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  1. Analysis on Culture Structures of Teakwood,HanShiZuo/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/28
  2. Research on Winning Rules of Wrestling from Viewpoint of Training Theory,WuJun/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/4
  3. Study of Competition Rounds Features of Yachting Based on Target Ranking,HanRui/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/4
  4. China's Track and Field Meet Endurance Item of Group Movement Training Multi-dimensional Characteristic Research,ChenXia/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/31
  5. Research on the Innovation of Professional Sports Service in Our Country,WangZuo/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/11
  6. The popularity of the present situation and Development Countermeasures of tennis in Wuhan people in physical exercises,LvPin/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/28
  7. Experimental Study on Asynchronous Teaching Method to the Common Basketball Course,LuoFeng/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/13
  8. SEMG Signal Indicators on Six Characteristics of the Rectus Femoris Muscle Fatigue Sensitivity,ZhuangWenJing/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/12
  9. Study on the Development Characteristics of China's Sports Micro-blog,LuZuo/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/16
  10. WuHan City Holiday Leisure Sports Consumption Behavior of Residents,FanLianHua/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/27
  11. A Comparative Analysis of Visual Communication between Sina Sports and Yahoo Sports,TanYi/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/78
  12. Research on the Development of the Sports Industry to Promote the Adjustment and Upgrading of the Industrial Structure of Hubei Province,ShenChen/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/15
  13. The Study of Our Country Colleges Full-time Tennis Master Graduate Dissertation Topic,YangTian/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/18
  14. Experimental Study on the Creating and Composing of Middle School Physical Education Aerobics Action Sets,BaoTao/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/14
  15. Analysis of Discrepant Sport Resources of Junior High School in Qichun County Hubei Province,XingXiaoBo/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/8
  16. The Effect of Implicit Emotion on Ego-Depletion,XuWeiWen/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/28
  17. Research on Sports Dance and Ballet Basic Training of Coupling,ZhouWen/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/56
  18. Wuhan City Culture Media Kind of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Human Resources Management Present Situation and the Countermeasures,ZhouDongDong/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/575
  19. "Long Tail Theory" from the Perspective of Research on Pay TV Sports Channel,TianLi/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/76
  20. China’s Network Media in the London Olympic Games"Report Frame Features of Liu Xiang’s Fall Event ",YuanQian/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/2
  21. Analysis of3G Era Sports News Teaching,ZhouYan/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/25
  22. China’s Online Sports News Review the Status and Countermeasures,ChenBoYu/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/106
  23. The Research of Gender Awareness in Sports News Between China and Ameirca,ZhaoJing/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/126
  24. Analysis on the Characteristics and Developing Countermeasures of Sports Journalism in the Omnimedia Era,ZhaoXin/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/583
  25. Study on the Effect of Aesthetic Psychological Distance on Sports Advertising,JiWenJun/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/120
  26. Design and Implementation of Shenzhen Sport School Material Management System Based on Swing+Spring+Hibernate,ZhangRuiLing/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/6
  27. Bridge Culture Communication Development Strategy Research,GuoYan/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/15
  28. Research on Horse Racing Culture of Our Nation and Folk,FanFei/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/30
  29. Study on the Chinese Men’s Olympic Boxing Champion Feature Model,ChaYanFei/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/10
  30. The Research of Characteristic Models About China’s Women Taekwondo Olympic Champions,YangYongJing/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/18
  31. The Value of "the cooperative" Teaching Methods with Wrestling Research,GongDing/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/37
  32. The Status Survey on the Participation of the Age Group Triathlon in China,RuanZhiYang/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,1/52
  33. Sports Training Theory and Methods of Movement Used in the Preliminary Study of Thepolice Physical Training,YanXia/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/162
  34. Numeircal Simulation on the Sail Aerodynamic Performance of the Neil Pryde RS: X Sailboard,LuoXiaoChuan/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/12
  35. Study of Numerical Simulation Model of Aerodynamic Performance of Sails of470Class,LiuLiNa/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/10
  36. Assessment on Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity of Elite Kayak and Rowing Athletes and Characters of Physical Function,ChengQingDong/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/19
  37. The Tactic Research on Men’s1000M Kayak in the11th National Games,ShenHeng/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/40
  38. The Implementation of Altitude Training Plan and Changing Characteristics of Physiological Function About Chinese Male Canoeing Team,ZhaoPeng/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/66
  39. Study on Physical Fitness Value of Canoe Polo,ChenGuangBo/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/62
  40. The Research of the Technical and Tactical Characteristics of World Excellent Mid-long Distance Swimmers,XuDaSheng/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/155
  41. Extreme Management of Applied Research in the Safe Management of Swimming,WeiWeiCheng/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/158
  42. The Research on Countermeasure of Sustaining Development and Current Situation of Adolescents Swimming Amateur Training in Wuhan,LiuZhiFeng/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/172
  43. Intangible Cultural Heritage Projects in Henan Province Is Tai Yi Quan History with the Real Value of the Research,LiPei/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/2
  44. Hubei Province Ordinary University Public Sports Wushu Sanda Teaching Content of the New Way of Thinking,WangLinRui/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/17
  45. Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection under the Background of the Inheritance and Innovation of Health Qigong,YouGuiYing/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/36
  46. The Technology Training and Development Countermeasure Research of Zhizishou_one of Traditional Martial Arts,LiTong/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/3
  47. Wuhan Fitness Qigong Site Activities Risk Research,ZhangXiangZuo/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/11
  48. " The Transmission and Development of Martial Arts Standardization " Perspective,LiNing/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/16
  49. Supply and Research of Pushing Kick of Martial Arts Excellent Athletes of China,ZhaoXiangZuo/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/13
  50. Comparative Study of Chinese Wushu Duanwei System with Grading Systems of Taekwondo and Shorinji Kempo Unity,ZhangChao/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/25

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