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  1. The path choice on close party masses relationship under the new situation,YangZuo/The Central Party School,0/413
  2. The history and present situation of contemporary China relations between the party and the government,XiaoGang/The Central Party School,0/674
  3. In 1960, Mao Zedong "anthology" fourth volumes of publishing and advertising,YangZuoJie/The Central Party School,0/74
  4. Study of Mao Zedong thought special contradiction,MaFei/The Central Party School,0/100
  5. The formation and development of Mao Zedong Thought and criticizing dogmatism,WangHeQing/The Central Party School,0/179
  6. Coordination of the interests of Marx Engels thought and Its Contemporary Significance,XuGuiLan/The Central Party School,0/79
  7. On the contemporary Marx occupation ideal,GaoZhaoLi/The Central Party School,0/98
  8. The philosophical study of moderate consumption,ZhuGouE/The Central Party School,0/419
  9. Contemporary China transition of modernity and the construction of national quality,AoXiang/The Central Party School,0/325
  10. Chinese - traditional culture and the Marx doctrine to "Diamond Sutra" as an example,ZhangHao/The Central Party School,0/470
  11. Study of Marxist theory of the era of Marx,MaChen/The Central Party School,1/735
  12. An introduction to the philosophy of credit,YangWenLi/The Central Party School,0/101
  13. Gaoyuhan and Marx Philosophy,YangSuLei/The Central Party School,0/26
  14. Comparison of the predicament and outlet in Chinese democratic transition in Confucianism and his thought of democracy from the perspective of Liang Shuming,LiXiuLi/The Central Party School,0/145
  15. The ultimate concern Longchang Wang Yangming psychology,CongSuXia/The Central Party School,0/65
  16. Wang Yangming, "Chueh min road" and "outside" thought,ZhaoYangYi/The Central Party School,0/68
  17. Research on Sima Guang rule,GuJianJun/The Central Party School,0/70
  18. Comparison of Confucius and Jesus of life and death ethics,ZhuQingHua/The Central Party School,0/233
  19. Hagel violence - War View on - and comparative study of the theory of international politics,WuJiang/The Central Party School,0/201
  20. Augustin "theory of free will" in the question of the origin of evil,CuiHongWei/The Central Party School,0/296
  21. in" Symposium" target="_blank">"Interpretation of Eros Platon < > in" Symposium,TangZhuQin/The Central Party School,1/200
  22. Study on the scale of social progress,WuDi/The Central Party School,0/452
  23. Innovation study in Philosophy Perspective,MaoLiangSheng/The Central Party School,0/494
  24. Nihilism and overcome: the Enlightenment of Marx,TangZhongBao/The Central Party School,0/135
  25. Reconstruct the spiritual world mental structure and its modern critique of contemporary Chinese,WangHaiBin/The Central Party School,0/237
  26. The western Marx's critical theory of modernity and Its Contemporary Significance,MaXinYing/The Central Party School,0/1083
  27. A contemporary of Marx's spiritual production theory,ZuoShengGuang/The Central Party School,0/25
  28. The main situation - and social development in the comprehensive examination of four based on the relationship of the,LiChengBao/The Central Party School,0/97
  29. Research from the perspective of philosophy theory,DongXiaoFei/The Central Party School,0/129
  30. Social integration at the beginning of,NingDeAn/The Central Party School,0/165
  31. Study on Marx thought of happiness,WanQing/The Central Party School,0/334
  32. The unspoken rule in the perspective of Philosophy,SunQiang/The Central Party School,0/410
  33. The theory of "dynamic" (1977-1982) study,ZuoYing/The Central Party School,0/99
  34. According to the study of eastern Zhejiang Anti Japanese United Front Policy,LongYuanPing/The Central Party School,0/27
  35. During the war of resistance against Japan "people" magazine study,LiuTian/The Central Party School,0/143
  36. China agricultural modernization in Northern Jiangsu salt early attempts to Ken company as an example,HuLianYang/The Central Party School,0/65
  37. The modern Shanghai society development and social management research,GuoYanJun/The Central Party School,0/118
  38. Study on female ideal personality of Tang Dynasty in two "Tang" as the center,HuHaiTao/The Central Party School,0/115
  39. Theory analysis from the abstract to the concrete, Marx of the Russian social development method,ZengKai/The Central Party School,0/51
  40. Research questions to Stalin of the Soviet Union,LvRuiLin/The Central Party School,0/276
  41. Study on EU cultural policy,LiuHongYe/The Central Party School,0/328
  42. USA culture industry policy and to Chinese culture construction enlightenment,ZhangHuiJuan/The Central Party School,4/3539
  43. Study on the path of the Marx doctrine and the combination of the traditional culture China,ChenYouYong/The Central Party School,0/95
  44. Cross image China culture in the context of the construction to the evolution from the perspective of the cultural policy,YinXiaoHui/The Central Party School,0/254
  45. The current America distorted on the image of our country and our counter,ChenLi/The Central Party School,0/367
  46. Study on Chinese contemporary cultural soft power,ShenHongYu/The Central Party School,0/1460
  47. On the improvement of China's cultural soft power,HanLiYan/The Central Party School,0/1941
  48. The culture hegemony theory of Gramsci and Its Contemporary Significance,MaZhong/The Central Party School,0/221
  49. Review of the early 80's of the twentieth Century Chinese mainland pop debate,LiuNa/The Central Party School,0/121
  50. The Esperanto Movement of the 30's of the twentieth Century Chinese,ChenXuXiao/The Central Party School,0/42

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