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  1. Land Use/Cover Change Research Within the Scope of the County,HuXiaoBing/Central China Normal University,0/58
  2. Research on Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of the Grain for Green Project in Hongya County,WangTongShun/Beijing Forestry University,0/34
  3. Land Use/Cover Change and Soil Degradation in Mountainous and Hilly Areas of Linyi, Shandong Province,PeiYanLing/Shandong Normal University,0/6
  4. Land Use/Cover Change and Its Evaluation and Analysis of Ecosystem Service Value,ZhangGuangFeng/Shandong Normal University,0/20
  5. The Research of Carbon\Carbon Sinks Changes in Central Henan Urban Agglomeration Based on Remote Sensing,ZhaoLiuFeng/Henan University,0/144
  6. Land Use Changes and Effects on Soil and Water Resources of the Yellow River Delta,ChangChunYan/Shandong Agricultural University,0/97
  7. Analysis of Land Use Cover Change and Its Influence on Flood Vulnerability in Dongting Lake Region,FuXiaoHong/Hunan Normal University,0/0
  8. Study on Land Use/Cover Change and Its Scenarios Simulation in the Southern Mountainous Areas of Jinan,WeiYaoWu/Shandong Normal University,0/6
  9. Research on Land Use Forecast and Spatial Pattern of Land-use/Cover Change in Qianjiang City,ZhuLinDan/Central China Normal University,0/35
  10. Research on Land Use/Land Cover Change and Driving Forces Mechanism in Coastal Zone of Shanghai,ZongZuo/East China Normal University,1/725
  11. Spatial and Temporal Pattern of Land Use/Cover Change and Its Driving Mechanism Analysis in the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Metropolitan Area in Recent30Years,GanXinTai/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/58
  12. Study on Landscape Pattern Evolution of Land Use and Ecological Security Assessment in Jianghan Plain,XuBeiShen/Central China Normal University,4/1073
  13. Research on Spatio-temporal Coupling Relationship between Grain Production Capacity and Quality of Cultivated Land,CaoZuoZuo/Central China Normal University,0/172
  14. Study on Land Use/cover Change and Eco-environmental Effects of Jianyang City,Ni/Chengdu University of Technology,0/43
  15. Land Use/Cover Change and Soil Erosion Effect Assessment in Longhe Watershed,WangCheng/Southwestern University,0/14
  16. Measuring and Simulating Land Use/Cover Change and Its Water Quality Response in the Jiulong River Watershed,ZhouZengRong/Huaqiao University,0/70
  17. Study on Coupling Relationship between Land Use Cover Change and Ecological Economy of Turpanarea,MaYiLa·MaiMaiTiAiLi/Xinjiang University,0/63
  18. Response Study of Regional Land-use Changes on the Eco-environmental Effects Based on RS and GIS Technology,ShenYaMing/Chongqing Normal University,0/186
  19. Study on the Relationship of Cultivated Land Area Change in Ebinur Lake Water into the Lake,XuNing/Xinjiang University,0/39
  20. Runoff Simulation Using SWAT Model in the Middle Reaches of the Shule River Basin,ZouYue/Northwest Normal University,1/264
  21. Study on Land Use Cover Change and It’s Impacts on Flood Disaster Formative Environment in the Yangtze River Delta Region,LiHeng/Nanjing University,1/455
  22. Study on Distributed Hydrological Simulation and Drought Evaluation Method in Luanhe River Basin Based on SWAT Model,ShiXiaoLiang/Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology Research Institute,0/306
  23. Land Use/cover and Evapotranspiration Dynamic Change and Their Relationship in Three Gorges Reservoir Area,HeMingXuan/Southwestern University,0/10
  24. Analysis and Simulation of Land Use/Cover Changes in Baishan City of Jiiin Province, China Based on GIS,ZhangXueMin/Northeast Normal University,0/57
