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  1. Impact of the Accounting Firms Changed Form on Audit Quality,QuYiNa/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/45
  2. The Research on the Core Competitiveness of China Listed Commercial Banks,WangXiuFeng/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/28
  3. Study on Tianjin Tourism Competitiveness in the Development of Port City Tourism,ZhangZuo/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/5
  4. The Study on New Rural Endowment Insurance Fund Raising and Operating Mechanism,MaLuXian/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/22
  5. Research on the Formation and Development of the Dainationality Peacock Dehong Prefecture Punch,LiShuang/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/17
  6. Kunming City College of National Aerobics Curriculum Present Situation Investigation and Study,JiangZuo/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/20
  7. The Analysis of the Hidden Dropout of Dai Middle School Students in Menghan Xishuangbanna from the Village Culture Perspective,XuLin/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/23
  8. Study on the Students' Satisfcation on the Perfect Coures of Higher Vocational Education,GuoXianLin/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/68
  9. An Investigation on the Motivation of Thai High School Students' Learning Chinese,DaiZuoHui/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/35
  10. Social Support Network Model for the Minimum Allowance Families of C Social Work Firm in Beijing,GuoAiLin/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/18
  11. The Men and Women in the House: the Study of Aini's House Space in Gender Perspective,MaoJunChun/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/9
  12. The Weight of Modernity Body,YangXue/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/24
  13. Ethnic Group Social Work: the Proposal and Explore of a New Concept,XuChengLin/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/16
  14. Study on the Political Factors Affecting the ICJ,LuoZuo/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/9
  15. Studies on Dongsa of Jing Po Society in Nong Bing Village of Xi Shan Township Mangs Hi,TianXiaoQing/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/8
  16. An Identity Study of the Khmu Ethnic Group in Pantai Village,LiChuang/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/27
  17. The Study on Dworkin's Theory of Equality,DingYingZuo/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/9
  18. Research of Rural Grassroots Party Organizations Ideological Construction of Dahekou Town Yaoan County,WangJiaYong/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/5
  19. The Research about the Impact of the Economic Exchanges on the Harmonious Coexistence of Multiple Religions in Yunnan,YangJiaZuo/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/21
  20. The Research on Yunnan Border Service Movement of Church of Christ in China during the Anti-japanese War,ZhaoShanQing/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/5
  21. The Collate and Research of Jia Jin "Dali Prefecture Zhi" by Li Yuan Yang,SunPeng/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/41
  22. Tuzhang House Culture and the Aesthetic "Deep Description" Chengzi Village of Lu Xi County Yi Art of Building Research,WangDong/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/8
  23. A Study on Culture Inherit of Naxi Remeicuo in the View of Educational Anthropology,CaoYiMei/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/26
  24. Studies of Bai Chuichuiqiang in Dada Village,YangZuoZuo/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/15
  25. Study on Affixes of Khmer,YangYing/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/20
  26. The Predicate-Complement structure in Lahu,WangYan/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/13
  27. The Research in the Field of Language and Its Scriptures Form about "Shu-worshipping Rite·Battle between the Great Roc and the Shu Synopsis" from Naxi Dongba Scripture,ZhangWeiWei/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/14
  28. Metaphors of Lahu Vocabulary,ZhangJun/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/15
  29. Students Use the "Ba" Error Analysis and Enlightenment on Teaching,ZhuXinGui/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/29
  30. The Character of Ancient Entering Tonewords in Hanzhoung Dialect from the Interact of Different Dialects,DuanShiYu/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/12
  31. Nostalgia and Beyond-an Interpretation of Jiang Yun's Novels,FanZuoZuo/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/13
  32. Existence and Transcendence,LiuQiTao/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/16
  33. A Comparative Study of Thai Story "the Golden Conch" and Xishuangbanna Dai Story "a Person with a Cicada Face",ShiMeiJiao/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/28
  34. Study on Preparation of Functionalized Zeolite Materials and Its Adsorption Properties,GuiHua/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/6
  35. Study on the Synthesis of Star Biodegradable Polymer,GengDianGuang/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/14
  36. Study on Progesterone Biotransformation by Four Strains of Endophyte Fungi from Paris Polyphylla var.Yunnanensis,SuHaiLin/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/15
  37. Candidate Peptides Discriminability-based Protein Identificationalgorithm for Tandem Mass Spectrometry,DuYangLi/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/4
  38. Nonexistence of Self-Similar Singularities to a Class of Magnetohydrodynamic Equations,XiaZiLun/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/10
  39. Empirical Study on CEO Compensation and Real Earnings Management,WangJinPing/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/304
  40. The Research on the Influence of Management Incentive to the Growth of Enterprises,WangPingPing/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/127
  41. Audit Opinion, Political Connection and Top Management Turnover,YeRuoHui/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/59
  42. The Study of FDI Technology Spillover Effect on China’s Automobile Industry,ZhangSanLi/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/120
  43. Research of Image Edge Detection Based on Lifting Wavelet and Morphology,GongXianLi/Yunnan Nationalities University,1/50
  44. Research on Digital Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on Nonsampling Contourlet,ZhaoYong/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/54
  45. Migration and Improving of FreeRTOS for Water Quality Monitoring Wireless Sensor Network,WangBing/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/53
  46. Research on Issues and Countermeasures of Boarding School in Bai People Town of Sha Xi,PangErHu/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/104
  47. CDIO-based Research of Applied and Innovative Talent Training Mode,XiaoLi/Yunnan Nationalities University,1/1391
  48. Study On Effectiveness of Moral Education in The First Senior High School of Lixin County, Bozhou, Anhui,ShiXia/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/111
  49. Social Stratification in Minority Areas and Access to Compulsory Education,LiuWeiMin/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/112
  50. Discontinuity and Reconstruction: Social Support Net Work and Integration of Urban Waifs,Wu/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/269

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