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  1. Research on Experiment and Numerical Analysis of High Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall,ZhaoLiang/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/15
  2. Study on Working Mechanism of Prestressed Cables and Long-term Effectiveness Evaluation,ZhangHaiPeng/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/25
  3. Numerical Simulation on Resistance Behaviors of GRF Pile Foundation under Vertical Load,WangXueJian/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/9
  4. Centrifugal Model Tests and Numerical Analysis of Stability in Reinforced Soil Slope,TaiPei/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/8
  5. Researches on Evaluation on the Ecological Environments of Inter-basin Water Transfer Projects Based on3S,ChengLi/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/18
  6. Experimental Study on the Mechanism and Application of Alkali-free Liquid Concrete Accelerators,GuoWenKang/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/37
  7. Study of Optimalwater Resources Allocation of Irrigation District Based on Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm Evolution,ZhaoEnLong/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/16
  8. Study on Hydraulic Characteristics of Flexible Apron Erosion,LiLianWen/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/5
  9. Study on Flows and Desion Optimization of Aeration for Flood Discharging Tunnel,ChangYinBing/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/14
  10. Experiments on Flow Characteristics and Deposition Behavior of Suspended Load under Backwater,XuJunHui/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/13
  11. Research of Mechanical Property and Evolution of Mesoscopic Mechanism of Brittle Rock,DuanHaiBo/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/36
  12. A DDA Based Complete and High Order Polynomial Displacement Approximation Method in Elastic Mechanics and Its Cases Verification,LiuXiaoYing/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/13
  13. Study of Optimal Water Resources Allocation of Irrigation District Based on Chaotic Differential Eevolution,MaZuoJie/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/34
  14. Study on the Characteristics of Erosion and Nitrogen,Phosphorus Loss on Slope of Purple Soil,FengYong/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/42
  15. A Research for Reprocessing the Data of Rock and Soil Material CT Text,LiXiang/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/59
  16. Research on Stability of Soil-Rock Slope Base on Microscopic Mechanism,ZhangQun/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/59
  17. Centrifugal Model Test of Pile Resistance Behaviors under Combined Loads,ChaiHongTao/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/81
  18. A Study on the Method of Buildings Flood Loss Assessment Based on Airborne LiDAR,HuHaiHong/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/53
  19. Study on Applicability of Different Types about Ecological Riverbank in River,WangYue/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/264
  20. ELCIRC model and its application in optimization of navigation in the peaking power station,YangFei/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/12
  21. Preliminary Research on the Integration of Reservoir Scheduling System Based on the Digital Watershed Professional Model,PangShuSen/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/72
  22. Research on Mechanical Properties of Asphaltic Concrete Core Material,TanFan/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/43
  23. Study on Properties of Cement Emulsified Asphalt Concrete,ZuoXiaoHu/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/51
  24. Study on Fissure Characteristics and Its Impact on Slope Stability of Expansive Soil,ZhaoLiang/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/138
  25. Study on Water Allocation Methods in Typical Areas of South China,ChengMengMeng/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/51
  26. Researches on the Failure Law of Columnar Jointed Basalt Under Unloaded Conditions,QinLei/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/58
  27. Study on3D Numerical Simulation of the Settling Basin for Oncomelania and the Drawing Water in Middle-level,LiuJiaDong/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/9
  28. Study on the Back Analysis of Mechanics Parameters of Surrounding Rock in Tunnel,WenHuiHui/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/104
  29. Analysis on Control Standard of Blasting Security for Fresh Mass Concrete,DaiSiNan/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/19
  30. Study on Predicting or Controlling Blasting Fragment and Numerical Simulation of Cofferdam Demolition,LiXiao/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/38
  31. Study on the Ecological Protection System of Terrestrial Ecosystem in Mountainous Areas about Expressway Based on Ecological Impact Domain,WeiZuoShiPan/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/86
  32. The Study of Aggregate Kinds on Expansive Performance of MgO Concrete,LiYang/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/43
  33. Study on the Preparation and Property of Minerals Supported-Nano TiO2Composite Photocatalytic Materials,LiangHui/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/107
  34. Two Dimensional Headcut Erosion Mathmatical Model for Breaching of Homogeneous Embankment Due to Overflowing,GuoXiaoLong/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/5
  35. Three Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Contact Beam Impact on Flow at the Power Plant Intake,WangBo/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/8
  36. Study on Hydraulic Characteristics of Stilling Basin with Drop Sill by Numerical Simulation,XieShiPing/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/33
  37. Studyon Evolution Mechanism and Channel Regulation of Shiyezhou Braided Channel in the Zhenyang Reach of the Yangtze River,HanZhuoXiong/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/32
  38. Experimental Study on Mechanism of Two-layer-composition Bank Failure,DangXiang/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/82
  39. The Experimental Study on the Change Law of the Flow Structure with Different Vegetation,WangHongHu/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/62
  40. Research and Application of Layered Rock Simulation Based on Cosserat Continuum Theory,ZhangLian/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/61
  41. Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Dynamic Characteristics of Reservoir Area,ShengXiaoTao/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/31
  42. The Research and Applications About Two-dimensional Resistivity Imaging Survey Inversion Theory on BP Artificial Neural Network,YanZhong/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/70
  43. Parallel Solution of Finite Element Equations Using Multi-color SSOR-PCG,XuHeWei/Yangtze River Scientific Research,0/35
  44. Study on the Artificial Floating Island Remediation Technology in Eutrophic Water Bodies of Hubei Rural Area,TangLinSen/Yangtze River Scientific Research,3/455
  45. The Study of the Vibration Control of Cofferdam Demolition Blasting on Hydropower Station,JiangFeng/Yangtze River Scientific Research,1/109
  46. Dimensional mathematical model branching river waterway project,ZhangMing/Yangtze River Scientific Research,2/122
  47. Research on Creep Deformation and Wetting Deformation of Coarse-Grained Materials,ZuoYongZhen/Yangtze River Scientific Research,8/229
  48. Resistance Research of Changjiang River Model,ZhuDaiChen/Yangtze River Scientific Research,4/78
  49. Research on Displacement Monitoring Model and Monitoring Index of Concrete Arch Dam,WenFeng/Yangtze River Scientific Research,2/162
  50. Cumulative Impact Study of Cascade Reservoir on River Ecological Factors,WangBo/Yangtze River Scientific Research,3/341

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