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  1. Analysis of Genetic Characteristics and Interploidy Crosses in Autotetraploid and Allotetraploid of Maize and Zea Perennis,LiYi/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/32
  2. Construction of Structural Aberrance Library for Haynaldia Villosa Chromosome Arm6VS,HuYing/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/2
  3. Identification of Hybrid Progeny and Produce of2n Gametes in Diploid Lilium of OT Hybrids,FangLiQin/Zhejiang University,0/27
  4. Establishment and Cytogenetics of Brassica Napus-Orychophragmus Violaceus Alien Additions and Substitutions,DingLi/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/18
  5. Chromosome Characteristics of Solanum Species and Inter-specific Somatic Hybrids,HeLi/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/3
  6. Chromosome Manipulation of Aneuploid Hybrid from Maize×Zea Perennis as a Bridge for Gene Introgression between Species,FuJie/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/19
  7. Variation of the StH Genome in Triticeae and Geonme Constitution of Elymus Tangutorum Using the Genomic in Situ Hybridization,ZhuAiRu/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/23
  8. Molecular Cytological Observation on Derivatives of Common Wheat with Rye,ZouBaoYin/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/27
  9. Construction of Molecular Karyotype and Strcutural Aberrance Library of Haynaldia Villosa Chromosomes,ZhangWei/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/15
  10. Identification of Tritileymus Germplasm Line and SSR Molecular Identification of Its Resistance Gene,XuJinQiu/Shandong Agricultural University,0/60
  11. Creation of Excellent Introgression Lines from the Hybrids of Maize and Zea Mays ssp. Mexicana and Cytological Analysis for These Lines,WangLingZhi/Shandong University,0/128
  12. Cytology and Heredity of Novel Brassica Napus Lines with High Oleic Acid Content Derived from B. Napus×Orychophragmus Violaceus Hybrids,MaNi/Huazhong Agricultural University,4/197
  13. Molecular and Cytogenetic Characterizations on Hybrids between Synthetic Brassica Allohexaploid and Orychophragmus Violaceus,GeXianHong/Huazhong Agricultural University,5/254
  14. Selections and Genetic Analyses of Hybrid Progenies between Brassica Napus, B.rapa, B.juncea and Orychophragmus Violaceus,XuChuanYuan/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/293
  15. Studies on Fertility and Crossability of Amphidiploids between Raphanus Sativus and Brassica Alboglabra,ChenHongGao/Huazhong Agricultural University,4/204
  16. Molecular and Cytogenetic Characterizations on Hybrids between Three Cultivated Brassica Tetraploids and Orychophragmus Violaceus,HuaYuWei/Huazhong Agricultural University,7/200
  17. Identification of Genomic Components Among Species of Genus Zea and Introgression of Maize Relatives for Maize Improvement,TangQiLin/Sichuan Agricultural University,2/278
  18. Chromosome Location and Molecular Marker of Resistant Gene to Powdey Mildew from Elytrigia Intermedium,LinXiaoHu/Shandong Agricultural University,4/216
  19. Transfer and Mapping of Valuable Genes from Oryza Officinalis,TanGuangXuan/Wuhan University,3/267
  20. The Usage of Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization and Molecular Markers on the Research of Rice and Wheat Germplasm Resources,YuShunWu/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/584
  21. Variation Patterns of rRNA Genes in Pinus (Pinaceae) and Their Evolutionary Implications for Genome Structure, Gene Evolution, and Speciation Inferences,LiuZhanLin/Institute of Botany,4/397
  22. Chromatin Elimination and Introgression in Wheat Somatic Hybridization,CuiHaiFeng/Shandong University,1/294
  23. Genetical Analysis of Intertribal Hybrids of Brassica Napus with Lesquerella Fendleri and Isatis Indigotica,DuXueZhu/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/222
  24. Genetic Analyses on Progenies of Intergeneric Hybrids between Brassica Napus and Orychophragmus Violaceus,ZhaoZhiGang/Huazhong Agricultural University,6/291
  25. Developing Yellow-seeded Brassica Napus Through Interspecific Hybridization in Brassica and Studies on the Hybrids and Their Progenies,WenJing/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/292
