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  1. Study on Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic Performance of Ni Based on Mesoporous SiO2Methanation Catalysts,ZhangJiaYing/East China University of Science and Technology,0/95
  2. Study on the Preparation of Mesoporous MCM-41Molecular Sieve and Its Adsorption Properties,SunQiYuan/Liaoning University of Technology,0/29
  3. Studies on Modification of Mesoporous MCM-48and Its Performance of the Separation and Preconcentration for Precious Metals,MaoYanFen/Xiangtan University,0/35
  4. Preparation of HMS-based Chemosensor for Detection of Mercury Ion in Aqueous Media,ZhangNa/Dalian University of Technology,0/42
  5. The Synthesis of Hexagonal Mesoporous Silica(HMS) and Its Performance for Desulfurization,ZengNa/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/41
  6. Synthesis and Characterization of MCM-41Mesoporous Molecular Sieves,WangHuanLong/Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology,0/180
  7. The Low-temperature, Gas-phase, Seletiveoxidation of Benzyl Alcohol over Composite Modiifed HMS Molecular Sieves,ZhangXueJu/Qiqihar University,0/53
  8. Preparation,Characterization and Catalytic Properties of Mesoporous Molecular Sieve Modified by A1and Zr,LiFeng/Qiqihar University,0/86
  9. Catalytic Performance of the Organotin Graftted on SBA-15Mesoporous Molecular Sieves,ZuoZhiLe/Qiqihar University,0/90
  10. Studies on Preparation of New Solid Base Catalyst and Its Preformance to Transesterification of Soybean Oils,FanMingLiang/Henan University of Technology,0/90
  11. Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Performance of Silica-based Mesoporous Molecular Sieves in Selective Oxidation,WangZuoLing/Lanzhou University,1/348
  12. Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Performance of Modified Mesoporous MCM-41 Molecular Sieves,XuJunQiang/Sichuan University,2/1497
  13. Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Micro-Mesoporous Composite Aluminosilicate Molecular Sieves,SongChunMin/China University of Petroleum,0/1314
  14. Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Mesoporous Molecular Sieves Templated by Block Copolymers,YuChengZhong/Fudan University,11/1562
  15. Mesoporous molecular sieve preparation , characterization and application,GaiLiGang/Shandong University,5/1089
  16. Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrothermal Stable Mesoporous Molecular Sieves and Functional Mesoporous Oxides,LuoYongMing/Zhejiang University,1/803
  17. Synthesizing Mechanism of the Sort of MCM-41 Mesoporous Molecular Sieves and Their Property at Absorbing Hg~(2+),WuXiuWen/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),5/659
  18. Mesoporous catalytic reaction of fatty alcohol ethoxylates,SongWeiMing/Dalian University of Technology,3/513
  19. Analysis and Simulation on Light Propagation Properties of Fullerenes and Mesoporous Materials,HanPeiDe/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/276
  20. Preparation, Structure and Property Studies of a Novel Polymer/Mesoporous Molecular Sieve Composite Materials,RunMingTao/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,2/611
  21. Studies on the Amorphous Ru-base Catalysts and Their Applications in the Hydrogenation of Ethyl Lactate,LuoGe/Fudan University,2/398
  22. Synthesis and Performance Studies of Mesoporous Materials with and Without Zeolitic Structure Units Templated by Mixed Surfactants,KongLingDong/Fudan University,2/463
  23. Functional Modification of Mesoporous Materials and Their Catalytic Performance,WangLiPing/East China Normal University,0/910
  24. A Study on Novel Synthesis Methods for New Titanium-containing Molecular Sieves and Their Catalytic Properties,LiuYueMing/East China Normal University,0/817
  25. Organically Functionalized Mesoporous Molecular Sieves Immobilize Metal Complexes: Design, Synthesis and Catalysis,YangHengQuan/Wuhan University,3/741
  26. Preparation and Catalytic Properties of Molybdenum Carbide and Nickel Phosphide Assembled in Mesoporous Molecular Seives,WuPingYi/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,1/429
  27. Study on Insulin Secretion, Ion Channel Activity and New Type of Adsorption Materials,HuangHuaYu/Lanzhou University,0/129
  28. Preparation and Characterization of Supported Metal Catalysts with Controlled Structure and Size,WangZhouJun/Tianjin University,2/224
  29. The Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Substituted MMS,ZongXianBo/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/239
  30. The Synthesis of Mesoporous Materials and the Encapsulation of Rhodamine B in Mesoporous Materials,ChenGuangYu/Jilin University,0/213
  31. Study on Synthesis and Surface Acidity of Nb-containning Zirconia Mesoporous Molecular Sieves,MaYun/Anhui University of Technology,0/113
  32. Study on the Preparation of Mesoporous Molecular Sieves with Ionic Liquid as Template and the Evaluation of Catalytic Activity,TaoLing/Wuhan University of Technology,1/300
  33. Oxygen Sensors Based on Fluorescence Quenching of Ru-Dppz Complexes,ZhangLi/Northeast Normal University,1/191
  34. Studies on Immobilization of Titanium Tartrate Complexes over the Supports and Catalytic Properties for the Epoxidation of Cinnamyl Alcohol with TBHP,LvAiXia/Hunan Normal University,0/85
  35. Synthesis and Application Study of Mesoporous Materials as a Novel Fiber Coating of Solid-phase Microextraction,MaZuo/Northwest Normal University,0/387
  36. Preparation of SnMCM-41 by Surface Organometallic Chemistry and Study of Its Performance for Hydroxylation Reaction of Phenol,XuHaiBing/Fuzhou University,2/264
  37. The Study on the Functionalizing and Modification of Mesoporous Material MCM-41 with the Complexes of Manganese and Iron,HuoYongQian/Northwestern University,2/236
  38. Synthesis of Mesoporous Molecular Sieves and Application as Supports of Cobalt Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis,LiYuan/Jinan University,1/243
  39. Hydrogen Storage Properies of Carbon Mesopore Loading LiAIH4,XuZhiHan/Jilin University,0/304
  40. Studies on Solubility and Adsorption of Hydrogen in Some Systems,WangNing/Tianjin University,0/205
  41. The Controlled-Struture of TiO2 Mesoporous Molecular Sieves and Its Application for Photocatalytic H2 Generation,WangFeng/Beijing University of Technology,0/475
  42. Study on Synthesis of Polymerized Rosin and Hydrogenated Rosin in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide,GaoHaiChun/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,1/136
  43. The Studies on Encapsulation of Mesoporous Materials and the Preparation of Hierarchical Porous Materials,WeiYuHong/Jilin University,1/345
  44. Study on the Treatment of Heavy-metal-contained Waste Water and Mephitis with MCM-41 Mesoporous Sieve,JinZuo/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),3/306
  45. Synthesis and Characterization of Mesostructured Alumino-phosphates under Nonaqueous Solvent,DuKaiFeng/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/205
  46. Studies on the Synthesis and Properties of Mesoporous Molecular Sieve MCM-41,AnQunLi/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,7/720
  47. Preparation and Catalytic Property or Isobutane-butene Alkylation of Zeolite Beta Molecular Sieve Loaded with Rare Earth Metal,RenDongMei/Northeast Normal University,1/150
  48. Improve Hydrothermal Stability of Mesoporous Materials,LiMeng/Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology,0/295
  49. Research on the Preparations of Porous Co3O4 and NiO and Their Supercapacities,ZhaoYu/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,0/374
  50. Study on Synthesis of Hydrogenated Rosin and Rosin Methyl Ester Using Mesoporous Molecular Sieve,LvXianFu/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,1/134

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