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  1. Clinical Analysis of Ovarian Tumorsamong Postmenopausal Women,YuanHaiYan/Dalian Medical University,0/13
  2. Vitamin D nutritional status of women and its influencing factors in Beijing City, Dongcheng District Han postmenopausal,ChengQianZuoZi/Beijing Union Medical College,0/34
  3. Association between Abdominal Aortic Calcification and Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women in Beijing The Functional Study of Mutation in1α-hydroxylase Gene CYP27B1,CuiNingYi/Beijing Union Medical College,0/34
  4. A Study of the Correlation between Femoral Head Iron Content and BMD in Postmenopausal Women,WangBing/Suzhou University,0/11
  5. Changes in Serum So of Post-menopausal Women with Osteoporosis Treated rhPTH(1-34),CaiZuo/Chongqing Medical University,0/24
  6. The BMD Varying Pattern of the Postmenopausal Women in Different Parts of the Body and the Analysis for the Influence Factors of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis,DiHongLi/Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/94
  7. The Correlation of Essential Hypertension and Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women,DongYingYing/Dalian Medical University,0/9
  8. Postmenopausal Women Treadmill Exercise Test Duke Score and Coronary Angiography Correlational Study,ZhouYun/Xinjiang Medical University,0/5
  9. Research on Effect and Mechanism of Danshen Extract or Chuanxiong Extract on Serum Lipid and Bone in Ovariectomized Rats Fed with High Fat Diet,LiChunMei/South China University of Technology,0/199
  10. A Study of Body Composition and Flow-Mediated Endothelial Function in Pre-/Post-menopausal Women,ZhangChunYan/Beijing Sport University,0/44
  11. Diagnostic Value of Ultrasound in Pelvic Mass of the Postmenopausal Women and Clinical Data,WeiZuo/Southern Medical University,,0/0
  12. The Relationship of Hormonal Level and Correlational Study of Pre-therapy and Post-treatment with Ais for Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women,ZhangLan/Zhengzhou University,0/4
  13. Correlational Study of the Early Postmenopausal Women’s Eye Angular Wrinkles and Osteoporosis,HuangZhiXing/Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/26
  14. Effect of Healthy Qigong on the Related Indicators of Bone Metabolism and Serum NO, NOS in Postmenopausal Women,ZuoYinDi/Shenyang Institute of Physical,0/53
  15. Relationship between Serum Myostatin, Muscle Strength, Body Composition and Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women,ZhangHongBing/Central South University,0/43
  16. The Value of Corrected BMD by BMI in Diagnosis of Osteoporsis,JinHaiJian/Chongqing Medical University,0/64
  17. Vascular Protective Effects and Mechanism Research of PQS on Postmenopausal Women with Coronary Heart Disease,ZhangYing/China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/6
  18. Kidney and Activating Blood on Bone Metabolism in Patiets with Postmenopausal Osteoporosis,Chen/Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/116
  19. The Investigation on the Relationship between Sex Hormone, the Sex Hormone Receptor, CAG Polymorphism of AR Gene and the Metabolic Syndrome in Postmenopausal Women,GuoZhiQin/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,0/397
  20. Allelic Variants of Human Calcitonin Receptor, Vitamin D Receptor Start Codon and SP1 Binding Site of COL1A1: Distribution and Association with Bone Mineral Density in Adults of Han Nationality in Beijing Area,ZhangZhenLin/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/145
  21. Studies on Anti-apoptotic and Anti-dementia Effects of Melatonin and Its Mechanism of Action,FengZheng/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/448
  22. From the study of Chinese women breast cancer susceptibility gene level,ZhouYuanZheng/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/170
  23. The Relationship between the Polymorphism of Vitamin D Receptor, Estrogen Receptor and Osteoporosis in Healthy Menopause Women,LinXiangJin/Zhejiang University,0/145
  24. Evaluation the Treatment Effect of Single Epimedium on Osteoporosis,BaiXiuMei/Southern Medical University,,2/333
