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  1. The Agency Problem, Corporate Governance, and the Asymmetrical Behavior of Selling, General, and Administrative Costs,XiWeiJuan/Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics,0/5
  2. Research on the Financial Supervision System in Qing Dynasty,WangXinLong/Xiangtan University,0/37
  3. Inquiry into View of the Ruling of the Rite on Comments on Laws of Tang Empire,QiaoFuLong/Nankai University,0/43
  4. To Explore the Development of Early Christianity from Persecution and Martyrdom,ZhangLiMing/Liaoning Normal University,0/77
  5. Firearms in the Formation of the Inner Asian Frontier of the Qing Dynasty,ZhangJian/Nankai University,0/66
  6. The Republicanism Thought and Influences on the Domestic and Foreign Affairs of the Forefathers Founding the U.S.A,ZhuMeiYing/Nankai University,0/31
  7. The Analysis of U.S. Aid to China from the Media Factors,SunHongYe/Shandong Normal University,0/1
  8. Study of Relationship between Central and Local Authorities in the19th Century Ottoman Empire-syria,GuoQuanQin/Shanxi Normal University,0/2
  9. A Study of Commercial and Trade Relationship between the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire (1453-1718),YaoXiaoShan/Shanxi Normal University,0/1
  10. A Study of the National Narrative in Virginia Woolf's Fiction,ZuoLiang/East China Normal University,0/101
  11. A Thematic Study of the Fate of Virgil's "Aeneid",ChenZuo/Shanghai University,0/0
  12. The study of international law and the law of war - Mongolian expedition in history,FuXinXin/Foreign Service Institute,0/66
  13. A Comparative Study of the Soviet Model and the Tsarist Empire Mode,LiuMinZhe/Shandong Normal University,0/66
  14. National Spirit and World Order,DongChengLong/East China Normal University,0/10
  15. A Study on Yeh-lu Ch’u-ts’ai’s Political Idea of"Ruling a Nation by the Confucianism",SuRiYa/Inner Mongolia University,0/18
  16. Research on the Socialism Strategy of Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri,CaiNanXing/Donghua University,0/23
  17. The country governance under the vision of Comparative History: in the relationship between corporate governance structure and governance performance coupled,HuangJie/Fudan University,0/1045
  18. Research of Early Buddha Icon of Mathurā School in Ancient India,ZhaoLing/Shanghai University,0/278
  19. The Formation and Realization of Mencius’People-oriented Thought,ChenJian/Lanzhou University,0/80
  20. Kojeve:Triplex Eclectic in the Idea of Neo-Latin Empire and Its Enlightenment,ZuoBin/Southwestern University,0/13
  21. "Empire" as a Book of Revelation:21St Century Capitalist World Order,Production and Rebellion,HuWei/Capital Normal University,0/59
  22. Study of the Women’s Banquet during the Mongol Empire and Yuan Dynasty,ZhangZuo/Lanzhou University,0/22
  23. The Study of the Confucian Household Register in Yuan Dynasty,HouZuoZuo/Ningbo University,0/94
  24. A Study on the History of Hasar Ulus during the Period of Mongol Empire and Yuan Dynasty,NaBuQiMa/Inner Mongolia University,0/80
  25. Study of the Material Grants during the Mongol Empire and Yuan Dynasty,KangJiHui/Lanzhou University,0/75
  26. A Study of Talent Geography of Shanxi during the Mongol-yuan Empire,ZhouXiaoJuan/Northwest Normal University,0/87
  27. Historical Research on Mongolian Politics in Early Period of Northern Yuan,YiDeEr/Inner Mongolia University,0/123
  28. Tea trade - song and other minorities in Song Dynasty and Tubo tea trade as an example,GuoLi/Shandong Normal University,0/96
  29. The Textual Cirticism of Track on Ethnic Minorities in the Central Plains from Tang Empire to Song State,YaoYuCheng/Northeast Normal University,0/3
  30. Discussions on the Ideological Trend to Criticize the Qin Empire in the Early Years of Han Dynasty,Han’s Inheritance to Qin’s System and the Thought of Huang Di and Lao Zi,ZhangYingYing/Inner Mongolia University,0/249
  31. The Western Han Dynasty to the "restrain diplomacy",ZhangTianJing/Shanghai International Studies University,0/200
  32. Archaeological Observation on Social Development of Wei State in the Warring States Period,ShenWen/Zhengzhou University,0/125
  33. The Research on the Six Ministers of Jin Kingdom,LiQinFang/Jilin University,0/393
  34. A Study on the Legitimacy-seeking of the Second Empire of Mexico,ChenShuHong/Fujian Normal University,0/0
  35. The Co-Building of Nation-State and Empire in American History,1776-1867,YanZhen/Jilin University,0/251
  36. Study on the German Urbanization during the Imperial Germany(1871-1910),XuJiCheng/Central China Normal University,0/343
  37. Visible Empire - England in the middle of the nineteenth Century to the first World War imperial image,MoChuanZuo/Fudan University,0/50
  38. "The Russian Empire" - huxter hausen eyes of nineteenth Century Russian King,ShaoXiaoLi/Shaanxi Normal University,0/53
  39. Between Freedom and Empire:the Startup of the British Empire,XuNa/Suzhou University,0/58
  40. The rise and fall of public psychology and the Third Reich,SongXia/Qufu Normal University,0/89
  41. Factors Analysis of the Effects of Urbanization of the German Empire,XuXuHua/Northwest Normal University,0/85
  42. The Consciousness of British Empire in Late-Victorian Age(1871-1901),ChenZhiHong/Zhejiang University,0/106
  43. Comparison the Westernization Reform of the Late Ottoman Empire with Those of the Late Qing Dynasty,WuZuoFeng/Shanxi University,0/14
  44. The origin of the Turkish Constitutional Government,YinLiJuan/Shanxi University,0/70
  45. Insights into Civilization Intercourse Impact on the Rise of the Ottoman Empire,ZhangChuQiao/Northeast Normal University,0/248
  46. World WarⅡ and the Decline of British Empire,WangJian/Northwest Normal University,0/239
  47. Study on British Policy in Armenia in the End of19th Century and the Beginning of20th Century,WuZuo/Guangxi Normal University,0/47
  48. A Study on the Justinian Epoch Military Strategy,MaFeng/Northeast Normal University,0/1
  49. Research on the Social Status of Jews in the Byzantine Empire (641-1453),LiuYuFang/Guangxi Normal University,0/141
  50. The Research on the Whereabouts of the People Left from Yin Period in Early Zhou Dynaty,SunJingJing/Zhengzhou University,1/105

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