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  1. The "Village Tour" design of the ecological culture - A Study of "five Peak Castle rural tourism demonstration sites" construction as an example,LuPingAn/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/132
  2. Study of brand design of regional characteristic industry in Yunnan Camellia industry as an example,ZhangRuoZuo/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/8
  3. Study on utilization of school channel inherited Dali Bai houses painting art,ZhuXiaoLan/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/4
  4. Research on child development psychology is the study of children's music development and its application in music teaching in the perspective of music,LiJiaLin/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/6
  5. Music education in early childhood development and utilization of local resources of research - to Yunnan city of Kunming Province as an example,LiuYuTong/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/17
  6. Preschool music education and conduct research,YangShuYa/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/6
  7. The carving art of Dali Wei Baoshan Changchun hole in ancient architecture,LeiQiangZuo/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/3
  8. Speculative Fumin Xiaoshuijing Miao state culture inheritance and development of the rational,LiLi/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/6
  9. The national culture in the interpretation of the new media era context to Huayao Yi culture as an example,ZouLi/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/10
  10. ,TuJunJi/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  11. Study on the survival and development of Xishuangbanna Dai slow wheel pottery technology,ZhuMan/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/3
  12. Graphic research - Pumi "Han gauge teach" pointing back,LeiJiMing/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/2
  13. Studies on the inheritance of Naxi traditional graphics in tourism commodity in,Jing/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/3
  14. Commercial space interactive guide system design thinking and design based on user experience,GuoShuangBin/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/7
  15. Research - China contemporary environment for military cultural identity system taking Air Force Engineering University as an example,YaoYuan/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/6
  16. "Wind, flowers, snow, reflect the month" implication in the Bai traditional graphic in the,LiuBeiXia/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/4
  17. Research - Dongba design application in Lijiang tourist souvenirs packaging graphic design as an example,DaiYaChi/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/3
  18. Study on the interface design of electronic publications in preschool children,NaSha/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/5
  19. Exploration and Research on the Lahu family "," the Creation Epic Pamipa image re creation,ZhengShuWen/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  20. Yunnan jade carving and design - create a new image of jade carving design method,DuKeDi/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/8
  21. Expression of contemporary of black and white woodcut language,MaKai/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/4
  22. The study of Yunnan Anti Japanese War caricature movement,LiuWenJiao/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/4
  23. The use of foreign fashion watercolor illustration of - of watercolor elements in the illustration in the,XuSiYue/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  24. Four flower - Yunnan endemic plant theme flower and bird painting creation of common in Central Yunnan,LiuXiMin/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  25. Tear and pains question - from singing to changes on Chinese city theme painting,ZhangRenZuo/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  26. Back to the drawing - on modern vocabulary under the guidance of the historic paintings,QiuCheng/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  27. Houses of the painting art of minority local elements of indigenous art of painting in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau,ZhaoZuo/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/4
  28. Analysis of China meticulous flowers and birds painting in the "still life" image,LiuJi/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  29. Regression and thinking of black and white woodcut works of realism,ZhangHao/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/2
  30. With the extension of print creation of boundary,LinBin/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/2
  31. Regression analysis and exploration of hand drawn illustrations,LiZuoHe/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/5
  32. Material intuitive - from the point of view of phenomenology reduction material in the painting in the original horizon

    ,RenXingNan/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  33. Return to the soul of the painting - of painting based on the local national culture,KongChuiBing/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/2
  34. The soul of flowers, soaked in traditional atmosphere on Chang Yu, Ou Yang flower and bird painting, the image of Cao Yilin,XuYou/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/2
  35. The use of filler material soil, sand, powder type in modern painting in the,FengChangHua/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/2
  36. Discussion on landscape painting in the image language,YangXiaoZuo/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  37. New realistic oil painting language from the perspective of history painting,LiFei/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  38. Winter Carols - snow in contemporary Chinese scenery oil painting creation in the performance,SunQinLing/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/1
  39. And development thinking of Yunnan woodcut printmaking in Yunnan local art resources,DanPing/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/3
  40. Black and white woodcut creation record mark - I,HuangChengChun/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/3
  41. Lonely Pioneer - alienation reflected and significance in artistic creation,OuLingYi/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/2
  42. Yuan Xiaocen and Wang Jinyuan bird freehand painting style comparison research,ChenHuiWen/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/2
  43. Analysis of water color painting Chinese "stay white" in the road,LuDi/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/3
  44. With the "wall hanging Feiquan map" as the center to explore the Gong Xian landscape painting art,ZhengZuoZuo/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/4
  45. The present situation of urban ink portrait painting,XiaQiongYao/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/3
  46. Create interpretation of Ren Bonian figure painting artistic conception,ZhengZuoZuo/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/3
  47. Gu Wenda starts from exploring how to enter the context of contemporary experimental ink,ZhangChi/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/8
  48. Ding Gao "but" on the college fax figure painting sketching enlightenment,YinMengTian/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/4
  49. Huang Yongyu lotus painting subject research,YangQing/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/5
  50. From the legend of the monster to painting monsters of Japanese monster culture art language transformation and development,WuYiJian/Yunnan Institute of the Arts,0/12

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