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  1. Aberrant Alterations of TIMP-3Gene in Insulinoma and Its Clinical Significance,ZhouChunYu/Beijing Union Medical College,0/12
  2. Functional Expression of A Proliferation-related and in Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Its Association with Loss of Heterozygosity,TangJie/Zhejiang University,0/6
  3. Loss of Heterozygosity at MFN2in HBsAg-positive and HBsAg-negative Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients,FengJiYe/Zhejiang University,0/16
  4. Loss of Heterozygosity of ZDHHC2Is Associated with Early Metastastic Recurrence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma After Liver Transplantation,ZhangZhiJun/Zhejiang University,0/8
  5. The Genetic Study of Tumor-suppressor Genes Related to Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Precancerous Lesions,RenPin/Fourth Military Medical University,0/52
  6. The Study of the Mechanism of Cisplatin-induced SCLC Acquired Multidrug Resistance,LiangLiFeng/Fourth Military Medical University,0/1
  7. Analysis of DNMT1Gene Polymorphisms and Loss of Heterozygosity in Sporadic Wilms’ Tumor,BaiRui/Tianjin Medical University,0/17
  8. Study on Statistical Methods for Cancer Genome Sequencing Data,HuaXing/University of Science and Technology of China,0/316
  9. Experimental Study of Loss of Heterozygosity and Imprinting of CDKN1C on Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma,BianZhiGang/China Medical University,0/121
  10. Study on the Genetic Mutations of Succinate Dehydrogenase in Pheochromocytoma,ZhouYaRu/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/91
  11. Germline Mutations in the RET Proto-oncogene and the Von Hippel-Lindau Disease Tumour Suppressor Gene in Phaeochromocytomas,ZhangJing/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/141
  12. Studies on the Features of Microsatellite Alterations and Their Clinicopathological Significance in Early Small Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Precancerous Lesions,DongHui/Second Military Medical University,1/244
  13. Studies of Tumor Suppressor Gene ING1 in Lung Carcinoma,LuoZhiGang/Second Military Medical University,0/179
  14. Differences in Loss of Heterozygosity at Chromosome 18q between Adenocarcinomas of Gastric Cardia and Distal Stomach,XuYan/China Medical University,0/79
  15. Integrated Analysis of Genomic Alterations in Human Pancreatic Cancer Using High-resolution Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Array,LinLianJie/China Medical University,0/213
  16. Study on the Differences of Clinicopathologic Data and Molecular Genetics between Multicentric Occurrence and Intrahepatic Metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma,WangJian/Tianjin Medical University,0/141
  17. Fine Mapping of the Regions with High LOH Frequencies and the Regions Related to Metastasis in Sporadic Colorectal Cancer and Filtrating of Candidate Genes,HuangLi/Fudan University,0/118
  18. The Value of Chromosomal Microsatellite Alterations in Molecular Staging and Prognosis Prediction of Hepatocellular Carcinoma,ZuoJinZhong/Fudan University,0/116
  19. Refined Deletion Mapping of Loss of Heterozygosity in Sporadic Colorectal Cancer,ZhengHaiTao/Shandong University,0/55
  20. Allelic Imbalance and Associated TSG Expression in Gastric Adenocarcinoma,WangBin/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/71
  21. Allelic Loss in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinomas from Northern China,HuangXiaoPing/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/40
  22. Impaction of Fragments of EBV, HPV and PTEN Tumor Suppressor on Genesis of Lung Cancer,ZhangLei/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/57
  23. Loss of Heterozygosity Analysis of Chromosome 9p13-23 in Microdissected Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma,XuXianFa/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/83
  24. Loss of Alleles on Chromosomes 3, 7, and 9 in Human Esophageal Carcinomas (EC),LiWanBo/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/37
  25. Human papillomavirus oncogene and tumor suppressor gene in cervical cancer cell and molecular biology research,ZhaoFuZuo/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/94
