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  1. Study on Control System of Prostate Biopsy Robot Based on PMAC,LiuJun/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/1
  2. Design on Control System of Five Degrees of Freedom Prostate Biopsy Robot,LiJiaZuo/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/2
  3. Research of Flutamide Sustained-Release Tablets,MaLuLu/Second Military Medical University,0/10
  4. The value of ultrasound elastography in the early diagnosis of malignant tumor,ShiLiYing/Chongqing Medical University,0/35
  5. The Parameter Optimization and Research of Prostate Cryoablation,WangNengFei/Hefei University of Technology,0/14
  6. Holmium Laser Enucleation for Prostate Versus Transurethral Resection of the Prostate in Treating Bening Prostate Hyperplasia: A Meta-analysis,WangYaRong/Chongqing Medical University,0/35
  7. Systematically Reviev and Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate,PuYongYi/Chongqing Medical University,0/6
  8. Learning Curve for Transurethral Plasmakinetic Resection of the Prostate,LiuZuo/Central South University,0/7
  9. TUPKP Versus TURP:a Meta Analysis,MoJunFu/Chongqing Medical University,0/25
  10. The Research of the of Angiogenesis in Prostate Cancer after Cryoablation and the Construction of the Planning System with Mathematical Model,LiYong/Tianjin Medical University,0/12
  11. The Identification of Nuclear Matrix Proteins (NMPs) in Human Prostate Cancer Cell Lines,SunTieCheng/Beijing Union Medical College,0/5
  12. Effect of PARP on Apoptosis and Proliferation in Androgen Independent Prostate Cancer PC3and in Androgen Dependent Prostate Cancer LNCaP Cell Line,ZengShaoHua/Guangzhou Medical College,0/12
  13. Radical Prostatectomy of the Efficacy of the Different Transperitoneal Approaches to Analyze and Compare,RuanHouZuo/Anhui Medical University,,0/4
  14. The Effect of Inhibiting FKBP5on the Growth of Prostate Cancer Cell Lines and Nude Mice Xenograft,HaoHaiFeng/Tianjin Medical University,0/22
  15. The Basic Research of18F-FDG PET/CT Imaging on Treatment in Argon-helium Cryosurgical Ablation for Prostate Cancer,YangXiaoYi/Tianjin Medical University,0/17
  16. The Potential Application of Docetaxel in Combiantion with Celastrol for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer,WangFengLi/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/14
  17. The Effect of Microbubble Mediated Ultrasonic Cavitation on Prostate Permeability,LiuYongLiang/Third Military Medical University,0/34
  18. Construction of DAB2IP Expression Vector and Its Influence on Prostate Cancer LNCaP Cell DNA Synthesis and Apoptosis,XiaoLi/Liaoning Medical,0/3
  19. Experimental Study of the Molecular Mechanism of MiRNA-21in Androgen-independent Prostate Cancer Cells,SuLei/Liaoning Medical,0/2
  20. Research of Proliferation and Apoptosis Effects of Andrographolide on Human Prostate Cancer DU145Cells,PanLiangPeng/Liaoning Medical,0/11
  21. The Influence of Histological Prostatitis on Clinical Characteristics of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer,ZhangFeng/Xinjiang Medical University,0/30
  22. Comparative Study between Four Area Division Plasmakinetic Enucleation of Prostate and Plasmakinetic Enucleation of Prostate on Senior and High Risk Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia,ChenAnLong/Xinjiang Medical University,0/20
  23. Expression of CD147is Associated with Prostate Cancer Progression and the Study of CD147Mehtylation,LiangYuXiang/Southern Medical University,,0/97
  24. Identification of Novel Serological Tumor Markers for Human Prostate Cancer Using Integrative Transcriptome and Proteome Analysis,HanZhaoDong/Southern Medical University,,0/328
  25. Inhibition of GnT-V Enhanced Sensitivity of Radiotherapy and Hormone Therapy in Human Prostate Cancer Cell Line,HuangHuiZuo/Southern Medical University,,0/17
