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  1. Process Development for Hydrolysis of Methyl Glycolate to Glycolic Acid,ZhangChao/East China University of Science and Technology,0/22
  2. Study on Etherification and Catalytic Distillation Process of FCC Light Gasoline,HuangJing/Lanzhou Jiaotong University,0/154
  3. Study on Catalytic Distillation of Gasoline Alkylation Sulfur Transfer,GuoBenShuai/Tianjin University,0/292
  4. Study on the Preparation of Solid Base Catalyst for Catalylic Distillation,ShenYan/Changchun University of,0/53
  5. Study on the Catalytic Reaction Distillation Process of Methyl Acetate,HeNa/East China University of Science and Technology,0/57
  6. Simulation of a Catalytic Distillation Process for Production of Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether,MengXia/Ocean University of China,0/44
  7. Optimization of Process Parameters for Ethyl Acetate Catalytic Distillation Using Response Surface Methodology,LiMingYue/Dalian University of Technology,0/63
  8. Synthesis of Ethyl Acetate and Butyl Acetate by Fluidized Catalyst Reaction Distillation,LiaoAnPing/Guangxi University,0/343
  9. Application Research of Catalytic Distillation Technology in the Alcohol Dehydration Reactions,ZouZhiWu/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,1/179
  10. Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis for Suspension Catalytic Distillation,WangJian/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,3/113
  11. Preparation and Characterization of Silica-supported Recovered Perfluorosulfonic Acid Ion-exchange Membrane and Its Application in Catalytic Distillation,LuoShiPing/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/392
  12. Study on the Process of Benzene Chlorination with Three-phase Catalytic Distillation,CuiZuoFen/Nanjing University of Technology,3/243
  13. A Study on Applying the Catalytic Distillation Technique to the Hydrolysis of Methyl Acetate,WangChengXi/Zhejiang University,1/219
  14. Study on the Synthesis of Ethyl Lactate,GaoJing/Tianjin University,6/487
  15. Studies on Catalyst and Catalytic Distillation Process for Alkylation of Benzene with Ethylene to Ethylbenzene,SunXinDe/Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,3/447
  16. Study on the Preparation of Structured Solid Acid Catalyst Packing for Catalytic Distillation,DuChangHai/Tianjin University,4/360
  17. Study on the New Process of Catalytic Distillation of Methyl Acetate Hydrolysis and Related Fundamental Research,QiuTing/Tianjin University,8/465
  18. Process Research of N-Butyl Acetate Produced by Transesterification in a Catalytic Distillation Column,XuBaoYun/Tianjin University,0/396
  19. Study on the New Process of Catalytic Distillation of Methyl Acetate Hydrolysis,ZhangKeQiang/Hebei University of Technology,0/182
  20. Research and Application on Catalytic Distillation Hydrolysis of Methyl Acetate,ShangHuiJian/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,1/216
  21. Simulation and Optimization of New Process to Produce N-Butyl Acetate by Catalytic Distillation,WuPengFei/Guangxi University,8/302
  22. The Study on Catalytic Distillation of Methyl Acetate Hydrolysis,SunLiJun/Hebei University of Technology,11/200
  23. Study on Coupling Technology of Extractive Distillation and Catalytic Distillation in Hydrolyzation of Methyl Acetate,ZengHong/Fuzhou University,2/328
  24. Study on Green Process of Ethyl Lactate Synthesis by Catalytic Distillation,ZhouLiYa/Hebei University of Technology,1/276
  25. Study on Synthesis of DMC via Transesterification by Slurry Catalytic Distillation Process,YangCaiJuan/Tianjin University,0/144
  26. Study on the Preparation of Methylal by Slurry Catalytic Distillation Process,ShaoLi/Tianjin University,0/303
  27. Development and Application of Catalytic Distillation Process in MTBE Synthesis,DingHongShan/Tianjin University,3/296
  28. Study on the Preparation of Methyl Acetate by Slurry Catalytic Distillation Process,QuYuXia/Tianjin University,0/106
  29. Study on the Direct Catalytic Oxido-amination of Benzene to Aniline,XiaYunSheng/Sichuan University,0/136
  30. Synthesis of catalytic distillation technology research acetate,ZuoRuiYi/Guangxi University,1/327
  31. The Study on Reactive Distillation of Methyl Acetate Synthesis,ZhangZuoZuo/Hebei University of Technology,6/351
  32. The application of catalytic distillation in the production of maleic acid dimethyl ester,HaoXingRen/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/129
  33. The Development and Research of C4 Catalytic Distillation Hydrogenation Technology,ZhaoXiuHong/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/317
  34. Study on the Catalytic Synthesis of Acrylamide from the Hydration of Acrylonitrile,HuangXiuChuan/Sichuan University,0/184
  35. Catalytic distillation technology in the process of hydrolysis of methyl acetate,LiYuan/Zhejiang University,3/255
  36. TS-1 catalyst in the catalytic production of propylene oxide rectifying process development,HuYan/Dalian University of Technology,0/262
  37. Hydrodynamic Performance of a new catalytic distillation,WangShaoBing/Research Institute of Petroleum,0/70
  38. Mass Transfer Behavior of a Novel Composite Packing and Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Catalytic Distillation Structured Packing,ChenTao/Tianjin University,1/137
  39. Design of the Catalytic Distillation Process for the Preparation of Dimethyl Carbonate by the Alcoholysis of Urea,DongManXiang/Tianjin University,1/522
  40. Study on the Synthesis Process of Ethyl Acetate by Catalytic Distillation,ZhangLei/Guangxi University,1/380
  41. Study on Reactive Distillation of N-Butyl Acetae Synthesis,DuanGuiXian/Hebei University of Technology,2/325
  42. The Study of Integrated Process of the Catalytic Distillation Hydrolysis of Methyl Acetate,GaoZuo/Tianjin University,0/109
  43. Experimental Study and Process Simulation of N-butyl Acetate Produced by Transesterification in a Catalytic Distillation Column,ZhouCuiFang/Tianjin University,1/195
  44. Preparation and Evaluation of Hydrogenation Catalysts Supported on Filler-type Porous Anodic Alumina,ZhangLiJia/Hebei University of Technology,0/78
  45. Mixed C_4 gathered Catalytic Distillation Process Research and Simulation,ZhuDaLiang/China University of Petroleum,0/230
  46. Study on a Permeable Catalytic Packing and Hydrodynamic Performance in Distillation Column,YanYaMeng/Tianjin University,2/29
  47. Study on Synthesis of Methylal by Catalytic Distillation,ZhangSuFei/Tianjin University,0/327
  48. Intermittent Catalytic Distillation acetate wastewater treatment,YeXiuSi/Tianjin University,0/74
  49. Catalytic Distillation for the Synthesis of Tert-Butyl Alcohol with Structured Catalytic Packing,YangYang/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,2/176
  50. Application of Suspension Catalytic Distillation to Benzene Hydrogenation,HuangJing/Xiangtan University,0/61

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