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  1. Effects of Salvia CPS cloning and RNAi gene family of tanshinones secondary metabolism,HeYunFei/Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/91
  2. Cloning and Prokaryotic Expression of UDP-glycosyltransferase in Siraitia Grosvenorii,XingAiJia/Guangxi University,0/0
  3. Isolation and Identification of Parasitism Related Genes form Meloidogyne Incognita and Rna Interference Research,WangZuo/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/131
  4. Differential Expression of Wheat Leaf Rust Resistance Gene Lr41,LiXing/Agricultural University of Hebei,2/207
  5. Molecular Cloning and Transformation of Genes Involved in the Biosynthetic Pathways of Flavonoids of Ginkgo Biloba L.,LiuXueFen/Fudan University,3/510
  6. Construction of SSH cDNA Library and Cloning, Expression of Immune-related Gene of Grass Carp Intestine,SuJianMing/Hunan Agricultural University,2/436
  7. Cloning and Expression Analysis of Genes Related to Banana Fruit Ripening,XieXueLi/South China University of Tropical Agriculture,1/564
  8. Cloning and Expression Analysis of Two Plant Anti-stresses Genes: GbTPS and BnPrx,WuWeiSheng/Fudan University,0/729
  9. Construction and EST Analysis of a SSH cDNA Library of Wheat Leaves Induced by Puccinia Striifomis,YuXiuMei/Northwest University of Science and Technology,5/972
  10. Cloning and Characterization of Pathogenicity-Related Genes and Functional Analysis of Chorismate Mutase Gene in Meloidogyne Arenaria,LongHai/Nanjing Agricultural College,1/545
  11. Identification of the Mutant Gene Responsible for the CSNB Rat,GuYongZuo/Fourth Military Medical University,0/36
  12. Identification, Characterization and Functional Studies of Several Novel Human Genes,ZuoXiangHu/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/122
  13. Molecular Reponse and cDNA Cloning in Brown Planthopper Exposure to Host Rice Resistance,YangZhiFan/Wuhan University,0/383
  14. Molecular Cloning and Identification of a New Full Length cDNA Gene Relate to Hepatocellular Carcinoma,ZhaoHongZhi/Third Military Medical University,0/252
  15. Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Important Genes Involved in the Biosynthetic Pathways of Flavonoids and Terpenoids From Ginkgo Biloba L.,PangYongZhen/Fudan University,16/1110
  16. Cloning and Functional Identification of Deltamethrin Resistance Associated Genes of Cx. Pipiens Pallens and Primary Studies on Inhibiting Mosquito Resistance to Insecticide Using RNAi,GongMaoQing/Nanjing Medical University,6/288
  17. Study on Genes Related to the Ovary Development of the Mitten Crab (Eriocheir Japonica Sinensis),MaChangYan/Nanjing Normal University,3/237
  18. Isolation, Characterization and Mapping of Differentially Expressed EST from Porcine Skeletal Muscle in Different Breeds or Developing Stages,PanPeiWen/Huazhong Agricultural University,7/508
  19. Cloning and Characterization of Soybean Resistance-Related Gene,YangXiuHong/Northeast Agricultural University,7/554
  20. Cloning and Characterization of Differentially Expressed Genes Following Lipopolysaccharide Stimulation in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells,LiangZiWen/Third Military Medical University,0/98
  21. cDNA library construction of Triticum aestivum-Haynaldia villosa 6VS/6AL translocation line, and molecular cloning of powdery mildew resistance relative genes in 6VS/6AL translocation line,NiuJiShan/Nanjing Agricultural College,3/249
  22. Screening the Lung Cancer for Metastasis-related Genes and RNAi of ABCE1 Inhibited Growth and Up-regulated Adhesion Molecules of 95-D Cells,ZhengMaoGen/China Medical University,0/136
  23. The Research of Vitamin K Epoxide Reductase Complex Subunit 1 (VKORC1) in the Kidneys of Patients with Calcium Oxalate Calculi,HuBo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/20
  24. Construction of Suppression Subtracted cDNA Library of Pinus Massoniana and Cloning of Disease Resistance Genes Related to Pine Wilt Disease,WangMeng/Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology,0/112
  25. Amplification of the MIF Gene by Using RACE Method and Identification in Early Stage Squamous Carcinoma of the Cervix,LiYan/Shanxi Medical,0/140