  26. Arsenic Trioxide and SFRP-1Gene Methylation in Androgen-independent PC-3Prostate Cancer Cells,ZhengLei/Dalian Medical University,0/11
  27. Expression of ERG Protein in Prostate Adenocarcinoma and Its Clinicopathologic and Prognostic Significances,JiangBaoHong/Dalian Medical University,0/25
  28. Research of Arsenic Trioxide Induced Prostate Cancer Cells PC–3Apoptosis JNK Signal Transduction Pathways,SuXiaoMing/Dalian Medical University,0/10
  29. The Application Value of Transrectal Real-time Tissue Elastography in the Diagnosis of Solid Occupying Lesion Prostate Nodules,HanLaiFu/Dalian Medical University,0/13
  30. The Therapy of BPH by Bipolar Transurethral Plasmakinetic Prostatectomy and Transurethral Resection of the Prostate on the Clinical Research,YangHua/Dalian Medical University,0/22
  31. The Clinical Observation of IHT in Prostate Cancer and Analysis of Impact-tolerated Factors,CaoCheng/Suzhou University,0/17
  32. Clinical Analysis in the Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia with120W-HPS Greenlight,ChenWu/Suzhou University,0/25
  33. Correlation between Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment and Gleason Grade、PSA after Radical Prostatectomy,WangLiuJiang/Zhejiang University,0/49
  34. The Research of Expreession of YAP in Prostate Cancer and the Role of Interaction between YAP and AR in CRPC Transforming,LiWenBin/Chongqing Medical University,0/49
  35. Induction of Apoptosis in PC3Cells by Inactivated Sendai Virus,GongXiaoCheng/Yangzhou University,0/11
  36. Update on Cryotherapy for Prostate Cancer,YangLei/Chongqing Medical University,0/60
  37. Expressions and Significance of Ebp1and Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer,TangXianLi/Chongqing Medical University,0/9
  38. Initial Identification of Prostate Cancer Stem-like Cell through MACS,ShengXia/Chongqing Medical University,0/18
  39. Association Studies of Prostate Cancer in Ningxia Population with6SNPs of8q24,ITGAG and SLC22A3,WangGang/Ningxia Medical University,0/12
  40. Usage of Medical Image Fusion in Prostate Cancer Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Target Delineation,HuYuLan/Southern Medical University,,0/28
  41. CAMK2N1Inhibits Prostate Cancer Growth as a Novel AR Co-regulator in Vitro,GuoShuiMing/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/0
  42. Preliminary Study of Mechanism of Hedgehog Signaling Pathway in Prostate Cancer,SunZuo/Central South University,0/12
  43. Detecting the Expression of Multiple Signaling Pathways in Prostate Cancer,XiaoChengSheng/Central South University,0/12
  44. The Study on the Relationship of TMPRSS2-ERG and Bcl-2Gene in the Tissue of Prostate Cancer and the Clinical Significance,JinHongTing/Central South University,0/3
  45. The Effect of Statin on Clinical Progression of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Patiens with Metabolic Syndrome and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia,ZengXiaoFang/Central South University,0/2
  46. Relationship of PSA and Gleason Score,Clinical Stage in Prostate Cancer,SunYeFan/Central South University,0/16
  47. Clinical Characteristics of Geriatric Outpatient with Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) in Urban China and the Influencing Factors of I-PSS,HuZuoZuo/Central South University,0/6
  48. Expressions of ER-α and PR in Prostate Cancers and Their Clinical Significance,FengYuHong/Dalian Medical University,0/14
  49. Overexpression of TGM4and Prostate Cancer Progression:a Potential Predictor of Biochemical Recurrence,CaoZhi/Second Military Medical University,0/6
  50. The Inhibitory Effect of Metformin on Prostate Cancer,ZhangGuoLiang/Chongqing Medical University,0/29

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