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  1. Study Methods and Application of Residual Oil Distribution in High Water-cut Reservoir,QianXiaoChun/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/4
  2. A Study of Low Permeability Reservoir Remaining Oil Distribution and Potential Tapping in Medium and High Water Cut Period,ZhuWeiJun/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/4
  3. Study of Remaining Oil Distribution Rules in High Water Cut Oilfield,WangXiaoDong/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/4
  4. Study on Water Drive Development Characteristics Based on the Oil-water Two Phase Flow of Ultra-high Water Cut Stage,ZuoShaoXian/Southwest Petroleum University,0/74
  5. Research on the Adaptability of Unheated Single Pipe Pigging Gathering Technology in Ultra-high Water Cut Stage,LiPeng/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/44
  6. Rational Water Injection Intensity in High Water Cut Stage of East of South8Region Block,JiaYing/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/18
  7. Research on the Parameters Technique of Layer-Recombination and Well Pattern-Adjustment for the Reservoirs with Ultra-High Water Cut Stage in SN Development Zone,DuanQiangGuo/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/23
  8. Evaluation of Remaining Oil Potentialities and Well Performance for Thick Layers’ High Water Cut Stage in Beierxi Developing Area,ZhangJinCheng/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/2
  9. Research on Water Flooding Fine-digging Technongy in the North of Saertu Deyelopment Area Daqing Oilfield,WangHaiTao/Zhejiang University,0/25
  10. Study on Remaining Oil Distribution at High Water-cut Stage of Kumkol Oilfield,FuZuoZuo/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/113
  11. Research on the Identification of High-Capacity Channels in Ultra-High Water Cut Stage in Saber Development Area,WangYanZuo/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/103
  12. Production Technology Policy Limitation of Water Flood Development in the North of Saertu Development Area,LiHongMei/Northeast University of Petroleum,1/105
  13. Extra high water cut oilfield water flooding yield effective countermeasures,ChenBo/Southwest Petroleum University,1/164
  14. Study on Residual Oil Distribution and Potential Tapping Measures of Beisantai Reservoir,ShiZuo/Yangtze University,0/114
  15. Study on the Geological Modeling and the Distribution of Residual Oil in the Late Development Period,LiQiang/Chengdu University of Technology,1/809
  16. Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Remaining Oil Prediction in High Water-cut Stage, CR Oilfield,HuGuangYi/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/360
  17. Research on Method for Remaining Oil Prediction in High Water Cut Reservoir,GaoBoYu/Beijing,7/1904
  18. Study on Reservoir Properties and Changes Mechanism of Well Logging Curves in the Middle-Later Period of Oilfield Development,YangChunMei/Beijing,7/685
  19. The Study of Macro Numerical Reservoir Simulation Based Micro Seepage Mechanism During High Water Cut Development Period,GuJianWei/Ocean University of China,1/977
  20. The Formation and Distribution of Remaining Oil at Extra High Water-cut Stage,DingSheng/China University of Petroleum,3/582
  21. Study on the Strategic Cost Control for Oil Picking Factory in Ultra-High Water Cut Stage,XueDaWei/Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University,0/155
  22. Study on Remaining Oil Description in Complex Heterogeneous Reservoir at Super-high Water Cut Period of Gudao Oil Field,SunBaoJing/China University of Petroleum,0/293
  23. The Study on Optimization Technology in Potential Expoloration Measures of Remainding Oil in the Extra High Water Cut Stage in Lasaxing Oilfield,LiWeiBin/Daqing Petroleum Institute,1/268
  24. The Study on Oil Well Water Shutoff of Lamadian Oilfield at Ultra-high Water Cut Stage,TaoMing/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/96
  25. Numerical Modeling Research about Putaohua Ⅰ1-2 Layer in the South West Lamadian Oil Field,YueHongYan/Daqing Petroleum Institute,1/115
  26. Sa zone late high water cut development technology boundaries,ChenXiaoHua/Daqing Petroleum Institute,3/925
  27. Study on the Technology of Identifying and Adjustmenting to the Ineffective Circulation for Lamadian Oilfield in Ultra-High Water Cut Stage,HuangXiuPing/Daqing Petroleum University,0/76
  28. Oilfield high water cut stage gas-water mixture pipeline buried Temperature Drop Calculation Method,ZhaoBo/Daqing Petroleum Institute,1/262
  29. High moisture content of fine reservoir description study thin interbedded conglomerate reservoirs,LinJun/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/450
  30. High water cut stage oilfield measures economic limit of old wells,ZhangHong/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/229
  31. The steam throughput late heavy oil remaining oil distribution of,YangChunMei/Beijing,0/455
  32. Thick reservoir reservoir high water cut stage pattern adjustment to improve the water flooding recovery and technological measures,YangFengBo/Southwest Petroleum Institute,5/601
  33. Study on the Enhanced Liquid Mechanism in High Water Cut Stage of Putaohua Oil Layer of Shengping Oilfield,KongXiangYu/Daqing Petroleum Institute,1/163
  34. Tazhong 4 Oilfield Development Evaluation,ChuWei/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/280
  35. The Research of Efficient Operation Experiment of Electric Submersible Pump in Lamadian Oil Field,ZhouGuoCheng/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/55
  36. Lamadian oilfield pumping wells , \,DiaoJingWen/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/30
  37. High water cut stage waterflood exploitation characteristics and Adjustment Policy,MaChunHua/Daqing Petroleum Institute,2/425
  38. Study of the Unheating Chemical Dehydration Technology of Huabei Oil Field,GaoXiuBao/China University of Petroleum,2/194
  39. Research on the Energy Consumption Analysis and Optimal Use of Energy of Crude Oil Gathering and Transportation System in Daqing Oilfield,ChenYuQing/China University of Petroleum,0/273
  40. Study on the Recognition Method of Water-Flooded Zone in Thick Oil Reservoirs during High Water Cut Stage,YangYan/Daqing Petroleum Institute,1/208
  41. Residual Oil Comprehensive Evaluation Method in High Water Cut Stage,WeiHuaBin/Daqing Petroleum Institute,4/297
  42. The Research on Structure Postmortem and Remaining Oil Recovery in Thick Oil Reservoir,ZhengYue/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/95
  43. Further Exploitation of Remainling Oil in Extra-high Water-cut Period,LiHaiPeng/Chengdu University of Technology,2/487
  44. Investigation on the Tuitabilities about Oil-gas Treating System at Extra-high Water Cut Stage of Zhongyuan Oil Field,SiXiuLi/China University of Petroleum,0/38
  45. Research on the Application of Unheated Single Pipe Gathering Process During High Water Cut Stage of Low-production Oilfields,WangHongQuan/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/95
  46. Research on the Identification of Low-efficiency and Invalid Injected Water Circulation Belts in Ultra-high Water Cut Stage,JiangHongQin/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/77
  47. Numerical Simulation Study of Separate Zone Injection and Production for EOR in Beierxi Block of Saertu Oilfield,XiangWei/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/88
  48. Development Effect Evaluation in the Stage of Extra-high Water Cut for BD Block,ZhaoYaNan/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/157
  49. Research on Production Decline Theory and Model-building in High Water Cut Reservoirs,LiuShiHua/China University of Petroleum,0/272
  50. The Potential of Remaining Oil Potential Tapping in Shuanghe Oilfield 437Ⅱ4-6,YaoChangYu/Chengdu University of Technology,0/113

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