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  1. The Effects of Aluminum and ApoE ε4on the Level of Tau Phosphorylation and Expression of Aβ in SH-SY5Y Cells,WangZuo/Shanxi Medical,0/9
  2. Liraglutide Counteracts Palmitate-induced β-cell Apoptosis and Improves the Metabolism in ApoE-/- Mice by Autophagy,WangJia/Second Military Medical University,0/122
  3. Experimental Study on the Effect of Sitagliptin on Atherosclerotic Lesion in AvoE-/- Mice,WangJianMei/Dalian Medical University,0/36
  4. Functional Blockage of EMMPRIN Ameliorates Atherosclerosis in Apolipoprotein E-deficient Mice,LiuHong/Third Military Medical University,0/72
  5. TSLP Deficiency Suppresses Atherosclerosis in ApoE/TSLPR Deficient Hyperlipidaemic Mouse Model,Nilesh Mohabeer(NiLeSi)/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/4
  6. The Effects of Jianpiquyu Method on VEGF/VEGFR2Pathway in Retinal Pigment Epithelium of Apolipoprotein E-Deficient Mice by Dyslipidemia,LiuXiaoHu/Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/4
  7. Effect of Yiqi Huatan Huoxue Method on AS adhesion molecule and its relationship with blood lipid abnormality syndrome,GuoYangZhi/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/5
  8. The Study of Jiangzhi Xiaoban Tablet to Cure Patients with Carotid Artery Plaque and to Influence the Plaque in Apoe Knockout Mouse as Model,ZuoChengYuan/Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/3
  9. Study of Subcellular Localization of Tumor Suppressor UBIAD1and the Protein-protein Interactions among UBIAD1, H-Ras and ApoE,WangDangFeng/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/7
  10. Effects of Aerobic Exercise on (ApoE-/-)Mice’s NO Signal Transmitting Related Cell Factors and the Mechanism Research,ZhangChuanXiang/Hunan Normal University,0/53
  11. Simvastatin Promotes the Expression of Genes Associated with Reverse Cholesterol Transport in apoE-knockout Mice Fed High-fat Diet,LiuJia/Yangzhou University,0/16
  12. Construction and Functional Analysis of Eukaryotic Expression Vector of APOE, and the Analysis of Expression Profiles in Guangxi Bama Mini-Pig,SuXiuZhen/Guangxi University,0/1
  13. The Role of Hypercholesterolemia in the Outbreak of Alzheimer’s Disease and the Treatment Effect of Liucha Extract,SunZuoZuo/Lanzhou University,0/55
  14. The Variance of Apolipoprotein E and Apolipoprotein E Receptors Expression Associated with Bacterial Infection,FuPan/Fudan University,0/52
  15. The Roles and Mechanisms Investigation of Apolipoprotein E and Apolipoprotein E Mimetic Peptide in the Diagnosis and Therapy of Bacterial Infection,WangChuanQing/Fudan University,0/69
  16. Define a Function on Gene Order of DNA Microarray Data and Use It to Identify Genes Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease,ShuaiPei/Sichuan Normal University,0/69
  17. Early Biomarkers for Post-stroke Cognitive Impairment,QianLai/Nanjing University,0/67
  18. The Association of LRRK2Variants with Alzheimer’s Disease of Han Chinese Population,LuShenJi/Fudan University,0/108
  19. Effect and Mechanism of Aβ20-29 Peptide in Transgenic Mice of Alzheimer’s Disease,YeZuo/Fourth Military Medical University,0/127
  20. Population-based Prevalence Survey and Genetic Epidemiology of Cognitive Impairment among Elderly,DingZuo/Fudan University,1/346
  21. Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteomics Study in GBS Patients with Different Subtypes,LiuDan/Jilin University,0/22
  22. Proteomics Study of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Multiple Sclerosis Patients,SunZuo/Jilin University,0/45
  23. Association Study Between the Polymorphism of SLC6A11and APOE Gene and Drug-resistant Epilepsy in Han Chinese,LongZuoYu/Central South University,0/5
  24. Intervention and Mechanisms of A Calpain Inhibitor on Developmental Seizure-induced Brain Damage,RenShouZuo/Suzhou University,0/10
