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  1. In Dunhuang Tibetan ancient literature P T 1038,NanMuTa/Tibet University,0/0
  2. The Study of Wang Yunwu’s Publishing Business Practice,WeiYunJiang/Hunan Normal University,0/1
  3. Research and Application of the Tile-based Texture Synthesis Algorithm,ZuYueRan/Shandong Normal University,0/2
  4. The Analysis of Outstanding Badminton Women’s Singles Player of the Technical Characteristics of Wang Yihan,ZengZhenYu/Xinjiang Normal University,0/48
  5. The Study on Songquan Wang's Read Teaching Ideology,BaiZuo/Hubei University,0/19
  6. Problems and Countermeasures of Chinese Teaching in Thailand,TianXiYa/Sichuan Normal University,0/49
  7. Wang Yangming's Thought of Harmonious Education and Improvement of Primary and Secondary Education,WuWenFang/Hebei Normal,0/19
  8. The Study of Wen Zi Meng Qiu,XuZuo/Tianjin Normal University,0/2
  9. Wang Songzhou read the text teaching research,CuiWenTian/Shandong Normal University,0/15
  10. The Analysis of Mr. Wang Drive Crash Case,LiChao/Hunan University,0/72
  11. Studies of Wang Chonghui's Constitutional Thought,FanXiaoYu/Southwest University of Political Science,0/23
  12. The Research on Sports Diplomacy of Wang Zhengting,ZhouBeiBei/Central China Normal University,0/10
  13. Study on Chinese and foreign relations of Wang Zhichun,ZhanZhongYu/Shandong Normal University,0/0
  14. Study on the Political Thought of Wang Zaoshi,DengZuo/Hunan Normal University,0/0
  15. Integration of the Liberalism and Nationalism: the Free Journalist Wang Yunsheng's Political Ideas and His Practice on Political Commentary as a Scholar,ChenQinQin/Lu Tung University,0/3
  16. Research on the Common Belief of Hsi Wang Mu in Jingchuan of Gansu,JiaZhen/Northwest Normal University,0/19
  17. Aesthetics of Wang Guo Wei's life,XiongZuo/Southwest University for Nationalities,0/15
  18. Wang Fudezhi and thought on rule,ZhouZhongMin/Shandong Normal University,0/1
  19. Luo Zenan "YaoJiangXueBian" By The New Exploration For LiXue Thought,ZhangXiaoJing/Hunan University,0/13
  20. Sage or Dictator,YinJiangZuo/Xiangtan University,0/6
  21. Study on Wang Yang-ming's "Extension of Intuitive Knowledge" and its Value under the Vision of Accomplishment,WangFei/Central South University for Nationalities,0/12
  22. Wang Gen thought study,WangQiang/Shaanxi Normal University,0/26
  23. The study of Qian Dehong "the four sentence teaching",ZhangHao/Shaanxi Normal University,0/13
  24. "De" and "adult" Wang Yangming education thought research,YangMeng/Shaanxi Normal University,0/38
  25. The Inheritance and Development Study of Wang Fuzhi's "Training Righteousness on the Great Learning" to Zhu Xi's "Commentary on the Great Learning",YangLiu/Central South University for Nationalities,0/22
  26. On the Confucian Orthodoxy of Sun Qifeng's Neo-confucianism Ancestor Biography,WangJia/Hunan University,0/23
  27. Scholar of Wang Yangming' Philosophy Comment Etiquette,SuHongYang/Jishou University,0/27
  28. The Spread and Impact of Chuanshan Thought in the Late Qing Dynasty,LiaoJing/Hunan Normal University,0/2
  29. Research on Chen Mingshui's Doctrine of Innate Knowledge,PanPan/Hunan Normal University,0/1
  30. The the Han and Wei Confucianism Metaphysics Trend Research,GuanYunShu/Liaoning Normal University,0/28
  31. On Study of Zeng Gongliang,ZhaoJiYou/Northwest Normal University,0/7
  32. Investigation and Study on Xi'an Ming Qin King,ChenBing/Shaanxi Normal University,0/95
  33. Mukden Incident of1931After Analysis of Thought to Wang Zaoshi Anti-Japan War and Save the Nation,ZhangZuo/Hunan Normal University,0/5
  34. The Reseach on Wang Kang Nian's Political Thought in the Reform Movement of1898,ZhangGuangWei/Zhejiang Normal University,0/20
  35. Analysis of the Impacts of Japan on Wang Kangnian's Association Activities,HeYuBao/Hubei University,0/6
  36. A Study on Wang Honghan's Converging of Chinese and Western Culture,MaZhiHui/Zhejiang University,0/79
  37. A Study on Taiyuan Wang Clan in Wei-jin and the Southern and Northern Dynasties,HuNa/Shanxi Normal University,0/10
  38. Academic chronology of Xin mang period,LiShiXing/Shandong Normal University,0/4
  39. Wang Er Zhi Fan: the Study of Liu Xianxin's Historiographical Thought,NiZuo/Hunan University,0/29
  40. On Children's Reciting Confucian Classics,ChenQingHua/Fujian Normal University,0/44
  41. "The development of Yuhai geography door on the part of literature" -- and the geographical literature in Song Dynasty,YangJiaZuo/Shaanxi Normal University,0/71
  42. Shanxi Lingshi county the Wangs Courtyard building stone carving modeling study,ZuoShuLong/Yangzhou University,0/46
  43. Writing and Truth,YuZhongHua/Zhejiang University,0/139
  44. The two research - Fateh collate directory and related issues of the Imperial Palace Museum ancient paintings department internship report,LiuJianHui/Central University for Nationalities,0/13
  45. Studies Characters of Space in Wang Xizhi Calligraphy,ZhouZhiRui/China Academy of Art,0/9
  46. Wang Heju——the Extender of Developing Process of Traditional Painting Craft Reprentation Technique to Modern Lacquer Painting Language and Art in Fujian,WuPeiLin/Fujian Normal University,0/26
  47. Study on twentieth Century 30's Mount Huangshan development and Mount Huangshan figure creation with "yellow club" members Huang Binhong, Zhang Daqian, Wang are picked from the tea trees with as an example,ZhangSuZuo/China Academy of Art,0/68
  48. Influence of Wang Meng's works and to contemporary,HanTingTing/Central Academy of Fine Arts,0/21
  49. Interpretation of "green space Wang Meng Bian reclusive figure",ChenYongQian/Central Academy of Fine Arts,0/5
  50. Wang Zi Mei Comic Research from1935to1948,ZhangShuang/China Academy of Art,0/8

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