  26. Studies on the Molecular Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology of Esophageal Cancer from North China,LiWeiDong/Peking Union Medical College , China,2/109
  27. Differences in Loss of Heterozygosity between Adenocarcinomas of Distal Stomach and Gastric Cardia,ManXiaoHui/China Medical University,0/61
  28. The Studies on FHIT Aberrance and Immune Markers of Myoepithelial Cell in Breast Cancer,JingHongBiao/Third Military Medical University,0/119
  29. Comparison of Three Human Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines and Study on the Mechanism for Two Kinds of Mutation Colonies in TK Gene Mutation Assay,ShuaiPeiQiang/Sichuan University,4/90
  30. DNA Methylation in Primary Sporadic Ovarian Cancers,HongFanZhen/Shandong University,0/208
  31. The Research of Chromosomal Genomic Imbalance in High Recurrent Transitional Cell Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder,QiaoZhongJie/Fudan University,0/65
  32. Expression, Mutation and LOH of Gene ING1 in Sporadic Colorectal Carcinoma,WeiJianBao/Guangxi Medical University,0/82
  33. Refinement of High Heterozygosity Loss on Chromosome in Sporadic Colorectal Cancer,XuShiFeng/Fudan University,0/67
  34. Study of Loss of Heterozygosity and Mutation as Well as Influencing Factors of Expression of ING1 in Human Gliomas,MaYue/Tianjin Medical University,1/59
  35. Studies on Expression of Apoptosis and Its Related Genes in Nasal and Paranasal Sinus Neoplasm and Their Relationship with Clinical Characteristics,ZhangYanPing/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,0/109
  36. Alterations of the p14~(ARF) Gene in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and the Correlation of Its Expression with p16~(INK4a), p53 Protein,TianKaiHua/China Medical University,1/209
  37. Studies of Microsatellite Instability and TP53 Mutation in Gastric Adenocarcinoma by Laser Microdissection,XuJingHong/Zhejiang University,0/99
  38. Homozygous Deletion, Methylation, Expression and Microsatellite Instability of FHIT Gene in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma,YinDeTao/Zhengzhou University,0/105
  39. Study on the Novel Genes Related to Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma,HeGuang/China Medical University,0/124
  40. High incidence of esophageal cancer in Henan residents of heterozygosity of microsatellite DNA variation and proteomic research,AnJiYe/Zhengzhou University,1/90
  41. Study on hMLH1、p16、FHIT Gene in NSCLC,ZhangLiang/Tianjin Medical University,0/103
  42. Clone and Identification of Genes Related to Gastric Cancer,RenQun/China Medical University,0/132
  43. Abnormality of FHIT Gene and EBV Infection in Gastric Cancer,XuLei/China Medical University,0/52
  44. Study on the Abnormality of FHIT Gene and LOH of Gene MS on Chromosome 3p and Expression of FHIT, Survivin Protein in Bladder TCC,ChenLiXin/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/166
  45. Study about the Expression and Function of NDRG2 Gene in Breast Cancer Tissue and Breast Cancer Cell Line,LiNanLin/Fourth Military Medical University,0/238
  46. Differential Proteomics Analysis of Oligodendrogliomas with and without 1p LOH,YangLiuSong/Fudan University,0/125
  47. Study of Tumor Suppressor Gene Promoter Hypermethylation and Microsatellite Instability in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma,ZuoZuo/Fudan University,0/250
  48. Clonal Origins of Multiple and Recurrent Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Detection of Microsatellite Loss of Heterozygosity: Diagnosis and Clinical Significance,WangBin/Second Military Medical University,0/99
  49. The Study and Clinical Significance of Microsatellite Loss of Heterozygosity in Primary Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinomas and Recurrence of Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinomas,CuiChaoYang/Shandong University,0/44
  50. Genetic Alterations in Focal Nodular Hyperplasia, Hepatocellular Adenoma and Carcinoma Demonstrated by Loss of Heterozygosity Analysis,CaiYiRan/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/39

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