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  1. Qing Dynasty Henan storage research,ZhaoZuo/Shaanxi Normal University,0/52
  2. This study Jia Wu war to the press reform in the period of "reporting" as an example (1895-1899),GuoZuo/Tianjin Normal University,0/5
  3. The Localize Operation and Management Strategy of Illustrate in Late Qing Dynasty,CaoZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,0/12
  4. Research on Moral Education Idea of Chang Family of Shanxi Merchants in Ming and Qing Dynasties,GuoZuoZuo/Shanxi Normal University,0/2
  5. School study of Shanxi College changed in the late Qing Dynasty,LiuLiWen/Shaanxi Normal University,0/111
  6. Study Curriculum and Teaching Ideas of Shuyuan Schedule of Jiangxi in QingDynasty,LuXiaoJing/Jiangxi Normal University,0/54
  7. Educational modernization of Zhejiang in late Qing History Research,ZhangJian/Shaanxi Normal University,0/73
  8. Tutor in the Qing Dynasty Study on Teaching Skill,ZhangZuo/Shenyang Normal,0/1
  9. Research on Cultural Inheritance and Innovation of Women's Textbook in Late Qing Dynasty and Early Republic of China,LiuJingChao/Hunan Normal University,0/5
  10. Study on the Police System in Late Qing(1894-1911),HeHongTao/Southwest University of Political Science,0/19
  11. To explore the constitutional reform in late Qing Dynasty,HeYunJian/Southwest University of Political Science,0/15
  12. The Study on Contract Tax of Qing Dynasty,HanJun/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/18
  13. The Qing Dynasty Informal Legal System of the Village Rules Exploration,ZhuJingJing/Xiangtan University,0/34
  14. Research on the Financial Supervision System in Qing Dynasty,WangXinLong/Xiangtan University,0/37
  15. Reflection on the instruments of torture in the Qing Dynasty,MaSiGuang/Central University for Nationalities,0/25
  16. Analysis on the legal thought of Tang,ZuoHaiTao/Shanghai Normal University,0/20
  17. P'o-lha-nas's life and performance of the,ZhangYun/Tibet Institute for Nationalities,0/22
  18. A Studies on the Trend of Guizhou Local Self-government Thoughts in the End of the Qing,LiuMinJi/Hunan University,0/22
  19. Preliminary Analysis of Ming Meng Jin Trigohometric Relation,WangManMan/Central South University for Nationalities,0/21
  20. The Research of Xi La Mu Ren Temple of the Country Level Territory of the Fourth Prince in the Qing Pynasty,WuJiaRui/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/6
  21. A Wandering Soul,PanWenZhe/Zhejiang University,0/21
  22. Study on Thoughts of the Famous Officals of Cheng Zhu Neo-confucianism and Their Political Activities and Contributions in Kangxi Era of Qing Dynasty,PanZhenGang/Central South University for Nationalities,0/21
  23. A Study of Xiang Learning in the Mid of Qing Dynasty,HuangShouHong/Xiangtan University,0/39
  24. Li Guangdi and the Study of Confucian Classics in Early Dynasty,WangYin/Nankai University,0/29
  25. The Spread and Impact of Chuanshan Thought in the Late Qing Dynasty,LiaoJing/Hunan Normal University,0/2
  26. The Research of of the Family Education between Zhang's Father and Son Chancellor in Tongcheng of Anhui Province,YangLin/Anhui University of Finance,0/31
  27. Li Wentian and "qingliu",LiZuoZhe/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/55
  28. Study on Zhang Lu,a Confucian Doctor in Qing Dynasty,JinZuoSuo/Central China Normal University,0/10
  29. Mr. Yi Moqing Chronicle,QiWei/China Academy of Art,0/33
  30. The Chronicle of Guo-Duxian,ZuoJiaFu/Hunan Normal University,0/2
  31. Research on Relic of Yangzhou Salt Merchants' Buildings in the Qing Dynasty,JiangZhongHua/Northwest Normal University,0/24
  32. Taoist Statues of Hunan Area in Qing Dynasty,WangFang/Hunan University,0/18
  33. In the late Qing Dynasty, Yangzhou Folk Buddhist Studies,SunLing/Yangzhou University,0/28
  34. The Discussion of Impact on China's Early Modernization of Three Provincial Magnates in Late Qing Dynasty,ZhaoPeng/Qiqihar University,0/10
  35. A Study on Ambassdors'thought on Industries duirng Late Qing Dynasty,ZhangTingQiao/Liaoning Normal University,0/8
  36. On the School Funding Activities and the Resistance to Taxes on Education of Huizhou Merchants in the Late Qing Dynasty,MengYingZuo/Anhui Normal University,0/21
  37. Christianity and Wenzhou in the late Qing Dynasty society,ZhangYi/Yangzhou University,0/51
  38. In Late Qing Dynasty in Shaanxi Province Was the Cohort Study,ZhaoYan/Northwest Normal University,0/11
  39. The Development of Modern Mining and Metallurgical Industry in the Late Qing Dynasty in Hunan(1895-1911),MiXiangFeng/Central South University,0/11
  40. "Shengjing Times" in the late Qing Dynasty and the local autonomy,YanYong/Shaanxi Normal University,0/38
  41. Chinese Ambassadors and Japanese Ambassadors' Communication and Its Influence in Late Qing Dynasty,WangZuo/Hubei University,0/12
  42. A Research on Cui Xin Newspaper,ZhuYi/Zhejiang Normal University,0/12
  43. The Zhejiang Longhua Society Study in the Late Qing Dynasty,HuangBiao/Zhejiang Normal University,0/14
  44. A Study on Urban Life of Shanghai in the Late Qing Dynasty,KongLingZuo/Anhui University of Finance,0/19
  45. A Study of Zuo Zongtang's Mufu,WangBenNeng/Central China Normal University,0/13
  46. A Research on Jiaosheshi in Late Qing Dynasty,HuangZuoMin/Hunan Normal University,0/5
  47. The Research of Northeast Mineral Negotiation in the Late Qing Dynasty(1905-1911),GuoHaiNan/Central China Normal University,0/3
  48. Political Difference between Cen and Yuan and the Political Situation in the Late Qing Dynasty,WuZuoZuo/Central China Normal University,0/2
  49. A Study of the Boy Learning Abroad USA in the Modern China,ZengZuo/Sichuan Normal University,0/31
  50. The Loss of Railway Mining Rights in ShanXi Province in Late Qing Dynasty and the Recovery of Mining Rights Campaign,ZhaoSha/Liaoning Normal University,0/17

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