  25. Experimental Study of Zishenningxin Prescription on Ovariectomized Female Rabbit with Atherosclerosis,ZhangYanWu/Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/83
  26. Weight, height , body mass index in postmenopausal Han, Uygur proximal femur bone mineral density in women,ZhangPeng/Xinjiang Medical University,0/76
  27. The Recent Clinical Observation of HRT in Postmenopausal Women,YangMo/Jilin University,0/108
  28. The Effects of Exercise on Serum Adiponectin and Leptin Level in Obese Postmenopausal Women,HuangCaiHua/Fujian Normal University,0/153
  29. The Study of the Difference of Bilateral Proximal Femur Bone Mineral Density in DXA Measurements,GongJian/Jinan University,0/99
  30. Influence of Taijiquan Exercise to Postmenopausal Women’s Bone Mineral Density,YuHua/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,6/333
  31. The Effect of Jogging and Resistance Training on the Serum Lipid Metabolism of the Post-menopausal Woman,ChenSongE/Hunan Normal University,2/138
  32. The Effect of Lower Doses Hormone Replacement Therapy on Cardiovascular System in Postmenopausal Women,ShiYaFei/Suzhou University,0/66
  33. Effects of Estrogen and Progesterone on Platelet Aggregation,Nitric Oxide and Nitric Oxide Synthases activity in ovariectomized rats,YeGang/Jinan University,0/97
  34. Clinical and Experimental Research of the Effect of Estrogen on ACE and Vessel Endothelium,CaoYuan/Jinan University,0/62
  35. The Research on Relationship between the Serum Lipids, Osteoprotegerin and Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women,CaiYuBin/Shanxi Medical,0/85
  36. Gu Bao oral treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis clinical observation,GuoJian/Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/35
  37. Clinical Research on the Aromatase Inhibitor-associated Bone Loss with the Therapy of Nourishing the Kidney in Postmenopausal Patients with Breast Cancer,ShiBaiLing/Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/81
  38. Analysis of Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Female with Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Clinical Significance,ZhengZheng/Jinan University,0/83
  39. Relationship between Kidney Deficiency Syndrome and Apolipoproteine Gene Polymorphism in Menopausal Women,LiJiQian/Guangxi Medical University,0/39
  40. Clinical Analysis of 416 Cases of Postmenopausal Ovarian Tumors,SuHuiLin/Shandong University,1/100
  41. Calcium-fortified soy milk and postmenopausal women in Shanghai bone metabolism,GuiJiZuo/Fudan University,0/114
  42. Clinical Study on Treating Postmenopausal Women with Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection from the Point of Liver and Kidney,JiaoSuMin/Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/111
  43. Study of the Relationship Between the Bone Mineral Density of Proximal Femur and Osteoporotic Fracture in Postmenopausal Women,TangZhengWu/Nanhua University,0/37
  44. Clinical Research on the Aromatase Inhibitor-associated Bone Loss with the Therapy of Nourishing the Kidney in Ostmenopausal Patients with Breast Cancer,ZhaoZuo/Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,2/63
  45. Postmenopausal women with early B cell factor-1 in serum and bone metabolism related factors Relationship,ZhangXiaoJuan/Chongqing Medical University,0/16
  46. The Relating Factor Analysis of the Postmenopausal Women with Metabolic Syndrome and the Study of the Early Predictive System,JiangPeiJie/Beijing University of Technology,0/44
  47. Changes of the Serum Levels and Clinical Significance of Sexual Estrogen in Postmenopausal Women with Type 2 Diabetes,LiGuangHong/Jilin University,1/50
  48. clinical Analysis of 546 Cases of Postmenopausal Ovarian Masses,DongRuiLi/Jilin University,1/40
  49. The Effect of Letrozole Combined with Ibandronate in the Treatment of Postmenopausal Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients,YuQiong/Jilin University,0/43
  50. Research of Bone Metabolism Level in Han and Uygur Nationality Postmenopausal Women in Urumqi Area,LiYuan/Xinjiang Medical University,0/15

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