Biological Characteristics,WuFuQuan/South China Agricultural University,1/141
  19. Studies on the Pharmacokinetics and Simultaneous Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling of Meperidine in Goats,QiaoGuiLin/South China Agricultural University,0/111
  20. Preparation of Albendazole Liposomes and Preliminary Studies of Its Pharmacokinetics and Effect on Fasciola Hapatica in Goats,YangYongSheng/South China Agricultural University,2/166
  21. Multiple insect-resistant genes into supersweet corn,LiYuLiang/South China Agricultural University,0/257
  22. Studies on Ecotoxicity and Toxicological Mechanism of Organoarsenical Additives,SunYongXue/South China Agricultural University,5/346
  23. Studies on Resistance to Anticoccidial Drugs and Its Mechanisms in Eimeria Tenella,MaLiNong/South China Agricultural University,4/558
  24. Study on Visco-elasticity of MDF,YuanNaXin/South China Agricultural University,3/260
  25. Object, Efficiency and the Choice of Governance Structure,LiKongYue/South China Agricultural University,2/665
  26. Enrofloxacin residues in chicken and ecotoxicological studies,WuYinBao/South China Agricultural University,5/457
  27. Study on the Value of Enterprise Dynamic Self-adaptive Decision System Based on Network Economy,YaoZhongHua/South China Agricultural University,0/532
  28. Systematics of Annonaceae from China,HouXueLiang/South China Agricultural University,0/361
  29. Studies on Physiological and Biochemical Mechanism of Chilling Tolerance Induction of Mango by Postharvest Heat Treatment,ZhuShiJiang/South China Agricultural University,6/529
  30. Studies on Antimicrobial Resistance of Escherichia Coli Isolated from Guangdong Province and the Molecular Epidemiology of Integrons/gene Cassettes,WuCongMing/South China Agricultural University,7/393
  31. Allelochemicals control of pests of cruciferous vegetables,JiaoZuo/South China Agricultural University,8/619
  32. Study on the Organic-Inorganic (Minerals) Controlled Release Materials and Their Controlled Release Mechanism,WuPingXiao/South China Agricultural University,4/376
  33. Lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) Chilling injury physiology and storage of ice temperature technology,HuWeiRong/South China Agricultural University,0/924
  34. Grape berries turning ripe physiological mechanism of changes of research,HuangXuMing/South China Agricultural University,2/383
  35. Mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruit physiological study of the disease and its etiology,ZhangChengLin/South China Agricultural University,3/302
  36. Cloning of Porcine Cationic Amino Acid Transporters cDNA and Its mRNA Expression and Regulation,ZhiAiMin/South China Agricultural University,1/272
  37. A Study of Ca Accumulation and Utilization in Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) Pericarp and Its Relation to Fruit Cracking,YuanZuoQun/South China Agricultural University,8/504
  38. A Physiological Study on Biological Effects of Potassium Chlorate 0n Longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.),LuJieMei/South China Agricultural University,6/398

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