  26. M. incognita flp-16, flp-27, flp-31 gene cloning and expression in situ hybridization analysis,WangTianYang/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/171
  27. Cloning and Analysis of AP-4 and Bmfez1 from Bombyx Mori,LiJiaMei/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/88
  28. Cloning and Its Prokaryotic Expression of Heat Shock Protein Gene from Capparis Spinosa,ZuoDongDong/Xinjiang Agricultural University,2/81
  29. Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Candidate Gene MSRA Related to Anthracnose Resistance from Stylosanthes Guianensis Mineirao,ShenJianBin/South China University of Tropical Agriculture,0/105
  30. Identification and Cloning of Fragments Linked to Spines in Carthamus Tinctorius Based on SRAP,GuoQingHua/Second Military Medical University,0/132
  31. Screening and Cloning Up-regulated Expressed Genes of Antithyroid Drug-induced Agranulocytosis in Graves Disease Patients,ZhouBin/Nanhua University,0/48
  32. Construction of Suppression Subtractive cDNA Library of Phelldendron Amurense under Drought Stress and Metallothionein Ⅱ Gene Cloning,WangYanBing/Northeast Forestry University,0/73
  33. Tea in the beta - glucosidase gene cDNA cloning and sequence analysis,YangShunLi/Anhui Agricultural University,3/175
  34. cDNA Cloning and Tissue Epreession Analysis of Bovine Liver NADP(H)-dependent Retinol Dehydrogenase/Reductase,WangGuiLing/China Medical University,0/63
  35. Cloning and Function Prediction of the Full-length cDNA of a Novel Gene Identified in Familial Acute Myelogenous Leukemia,WangChengYi/Fujian Medical,0/59
  36. Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Phenylalanine Branch’s Genes Involved in the Biosynthetic Pathways of Rosmarinic Acid from Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bung,DuanYanBing/Second Military Medical University,14/309
  37. Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Important Genes Related to Fine Quality of Tetraploid Isatis Indigotica,LuBeiBei/Second Military Medical University,1/97
  38. Mutation and Differential Display of Herbicidal-related Genes of Botrytis Cinerea,MaJuan/Agricultural University of Hebei,1/68
  39. Cloning and Expression Analysis of Natural Killer Enhancing Factor from Japanese Flounder (Paralichthys Olivaceus),WangZhiJian/Ocean University of China,1/73
  40. Cloning and Expression Analysis of β-galactosidase Gene cDNA in Peach,BianWeiHua/Anhui Agricultural University,1/101
  41. Cloning and Characterization of dynamin-like ftsZ cDNA in Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii,HuYong/Capital Normal University,0/91
  42. Salt-related Genes in Populus euphratica,ZengHuiMing/Xinjiang Agricultural University,2/95
  43. Molecular Cloning and Expression Analyses of Genes Involved in Tanshinones Biosynthesis in Salvia Miltiorrhiza,WangJing/Shanghai Normal University,3/264
  44. Research on Differentially Expressed Genes from the Early Embryos of Parthenogenesis in Silkworm, Bombyx Mori,WangYanMin/Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,0/73
  45. Isolation and Cloning of Dominant Glandless Genes of Cotton Using Suppression Subtractive Hybridization,ZhuXiuLan/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,1/122
  46. Yield and Yield-related Traits in Brassica Napus L. and Its Comparative Genome Primary Research,ChenQingFang/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/79
  47. Housefly larvae of E. coli -induced suppression subtractive library construction and partial differential gene analysis,ZuoHongMei/Jilin Agricultural University,0/55
  48. Cloning and Prokaryotic Expression of a cDNA Encoding a Putative Ent-copalyl Diphosphate Synthase from Andrographis Paniculata (Burm. f.) Nees,YaoPan/Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/40
  49. Molecular Cloning cDNAs and Bioinformation Analysis of Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH)-β Subunit and Luteinizing Hormone (LH)-β Subunit of Schizothorax Prenanti,CaoHongTao/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/119
  50. Cloning and Expression Analysis of CRP (C-reactive Protein) cDNA from Grass Carp and Construction of Prokaryotic Expression Vector,TangChunHua/Hunan Agricultural University,0/28

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