  26. Genetic Analyses of Intertribal Brassica Species×Capsella Bursa-pastoris Hybrids and B. Napus Nullisomics,ChenHaiFeng/Huazhong Agricultural University,3/171
  27. Production and Genetic Analysis of Intertribal Hybrids between Medicinal Plant Isatis Indigotica and Cultivated Brassiceae Species,TuYuQin/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/220
  28. Phylogenetic Evolution and Quantitative Genetic Analysis of Major Traits for Chinese Vegetable Mustard (Brassica Juncea),QiXiaoHua/Zhejiang University,0/249
  29. Efficient Induction and Identification of Translocation with Small Segments from Short Arm of Chromosome 6V of Haynaldia Villosa,ChenShengWei/Nanjing Agricultural College,3/89
  30. Study on Relationship and Systematic Taxonomy of Wild Species in Fragaria by 45S rDNA-FISH and GISH Analysis,WengTianJun/Southwestern University,0/104
  31. Creation of New Germplasms in Cauliflower and Chinese Cabbage,ShengXiaoGuang/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/155
  32. The Molecular and Cytogenetic Analysis of Aegilops Tauschii-Secale Cereale Intergeneric Hybrids and Amphidiploids,LiSuoPing/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/19
  33. Study on Karyotyping of Brassica C Genome Based on Brassica A Genomic DNA as Block Reagent,ChenXiaoDan/Southwestern University,1/95
  34. Chromosome Ploidy Identification and Genomic in Situ Hybridization Analysis of Genomic Composition in Setaria Species,WangYongQiang/Hebei Normal,0/109
  35. Genetic Analyses on Brassica Species (B. Napus, B. Rapa)×Capsella Bursa-pastoris Hybrids and Their Progenies,WangHua/Huazhong Agricultural University,1/157
  36. Genetic Analyses on Brassica Napus×Sinapis Arvensis、Brassica Rapa×Orychophragmus Violaceus Hybrids and Their Progenies,WanYanRuiHong/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/175
  37. Application Studies of in Situ Hybridization Technique in Chinese Cabbage and Cabbage,ZuoLiJuan/Agricultural University of Hebei,7/150
  38. Molecular and Cytogenetic Characterizations on Intertribal Hybrids between Brassica Napus L. and Isatis Indigotica Fort.,SunJian/Huazhong Agricultural University,3/213
  39. Somatic Hybridization between Brassica Napus and Orychophragmus Violaceus,HuZuoZuo/Huazhong Agricultural University,1/203
  40. Genetic Analyses on Brassica Rapa×Orychophragmus Violaceus Hybrids and Their Progenies,Liu/Huazhong Agricultural University,5/193
  41. Studies on Chromosome Stability and Agronomic Traits of the Backcross Descendants between Elymus Dahuricus and Hordeum Brevisubulatum,LiZhen/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,2/64
  42. Molecular Cytogenetics Study on Alien Chromosome Lines of Triticum Aestivum L. and Thinopyron Intermedium,LiFengZhen/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/162
  43. Cytology Observation and Molecular-cytogenetic Characterization of Rhizophora Apiculota Transformed Salt-tolerant Tomato,FangQing/South China University of Tropical Agriculture,2/93
  44. Identification and Analysis of Triticum Aestivum- Thinopyrum Intermedium Strip Rust Resistant Derivatives,TangZhen/Sichuan Agricultural University,1/111
  45. Molecular cytogenetics identification and characterization of wheat-Thinopyrum ponticum additions,substitutions and translocations,RuYanYan/Capital Normal University,0/180
  46. Genetic Analysis of Maize Inbred Lines Involved Ailien Chromatin and Gene Location Related to Prolificity with Molecular Markers,QuMingLi/Shandong University,1/82
  47. Identification of a Dwarf Line Deriving from Wheat-Thinopyrum Intermedium Progenies by Molecular Cytogenetic Techniques,XiangYong/Sichuan Agricultural University,1/41
  48. Molecular Cytogenetic Study of the Tri-species Hybrid Involving Maize, Tripsacum Dactyloides L. and Zea Perennis,SuYueGui/Sichuan Agricultural University,1/63
  49. Study on Chromatin Elimination/introgression during Early Stage and Regenerated Somatic Hybrid Calli in Wheat,WangZuo/Shandong University,0/66
  50. Intergeneric Hybridization between Brassica Rapa Pekinensis and Orychophragmus Violaceus and Cytogenetics Analysis on the Hybrids,QiaoHaiYun/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,1/107

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