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  1. Research on Allocation of Agricultural Production Factors in Yunnan,LiuXiaoYa/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/61
  2. Research on the Peasants’ Income Changes of Baoding in Heibei Province,LiuZuoLin/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/16
  3. The Study of Ethical Progress for University Students by the Moralpoints of Marxism,HuoZuo/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/41
  4. Research on Farmers' Employment in the Background of "Labor Shortage" and "Farmers Scarcity",ZuoShuangShuang/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/40
  5. Research on the Development of New Generation of Female Peasants in Yunnan Province during the Period of Social Transformation,LiPing/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/17
  6. Study on Popularization of Marxism of Contemporary China in Qinghai Province,HaoHuiZuo/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/24
  7. The Study on the Protection and Development of Traditional Craft Tianqin in Longzhou,LiuRui/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/38
  8. Effect of Different Kinds of the Tea on Obesity and Subsidiary Protection of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver to Hyperlipidemia Model Rats,LiuJiaQi/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/41
  9. Studies on the Chemical Constituents and Bioactivities of Euphorbia sikkimensis and E. stracheyi,YangDaSong/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/29
  10. Study on Function of Silent Information Regulator2in Eimeria tenella,ZuoYuanHui/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/9
  11. Research of NPY Gene and IGF-I Gene and Associated with Egg Production Performance Relationship in Wuding Chicken,XiongHaiXia/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/28
  12. Effect of Grazing Intensity on the Pennisetum Clsndestium cv.Whittet+Trifolium Repens cv.Haifa-shaped Grass Biomass,YuanZuo/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/20
  13. Germplasm Resources Survey and the Research on the Leaf Epidermal Microfeatures under SEM and Molecular Systematics of Salix L.(Salicaceae),WangDongChao/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/27
  14. Influence of Flue-cured Tobacco Different Maturity and Position on Photosynthetic Traits and Quality,CuiYuXiang/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/16
  15. Effects of Different Preceding Crops on the Dry Matter Accumulation and Its Nutritional Regulation in Flue-cured Tobacco Plants,DuanSiXi/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/19
  16. Genetic Diversity Analysis of Wild Cannabis,TangZhiCheng/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/35
  17. Study on Artificial Method of Seeds Dormancy Breaking of Setaria Sphacelata,YangChao/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/30
  18. A Comparative Study on the Morphological and Agricultural Characteristics of Two Cocksfoot (Dactylis Glomerata) Subspecies,LiuYuZuo/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/9
  19. Marker-assisted Selection of Restorers and Ecological Adaptation of Japonica Hybrid Rice on CMS-YS,WangXianJu/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/30
  20. Sequence Variation of Rf-1PCR Segments and Segregation Distortion in Rice Caused by Altitude and Cytoplasm,HeZuoZuo/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/19
  21. Differentied Expression of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus-regulated microRNA of Tomato,XuQingXuan/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/35
  22. Identification of Physiological Race and the Population Genetic Structure of Phytophthora Capsici in Guizhou,ChenLong/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/22
  23. The Tissue-localization and Physiological Function of Himetobi P Virus in Nilaparvata Lugens,HuangYuJi/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/13
  24. Kinematic Analysis and Simulation of Tobacco Rotary Leaf-cutting Machine,MaoWenJu/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/22
  25. The Research on Resistance and Deformation of Trenching Ridger Machine of the Micro-tillage Machines Flue-cured Tobacco,JinLiYing/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/13
  26. Molecular Characterization of the Multi-locus Genes and Preservation Research Associated with Phytoplasmal Diseases in Yuanmou County of Yunnan Province,WanQiongLian/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/17
  27. Analysis and Evaluation on Soil Nutrient of Major Tea Producting Areas of Yunnan Province,GaoFeiFei/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/62
  28. Effects of Land Uses on Soil Labile Organic Carbon and Soil Water-stable Aggregates in Naban River Watershed,WuXiuKun/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/23
  29. Relationship between Postmortem Changes of Desmin and Integrin and Water Holding Capacity of Pork,ZhengWei/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/31
  30. Evaluation and Analysis of the Pressure of Cultivated Land in Kunming City,YaoJian/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/22
  31. Method for Connecting Gradation Database of Agricultural Land and the Second National Land Survey Database in Yunnan Province,ZhaoYongLi/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/30
  32. Research on the Peasants’ Income Structure of Yunnan Province,WangZuoZuo/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/274
  33. Analysis on the Evaluation of Comprehensive Benefits of Land Consolidation,LuWenLi/Yunnan Agricultural University,1/546
  34. Studies on Chemical Compounds and Their Biosynthetic Pathways from Folk Medicinal Plant Cibotium Barometz,XuJiaXing/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/86
  35. Cross-species Infection of Honeybee Virus and Nosema Ceranae on Bumblebees,QinHaoRan/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/57
  36. Comparative Study of Reprogramming Capacity in Pig Fetal Fibroblasts and Ovarian Epithelial Cells,LiuYing/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/23
  37. Study on the Drought Resistance of Seven Ground Cover Plants of Liliiaceae,WangZuoZuo/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/180
  38. Ornamental Characters and Ornamental Value Evalution of the Manglietia from China,TangHaoJun/Yunnan Agricultural University,1/119
  39. QTL Analysis of Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Brassica Rapa,MengLin/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/21
  40. A Comparative Study of New Flue-Cured Tobacco Variety Yunyan99and Its Parents,JiangWenBin/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/17
  41. Construction of Genetic Linkage Map in F2Population from Interspecific Cross Nicotiana Otophora Nicotiana Tomentosiformis Based on Ssr Marker,LiXuYing/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/76
  42. Researches on the Relationship between Root Exudates of Different Flue-Cured Tobacco Varieties and Resistant of Black Shank Disease (Phytophora Parasitica Var. Nicotiana),WangGe/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/192
  43. Study on the Chemical Constiyents and Bioactivities of Ganoderma Resinceum and Ganoderma Cochlear,PengXingRong/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/51
  44. Establishment of Bletilla Striata (Thunb.) Rchb.f Cell Suspension Culture System and Determination of Secondary Metabolites,LiuJunKai/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/153
  45. Studies on Transformation of Genes into Brassica Napus by Agrobacterium-Mediated,QuXiaoYan/Yunnan Agricultural University,1/146
  46. Effects of Atrazine on Growth and Reactive Oxygen Metabolism of Pennisetum Hydridum,ZhangKun/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/36
  47. Screening for Highly Regenerative Genotypes by Barley Mature Embryo Culture and Transforming Taznf Gene into Barley Variety by Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation,LanQing/Yunnan Agricultural University,1/32
  48. QTL Mapping Analysis of Total Starch and β-Glucan Content in Barley Grain,ZhuDeZuo/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/74
  49. The design and analysis methods of field experiment in wheat Founder Parent and Derivative Progeny,ZhangTao/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/111
  50. Effects of Altitude and Cytoplasm on Genetic Segregation of Agronomic Traits and Genotype at Rf/1Locus of Rice,WangChangJiang/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/12

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