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  1. Catalytic Asymmetric Tandem Conjugate Addition/Electrophilic Fluorination of Isoxazolidinone to Nitroolefins&Conjugate Addition of Alkylzinc to Vinyl Sulfones,MengWenZuo/Tianjin University,0/1
  2. BINOL-Mg Catalyzed Enantioselective Conjugate Additions of Bromomalonates toα,β-Unsaturated Imines,ZhangQiang/Southwestern University,0/1
  3. Thiourea Cataiyzed Enantioselective Electrophilic Fluorination of β-Ketoesters and Asymmetric Michacl Addition of1,3-Dicarbonyl Compounds to β-Nitroolefins,XuJunXing/Northwest Normal University,0/63
  4. The Design, Synthesis and Application of New Axially Chiral Dibridged Phosphoramidites,ZhangHui/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/15
  5. Synthesis of Novel Carbohydrate-based Chiral P, N Ligands and Their Applications in Cu-catalyzed Enantioselective1,4-conjugate Additions,XiaHaiJun/Hangzhou Normal University,0/29
  6. Studies on the Nucleophilic Addition Reactions of Electron-deficient Allenes,ChaiGuoZuo/Zhejiang University,0/94
  7. Studies on the Amine Catalyzed Asymmetric Conjugate Addition and Epoxidation,WangYongCan/Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,0/331
  8. Synthesis of Chiral Biphenyl Backbones and Their Applications in Asymmetric Catalysis,LiangZuoXue/Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,0/318
  9. Synthesis of Chiral Phosphite-Pyridine Ligands and Their Applications in 1, 4-Conjugate Addition,HuYuanChun/Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,0/149
  10. Research of 1, 4-Conjugate Addition and Relative Reactions,WangShunYi/Suzhou University,0/237
  11. Conjugate Addition and Allylation Reaction Catalyzed by Sulfido-Bridged Multimetal Clusters with Cp~* Ligands,TaoYinSong/Dalian University of Technology,0/23
  12. Catalytic Asymmetric Tandem Conjugate Addition-Electrophilic Halogenation Reaction,WangZuo/Tianjin University,0/63
  13. Conjugate Addition Reaction of Hydroxylamines to Unsaturated Nitro-Compounds,LiShengYong/Tianjin University,0/135
  14. Study of Asymmetric Catalytic 1, 4-Conjugate Additions,WanHuiHui/Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,0/142
  15. Chiral Ligand PPFA and FAA Catalyse Asymmetric Addition Reaction,WangXiaoDan/Zhengzhou University,0/51
  16. Studies on Ni Catalyzed Conjugate Addition of Organoboronic Acids to α, β-unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds,DongMin/Tianjin University,0/97
  17. Synthesis of Chiral Ferrocene Ligands and Their Applications in the Reaction of Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation,DuanZhengChao/Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,0/132
  18. Chiral phosphorus ligands and their applications in asymmetric synthesis,LiYunCheng/Suzhou University,0/174
  19. New reaction control the synthesis of chiral phase transfer catalyst and its application,HuaYuanZhao/Zhengzhou University,0/168
  20. Tuning Selectivity in the Reaction of Arylboronic Acids with α,β-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds Catalyzed by Rhodium: Heck-type Coupling Versus Conjugate Addition,GuoJianPing/East China Normal University,0/101
  21. The Design of Chiral Organocatalyst and Michael Addition of Secondary Amine and 2(5H) Furanone Catalyzed by Chiral Organocatalyst,WangLiang/Southwestern University,0/159
  22. Studies on Organic Reactions Catalyzed by Nickel Complex,LiuDanQing/Tianjin University,0/76
  23. Study on the Asymmetric Synthesis of Chamaejasmine,HuangJinBiao/Lanzhou University,0/80
  24. Synthesis of New Chiral Pyridine-Phosphite Ligands and Their Applications in Copper Catalyzed 1, 4-Conjugate Additions of Diethylzinc to Acyclic Enones,XieYinJun/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/58
  25. Catalytic Tandem Conjugate Addition-Electrophilic Fluorination for the Synthesis of Chiral Fluorine-containing Compounds,WangZuo/Tianjin University,0/40
  26. Chiral C2 Symmetric NHC: Synthesis and Catalytic Properties,DanFengJun/Dalian University,0/45
  27. Design, Synthesis of Chiral Tertiary Amine-Thiourea Catalysts Derived from Both α-Amino Acids and Carbohydrates, and Their Application in Asymmetric Conjugate Addition Reactions,PuXueWei/Yunnan University,0/55
  28. Chiral Bis piperidineamide Synthesis and diethyl zinc and α, β- unsaturated aldehydes and ketones Asymmetric Addition Reactions,ShiNaiYue/Hebei University of Technology,0/16
  29. Synthesis of N-heterocyclic Carbene (NHC)-metal Complexes Derived from Proline and Their Applications,TangYiQiang/Wenzhou University,0/30

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