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  1. Impact of Orff music teaching for children of migrant workers in city of self and social cognitive development in Qiaokou District of Wuhan City, Yi Jia Dun primary school music teaching as an example,PengWenQiao/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/22
  2. Handel opera "Xerxes" of SERSE,WangShuang/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/18
  3. Rossini Aria "cruel fate" Mezzo Soprano coloratura skills in research,ZhangChang/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/14
  4. Exploration in Luxi rap art "Linqing tune" the concert,MaLiXuan/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/11
  5. Opera "Otello" role, character and sound design - the second act aria < I believe in a god of evil "as an example,LiuTao/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/11
  6. Analysis of pronunciation and enunciation and run cavity Mei Lanfang "Drunken Beauty" four arias,YeQiuChen/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/33
  7. Aria "dear father" concert version of comparative study with Di Lee Bayer, Angela George black and Carmen Monarca singing version as an example,KongPingPing/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/122
  8. The use of breath female figures in Puccini's Opera image,TongZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/54
  9. Study of the descendants of Li Shengsu the aria of Mei school,MaZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/19
  10. Handel Aria "from the storm back" three concert version of the comparative study,ZhangFangFang/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/21
  11. Qing Dynasty dulcimer exams,WuQiong/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/27
  12. "Henan song" erhu concert version of its,WuZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/83
  13. Interpretation of Guzheng performance techniques and historical theme music performance of the two degree creation - to guzheng Concerto "Ling'an regret", "West Chu overlord" as an example,LiYueQing/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/99
  14. An analysis of the accompaniment of Sheng,RenYang/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/17
  15. Wang Zhongshan Guzheng music art feature research - to "sea mountain", "hidden", "Wang Qinchuan" as an example,ChenYunYu/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/100
  16. Wang Zhongshan Guzheng music new technique research,WangFan/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/85
  17. Play the development and innovation of techniques in twentieth Century eight, the ninety's in the creation of Zheng music,WangFang/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/84
  18. Erhu "river water" the concert version compared with the spectrum,HanJing/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/27
  19. Schuhmann "Fantasia in C major" musical structure and performance features,HuZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/8
  20. Lester's "B Minor Piano Sonata" the artistic features and performance comparison,PengZhiBin/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/5
  21. On Planck's "D Minor Piano Concerto" double music features and performance of the final movement points,LingPan/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/22
  22. Stravinsky "Piano Etude" Op.7 performance analysis technique and music,FanChengXin/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/11
  23. Prokofiev "C major ninth Piano Sonata" performance research,JinShu/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/9
  24. Multi-part Music Playing and Singing Teaching and Research,ZhaoQing/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/15
  25. Wedge's "Advanced Ear-Training and Sight-Singing as Applied to the Study of Harmony" of Educational Materials and Methods,XiaZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/7
  26. The vocal music specialized in Solfeggio Teaching Research,DingYaSang/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/60
  27. On the relationship between the soft palate and the singing voice of,WuFan/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/21
  28. On Wang Zhixin's narrative songs of the two typical images of women - to "Zhaojun ChuSai", "Mulan" concert as an example,LuoYuLi/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/45
  29. Established in the "repeat" cornerstone of building - Karl Orff "triumph" trilogy research,XiaYanBin/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/10
  30. A comparative study of Schubert and Wolf of the same name vocal divertimento "song" the violinist,YaoBing/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/11
  31. Ba vernacular rhyme: a study of Fu Zuguang singing art characteristics,ZhangPeng/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/7
  32. Art songs and Piano Transcriptions of Lester on Schubert's re creation and performance,XuFeiRong/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/35
  33. Samuel Barber Piano Sonata and the performance analysis on the "sonata" Op.26 music,WangMingMin/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/27
  34. Comparative study of Chinese and American two music textbooks,WangChenZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/24
  35. Vocal music teaching design theory of divertimento "journey of winter" and its significance,WangYuZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/17
  36. "Crazy" Gaoping dance music analysis and performance study,ChengLu/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/26
  37. The strings on a letter - George Klum "Cello Sonata" analysis and comparative study of versions performance,TianZi/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/6
  38. Research on the creation and performance of Zhou Manli's two works of vocal music,HuLing/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/14
  39. Independent construction to the five acoustic mode based Chinese national music Solfeggio Teaching System,XueChenZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/38
  40. A French style concert Etude - Chaminade "concert practice and performance research analysis of curved" Op.35 music,GuoQing/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/14
  41. Hamelin "Twelve licks Etudes" analysis of musical structure and performance skills,LiYuanGe/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/7
  42. The music style and interpretation of "good song" Faure set show,ChenChen/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/15
  43. A comparative study of the three edition of "pictures at an exhibition" walk "theme" orchestration,ChenLiuZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/35
  44. Sir Gershwin "piano prelude" factors and processing performance,GaoFei/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/30
  45. Artistic features and singing analysis - on Shi Guangnan coloratura vocal works with three works as an example,YuQinZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/52
  46. Hu Meier Piano Sonata in #f minor "technical characteristics and processing performance of the sonata",LiuSha/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/15
  47. Study on singing three songs since the degree of Song Jiang Kui,ZuoJuan/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/37
  48. To enhance the training of students' comprehensive ability of the vocal music teaching,LiChenZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/30
  49. "Xianqingouji" solution "in point" and "Ben White" meaning and its application in national vocal singing,LiLei/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/54
  50. Handel in the "Messiah" tenor sub song study,WangHuiZhong/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/9

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