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  1. Interaction between Metallic Impurties and Structral Defects in Crystalline Silicon Used for Solar Cells,JiangZuoZuo/Zhejiang University,0/7
  2. Effects of the Grain Boundary and Orientation on the Electromechanical Response of Ferro-electric Polycrystals,ShuWeiLin/Zhejiang University,0/9
  3. The Effects of Grain Boundary Character Distribution on the SCC of304Stainless Steel in a Simulated PWR Environment,RuXiangKun/Shanghai University,0/0
  4. Investigation on Corrosion Resistance Properties and Formabilities of Ferritic Stainless Steel Used as Aumotive Exhaust System,ShuJun/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/205
  5. Study on the Character of Orientation of Ultrafine-grained Aluminum Alloy Prepared by Friction Stir Processing,GuoQiang/Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,0/17
  6. Effects of Cold Rolling and Annealing on the Microstructure and Properties of a High Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steel,HuYuTong/Northeastern University,0/1
  7. Study on the Hardenability and Strength&Toughness of High Strength Low Alloyed Ultra-heavy Plate Steels for Marine Engineering,WangXiaoYong/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/170
  8. Effect of Hydrogen on Tensile Deformation Behavior of GH690Alloy,HeCheng/Northeastern University,0/7
  9. Three-dimensional Characterization of Grain Boundaries and Study on Grain Boundary Wetting Behaviors in Fe-6wt.%Si Alloy,HuJiu/Northeastern University,0/3
  10. Curvature-Driven Grain Growth by Cellular Automaton Simulation in Isothermal Process,ZhangZuo/Northeastern University,0/5
  11. Multiscale Simulation and Experimental Research of Initial Plastic Deformation Behavior during Nanoindentation of Bicrystal Material,WangLuMeng/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/212
  12. Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior and Mechanism of High Strength Steel in Ultra-high Concentration Hydrochloric Acid Solution,ZhaoShaoLin/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/18
  13. Studies of Doping and Dielectric Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 Ceramic,LiWang/Nanchang University,0/177
  14. The Research of Formation and Application of Oxygen Vacancy on the Rare Earth Element (Ce、Sc) and Zirconia Material,TaoJingChao/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/197
  15. Permanent magnetic materials and magnetic properties of the grain boundary modification, corrosion properties of,ZhangHongChao/Taiyuan University of Science and Technology,0/0
  16. Detection and Application of Noise in Integrated Circuits Interconnects,QinXiaoYang/Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/36
  17. Fabrication of GaN/InGaN LEDs Based on Transparent Substrates and Research on Related Technologies,XuHuaYong/Shandong University,0/511
  18. Preparation and Electrical Properties of TiO2Based Low Voltage Varistor Material,WangXiaoQing/South China University of Technology,0/99
  19. Study on the Property of MOV,ShangPeng/Nanjing University of Information Engineering,0/208
  20. Microstructural and Nonlinear Electrical Property of Prraseodymium Trioxide Ceramic,PengShuJie/Southwest Jiaotong University,0/12
  21. Investigation on Doping Modification and Electrical Properties of SnO2-Co2O3-Nb2O5Based Varistor ceramics,ShiHaiFeng/South China University of Technology,0/11
  22. Investigation on Microstructural Characteristic and Grain Boundary Engineering of Commercial Purity W-1%La2O3Alloy,CuiKai/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/44
  23. A Study of the Texture in Twin Roll Cast Aluminum Slab and the Mechanism for Abnormal Grain Growth in the Tempered Strip after Cold Rolling,LiJunChao/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,0/45
  24. The Effect of Shot-peened and Annealing on Intergranular Corrosion Resistant and Grain Boundary Character Distribution of 304 Stainless Steel,WangXiaoLong/Inner Mongolia University of Technology,0/71
  25. Study on the Nitrocarburizing Process and the Microstructure of Nitrocarburized08F Steel,HeAiGui/Hunan University,0/37
  26. Effect of Different Thermomechanical Processing on GBCD and IGC of SUS304,GuZhenYu/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/123
  27. The Simulation and Research for a Part of Micro-factors Influencing Recrystallization and Grain Growth in AZ31Mg Alloy,WuYan/Northeastern University,0/42
  28. Research on High-temperature Enduring Properties and Fatigue Performance of 00Cr18Ni10N Steels,YangXu/Xi'an University of Technology,0/103
  29. Calculation of Selective Oxidation of High Strength Steels in Grain Boundary and Grain,LiuSai/Xiangtan University,0/6
  30. Grain Boundary Wetting Behaviors of Fe-6.5Wt%Si Bicrystals under High Magnetic Field,WangYanPing/Northeastern University,0/26
  31. Research on Internal Friction of Al-Zr Alloy,LiuJiangHong/Shenyang University of Technology,0/20
  32. Investigation on Unidirectional and Cyclic Deformation Behavior of Commercially Pure Iron and Fe-Cr Alloy Single Crystal,CaoZuoMing/Northeastern University,0/41
  33. Mesoscopic Characterization of Dynamic Damage of the Different Microstructures of High Purity Aluminium,LuoChao/Wuhan University of Technology,0/51
  34. Computing Research of Temperature Effects and the Role of Grain Boundaries in Radiation Damage of Titanium,ZengWeiPeng/Dalian University of Technology,0/76
  35. Study on Microstructure and Property Evolution of LDX2101during Thermal Deformation,LiuYanZuo/Zhejiang University,0/105
  36. The Effect of Deformation and Heattreatment on Microstructure and Properties of Copper and Copper Alloy,YanZuo/Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,0/112
  37. Effect of Grain Boundary Design and Control on the Mechanical Behavior of SUS304,XuXiao/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/106
  38. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Radiation Damage and Interaction with Grain Boundaries in Titanium,GaoXiao/Dalian University of Technology,1/187
  39. First Principle Study on an AlΣ5 Grain Boundary with Si Segregated,WangDongSheng/Yanshan University,0/53
  40. Polycrystalline NiTi shape memory alloy materials and experimental study of grain boundary deformation,FuJiSong/Heilongjiang University,0/53
  41. Experimental Calibration of Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectrometer and Positron Annihilation Effect of Fe-based Amorphous Alloys,GaoXiangYu/Northeastern University,0/14
  42. Atomic Simulations of the Alloying Behavior of Au/Ag Nanoparticles,DangMin/Hunan University,0/74
  43. The Effect of Ba0.67Sr0.33TiO3-based Ceramics Composition Change on the Structure and Properties,XuJing/Wuhan University of Technology,0/125
  44. Preparation and Performance Research of High Thermal Conductivity AlN Ceramics under Low Temperature Sintering,YangQingHua/,0/149
  45. Study on the influence of surface modified with Si_3N_4 crucible directional solidification purification performance of polysilicon,ZhangCong/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/115
  46. Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Properties at Mineral Grain Boundaries at Hydrostatic Pressure,ChenYuXiang/Institute of Geology of China Earthquake Administration,0/22
  47. Electrical Transport Properties and Structures of Tungsten Trioxide and Barium Tungstate under High Pressure,LiYuQiang/Jilin University,0/31
  48. The Structural and Electrical Propetries Study of MNbO3(M=Li, Na, K) and B12As2under High Pressure,WangQingLin/Jilin University,0/37
  49. Discrete Dislocation Mechanism on Submicro-crystal Plasticity,GaoYuan/Tsinghua University,0/270
  50. Research on Nonhomogeneous Dislocation Nucleation and Interaction between Dislocation and Grain Boundary,ZhaoXueChuan/Tsinghua University,0/467

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