  25. Land Use Spatial Optimization Allocation Based on Ecological Water Transferring in Dongbeigou Watershed Mountain Area of North Hebei Province,LvMingQuan/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/74
  26. Land Use and Land Cover Change and the Tendency Forecast of Markov Process Based on RS and GIS,LiuHaiJun/Shanxi University,0/83
  27. The Analysis of Ecological Environment Changes of Shen Yang City Based on RS and GIS,ZuoZuoChong/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/143
  28. Research on Conversion Trend and Spatial Pattern of Land-use/Cover Change in Dongjiang Region Based on Geographic In-Formation System,ShiWei/Nanjing University,0/176
  29. Study on LUCC and Driving Force of Zaoyang Based on RS and GIS,LiFangFang/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/183
  30. Study on Land Use/Cover Change(LUCC) in the Region of Barenzhelimu Based on Rs and GIS Technology,HuCheng/Jilin University,1/149
  31. Study on LUCC and Soil Erosion of Small Catchment in Karst Area,WangWenBo/Beijing University,0/878
  32. The Evolution of Urban Landscape Pattern and Its Impact on Ecological Security in Shanghai,LiJuanJuan/Fudan University,11/2061
  33. Land Use/Cover Change in Ecologically Fragile Karst Areas,PengJian/Beijing University,18/1173
  34. The Processes, Mechanism and Environmental Effects of Land Use and Land Cover Change in Shanghai,MengFei/East China Normal University,15/1247
  35. Land Use/Cover Change and Its Environmental Effects in Sanjiang Plain in the Past 50 Years,LiuDianWei/Jilin University,12/1288
  36. Spatial and Temporal Changes of Soil Quality and Sustainable Utilization Evaluation in the Yellow River Delta,LiXinJu/Shandong Agricultural University,5/600
  37. A Study on Regional Evaportranspiration Model Based on Remote Sensing Method and Its Application in the West Jilin Province,WangLiMing/Jilin University,9/784
  38. Remote Sensing Imagery-Based Automated Land-Use Change Study,EdwardMatthewOseiJnr(AiDeHuaMaTaiAoSai)/Jilin University,0/1650
  39. Research on Influence of Land Use/cover Change on Water Resource and Environment in Central Jilin Province,ZhaoFeng/Jilin University,11/1332
  40. Land Use/cover Change and Environmental Responses in Zhifanggou Catchment in the Past Century,WenZhongMing/Northwest University of Science and Technology,4/649
  41. Land Use/Cover Change and Establishment of Its Ecological Security Pattern in Typical Areas of Yongding River Watershed,ZhangYuHu/Xinjiang University,5/1449
  42. Fujian land use / cover change and its spatial and temporal Variation of Regional Ecological Security Evaluation,ZuoDeHua/Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,3/684
  43. The Effect of Land Use/Cover Change on Vegetation and Soil Carbon/Nitrogen Storage in Daqing Region,YuBing/Northeast Forestry University,2/625
  44. The Research on Land Use/land Cover Change and Soil Organic Carbon Pool in Baicheng City during 1890~2029,MaoZiLong/Jilin University,8/749
  45. Assessment of Ecological Security in ’One-hour Economic Circle’ of Chongqing Municipality,WangSan/Southwestern University,3/498
  46. Hubei land use / cover change and its impact on the natural environment elements,ChenFengYun/Huazhong Agricultural University,5/820
  47. The Research of Land Ecological Risk Assessment Based on Special Information Technology,LiuYong/Shanghai University,2/733
  48. Study on Land Use Dynamic Evolution Simulation of the North Branch of Yangtze River Estuary,CaoMin/China University of Mining and Technology,2/633
  49. Influence of Land Use/Land Cover Change on Land Surface Temperature in Chongqing Center District,PengZheng/Southwestern University,5/522
  50. Beijing based on RS and GIS land use / cover change,LiangChangXiu/Beijing Forestry University,25/2165

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