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  1. Study on Reinforcement Mechanism and Safety Analysis Method of Reinforced Soil Slopes,WangLiPing/Tsinghua University,0/40
  2. Centrifuge Modelling and3-D Numerical Analysis of Large Diameter Single Pile under Lateral Loads,XiongGen/Zhejiang University,0/13
  3. Study on Deformation Characteristics of Fluvioglacial Deposits Filling Sub-grade,HouZhaoQiang/Chang'an University,0/5
  4. Research of the Seismic-induced Failure Mechanism of Layered Rock High Slope,LiXiangLong/China University of Geosciences,0/385
  5. The Centrifuge Model Test for the Sliding Mechanism of High Fill Slope Pre-reinforced in Panzhihua Airport,TianXiaoLi/Chengdu University of Technology,0/46
  6. Pile-Soil-Pile Interaction in Pile Groups Subjected to Eccentric Lateral Loading,FanJiYing/Zhejiang University,0/109
  7. Analysis on the Deformation Characteristics of Loess Highway Tunnel Based on the Effect of Double-hole,ShiWei/Chang'an University,0/24
  8. Study on the Mechanical Behavior and Design Method of Geocell Flexible Retaining Wall,QuZhanHui/Chang'an University,1/60
  9. Research on Failure Mechanisms and Stability Analysis Method of Embankment Supported on Composite Ground Reinforced with Rigid Piles,LiShuai/Tianjin University,0/122
  10. Numerical Simulation of Centrifuge Model Test on Coupling Characteristics of Bridge Approach,WangLiWei/Southwest Jiaotong University,0/54
  11. Characteristics Research on Settlement of Dynamic Consolidation Foundation of Unsaturated Soil,LiuRuiFeng/Southwest Jiaotong University,0/155
  12. Centrifuge Modeling Test and FEM Analysis of Reinforced Slope,LuoSangNiMa/Tsinghua University,0/105
  13. On Mechanism of Pile-Soil Interaction and Technique of Anti-Sliding,YangMing/Southwest Jiaotong University,12/823
  14. Study on Deformation Control Methods of Super-Large Foundation Pit in Soft Soil,BaoXuFan/Southwest Jiaotong University,2/776
  15. Study on Slope Deformation and Interaction between Reinforced Piles and Soils,GaoChangSheng/Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute,8/823
  16. Key Technique Research of Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall,HeHuiTuan/Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute,10/485
  17. Study on Ground Subsidence Due to Construction of Metro Tunnel with Un-Pumping Construction Method,FuHaiYing/Southwest Jiaotong University,4/1039
  18. Study on Influence of Slope Cutting to Environment,YaoYuChun/Southwest Jiaotong University,14/665
  19. Engineering Behaviour of Unconventional Subgrades and Influence on Pavement Responses,JiangZuo/Southwest Jiaotong University,10/552
  20. Vibratory Compaction and Settlement-Deformation of Loess-high Fill Highway Embankment,JingHongJun/Chang'an University,12/621
  21. Physical Model Test and Numerical Analysis on the Mechanism of Hydraulic Fracturing of Earth Core Rockfill Dam,FengXiaoYing/Dalian University of Technology,2/453
  22. Study on Applicability and Technology for Filling Subgrade Using Red-Mudstone and Improved Soil in High-Speed Railway,WangZhiMeng/Southwest Jiaotong University,4/793
  23. Study on Settlement-Deformation Laws and Calculation Method of High Loess-filled Embankment,ZhangWeiBing/Chang'an University,9/434
  24. Research on Mechanical Characteristics of Soft Soil under Unloading and Stability of Foundation on Weak Underground,ZhouQiuJuan/Jinan University,2/657
  25. A Study on the Aseismic Reinforcing Mechanism of Stabilizing Piles in Soil Slope,LiRongJian/Tsinghua University,4/664
  26. Study on Action Mechanism and Bearing Characteristics of Composite Ground with the Load of Embankment in Soft Loess Area,ChengHaiTao/Chang'an University,2/313
  27. Ningxia rushed lake soft soil subgrade settlement laws and Treatment Measures,MaHongLin/Northeastern University,1/286
  28. Study on the Particle Size Effect and Scale Effect in Model Test,LiuFei/Ocean University of China,0/148
  29. Application Research by RFPA-Centrifuge in Failure Analysis of Geotechnical Engineering,TangLieXian/Northeastern University,3/129
  30. Study on the Mechanical Behavior and Failure Mechanism for Sheet Pile Wall with Relieving Platform,HuRongHua/China Academy of Railway Sciences,0/31
  31. Study on the Differential Settlement Characteristic and Controlling Measure of Expressway in Mountain Area,ZhangYongQing/Chang'an University,0/287
  32. Study on the Differential Settlement and Controlling Technology of Expressway Widening Subgrade,FuZhen/Chang'an University,0/237
  33. Test Analysis on the Settlement and Deformation of High Filled Embankment,ChenYun/Southwest Jiaotong University,3/275
  34. The Down Hole Dynamic Compaction Pile Composite Foundation Application Research on Collapsible Loess Ground of Zhengzhou to Xian Passenger Dedicated Railway Line,LiJianBin/Southwest Jiaotong University,3/181
  35. Centrifuge Model Test on the Soil Nailing High and Steep Loess Slope in Tunnel Myongdong,ShuZhongWen/Southwest Jiaotong University,1/133
  36. Study on the Stability of High Xigeda-Filled Geogrid Embankment,LiYanMin/Southwest Jiaotong University,1/138
  37. Experimental Study on Pile Anchor Slab System,YangLiu/Southwest Jiaotong University,3/123
  38. The Numerical Analysis and Test of Retaining Structure with Two Rows of Piles,YaoXuDong/Southwest Jiaotong University,1/292
  39. Study on Deep-seated High Liquid Limit Soil Cutting Slope Stability Analysis and Treatment Technology in Mountain Area,XinShuJie/Chongqing Jiaotong University,1/192
  40. A Stability Analysis About the Slope on Xigeda Stratum of Xinjiu Region of the Highway from Xichang to Panzhihua,WenLiNa/Southwest Jiaotong University,3/195
  41. On the Stability of Soil Slope by Centrifuge Modeltest,WangYuanXun/Southwest Jiaotong University,8/458
  42. Mechanism Study on Geogrid Reinforced Embankment,MiaoYingHao/Chang'an University,11/462
  43. The soil nailing working Traits,XuJiaoYu/China Academy of Building Research Institute,1/194
  44. Centrifuge Model Test on Ground Settlement Control During Tunnel Excavation in Stratum with Abundant Water,MaLiang/Southwest Jiaotong University,5/326
  45. Study of Ground Consolidation Settlement Due to Tunnel Excavation with Centrifuge Model Test,LiuQingShu/Southwest Jiaotong University,4/315
  46. Ballastless board structure and pile foundation pile network centrifuge model tests,ChenZuo/Southwest Jiaotong University,4/234
  47. Experimental Study on Pre-Stressed Anchor Sheet Pile Retaining Wall of Kun Luo Road,QianLiPing/Southwest Jiaotong University,2/194
  48. Study of Soil Arching Effects of Sheet-pile Wall and Appropriate Space between Piles,WangGuangJun/Southwest Jiaotong University,3/363
  49. Study on Migration Behavior of LNAPLs in Soils,XingWeiWei/Tsinghua University,5/299
  50. Based on ANSYS finite element analysis of reinforced earth retaining wall,WangJiaYun/Chang'an University,7/630

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