  25. The Intervention Effect of Ketogenic Diet on Neurobehavioral Changes Induced by Recurrent Neonatal Seizures and the Expression of Sprouting-related Genes,TianTian/Suzhou University,0/10
  26. Investigation of the Relationship between Down’s Syndrome Serological Prenatal Screening and Gene Polymorphism of ApoE and MTHFRC677T,LiuZuo/Hebei Medical University,0/21
  27. The Studies on the Analysis of Related Inlfuence Factors and Relationship with ApoE Gene Polymorphisms in Urolithiasis Patients,ChenXi/Second Military Medical University,1/91
  28. The Associated Mechanism Research of Apoe with Neuronal Injury and Axonal Regeneration,YinCheng/Chongqing Medical University,0/67
  29. Effect of Hyperlipidemia Induced by High-fat Diet on Bone Healing in ApoE Gene Deficient Mice,YeXin/Shandong University,0/25
  30. The Role of MiR-152and MiR-200S in IL-6-induced Hepatic Insulin Resistance,ZuoLin/Beijing Union Medical College,0/266
  31. The Mechanism of Fatty Acid Binding Protein4on Atherogenesis Induced by Hyperhomocysteninemia in ApoE-/- Mice,GongHuiHui/Ningxia Medical University,0/1
  32. The Mechanism of EC-SOD DNA Methylation in Hyperhomocysteinemia-induced Atherosclerosis in ApoE-/- Mice,SunZuoZuo/Ningxia Medical University,0/0
  33. The Effect of Probucol and Rosuvastatin on Atherosclerosis in ApoE-knockout Mice,LiXing/Tianjin Medical University,0/1
  34. Probucol Combined with Rosuvastatin Inhibit LOX-1Expression in Animal Studies,WangChenTing/Tianjin Medical University,0/1
  35. Study on Suppressed Effect of Lactobacillus on Atherosclerosis in ApoE-/- Mice and Its Mechanisms,ChenLiHua/Central South University,0/3
  36. Effects and Mechanism of Tongxinluo Combined with Atorvastatin and Aspirin (ATS) on Early Atherosclerosis Lesions in ApoE-/-Mouse,WangLei/Hebei Medical University,0/29
  37. Study on the Role and Mechanism of Immune Tolerance Induced by Nasal Oxidized Low-density Lipoprotein in Atherosclerosis,ZhongYuCheng/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/105
  38. Effects of Regulating Toll-Like Receptor4on the Progression of Atherosclerosis in ApoE-knockout Mice,HeHaiQiang/Guangxi Medical University,0/115
  39. Pathological Study of Main Artery of Atherosclerotic Plaques in Aging Mice with Apolipoprotein E Gene Knock-out,JingZhiJie/Shanxi Medical,0/47
  40. The Protection of Sulfate Zinc on Apoe-knockout Mouse Fed with High-fat Diet,JiangJinJin/Shanxi Medical,0/44
  41. The Effects for Inhibition of Galectin-3and RAGE on the Initiation and Development of Atherosclerois in ApoE-deficient Mice,LuYongGang/Beijing Union Medical College,0/178
  42. The Study of Effects of Natriuretic Peptide C Receptor (NPR-C) Gene on Atherosclerosis in ApoE-/-Mice Using Gene Over-expression and Silencing,XuNaNa/Shandong University,0/130
  43. Experimental Studies on the Effect of Phospholipid Transfer Protein on Development and Stability of Atherosclerotic Plaques,ZhangKe/Shandong University,0/230
  44. A Study on the Role and Mechanism of TSLP in Atherosclerosis,ChangZuo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/341
  45. Mechanism of Serum Amyloid a Accelerates the Progression of Atherosclerosis and Its Pro-inflammatory Role,DongZhe/Shandong University,0/323
  46. Association of ApoC-Ⅲ and ApoC-E Genes Polymorphisms with Human Longevity in Bama County,ShiLiWei/Guangxi Medical University,0/79
  47. Effect and Mechanism of Advanced Oxidation Protein Products on ABCA1Expression and Cholesterol Efflux in Macrophages,MoZhongCheng/Nanhua University,0/187
  48. Effects of hydrogen sulfide on the formation of the accumulation of macrophage derived foam cells and atherosclerotic plaque lipid,ZhaoZhanZhi/Nanhua University,0/298
  49. Study on ApoE Knockout Mice of Atherosclerosis and Visfatin Expression by Dingxin Recipe,LouLinJie/Southern Medical University,,0/144
  50. Anti-atherosclerosis Effects of Momordicin Relating Down Regulating Inflammatory Factor,MaXiaoFeng/Nanhua University,0/59

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