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  1. Metallogenic Study of Chaganhua Porphyry Mo Deposit in Inner Mongolia:Contribution of Subduction-modified Fertile Magma Source and Post-collision Extensional Tectonic Setting,LiuYiFei/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,0/192
  2. Geological-geochemical Characteristics and Genesis of Haoyaoerhudong Gold Deposit in Inner Mongolia,ZhengLiHong/Chang'an University,0/17
  3. The Analysis of the Surface Tectonic Characteristics and the Geodynamics Process of the Sulu Orogenic Belt,HuiRuoYu/China University of Petroleum Hua Dong.,0/19
  4. The Research of Xilinhot Fault Zone,Inner Mongolia,YuYang/China University of Geosciences,0/7
  5. The Crustal Evolution at the East Segment of the South Tianshan from Late Paleozoic,WangZuoPeng/Chang'an University,0/16
  6. The Material Composition,Structural Deformation and Geological Significance of Kobita Bea J Bai Bass Tao Paleozoic Accretionary Wedge,Qinghe County,Xinjiang,China,SunXiaoPan/Chang'an University,0/5
  7. Composition, Structural Characteristics and Geological Evolution of North Qilian Orogen (the Eastern) in Early Paleozoic,WeiFangHui/Chang'an University,0/20
  8. Magma Emplacement Mechanism of the Tiantangzhai Granites Implication for the Dynamical Evolution, North Dabie Orogenic Belt, China,DengXin/China University of Geosciences,0/24
  9. Metamorphism-deformation Analysises of the Qinling-Funiushan Tectonic Belt,RenShengLian/Hefei University of Technology,0/89
  10. The Origin of the Houshihushan Alkaline Ring Complex in the Yanshan Orogenic Belt and Its Tectonic Implications,WenXia/China University of Geosciences,0/27
  11. Tectonic Paleogeographic Pattern and Evolution of the Eastern Part of the Jiangnan Orogenic Belt,HanYao/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/28
  12. Study on Geological Characteristics and Genesis of Guoluolongwa Gold Deposit in Qinghai Province,WangGuan/Jilin University,1/132
  13. Research on Metallogenic Prediction and Key Technology of Mineral Dressing of South Songshugou Gold Deposit in Qinghai,XiaoXiaoLin/Chengdu University of Technology,0/33
  14. The Lithosphere Structure and Basin-Range Coupling in the Boundary Area of Tianshan Mountains and Tarim Basin,ZhaoJiongYang/Central South University,0/65
  15. The Mesozoic Tectonic-magmatic Evolution Process and Gold Metallogenesis in Chifeng-chaoyang Region, Northern North China Craton,FuLeBing/China University of Geosciences,1/603
  16. The Basic Characteristics and Evolution of Tectonomagmatic Complex Belt of the Gudong River in Eastern Jilin,ShiYi/Jilin University,0/15
  17. Structural Styles and Deformation Analysis of Zhuyangguan-Xiaguan Fault Belt,ZhangHuan/Hefei University of Technology,0/29
  18. The Gravity and Magnetic Characteristics of the Central Segment of the Qinling Orogen and Its Adjacent Area,LvShiLing/Northwestern University,1/133
  19. The Structural Analyze of Zhubalong-Mangkang Section in the Middle Segment of Sanjing Origenic Belt and Its Tectonic Implications,DingZuo/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,0/70
  20. Rsearch on the Geological Characteristic and Tectonic Attribute of the Mesoproterozoic to Early Paleozoic Metamorphic Rock, East Segment of East Kunlun Orogen,ChenYou/Chang'an University,0/73
  21. The Regional Tectonic Characteristic and Their Evolution of Niukong Lvchun Region Yunnan Province,LiaoJia/Chengdu University of Technology,0/102
  22. Studies on the Mineralization System of Large Ore-cluster Areas in Qinling Orogenic Belt,YangZongRang/Chang'an University,0/199
  23. Sedimentary Characteristics of the Shuangqiaoshan Group in Northwest Jiangxi and Its Tectonic Palaeogeography,JiangXianQiang/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/20
  24. Studies of Geochronology and Geochemistry of Paleozoic Magmatism in XiLinhot Area, Inner Mongolia,ZhouWenXiao/China University of Geosciences,1/349
  25. Petrology of Early Paleozoic Granites and Their Relation to Tectonic Evolution of Orogen in the North Qinlian Orogenic Belt,QinHaiPeng/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,0/375
  26. Studies on Geological Characteristics and Forming Age of Southern Xiangjia Mountain Granitic Pluton at East Section of East Kunlun Orogenic Belt,WangXueLiang/Chang'an University,1/65
  27. Research on the Magmatite and Its Metallogenic Tectonic Setting in the Shanyang-Zhashui Area, Middle Qinling Orogenic Belt,WuFaFu/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,0/141
  28. Geochronology、Geochemistry and Discussion of Geotectonics Evolution in Aobaote,Dong Ujimuqin,Inner Mongolia,WuJiangWei/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),2/143
  29. Geological Characteristics and Tectonic Evolution of Paleozoic Ophiolitic Mélange in the West Junggar,YangGaoXue/Chang'an University,0/129
  30. Geochemical Fields of Metallic Deposits in West Qinling,HeJinZhong/China University of Geosciences,1/841
  31. Magmatism and Regional Tectonic Evolution of Orogenic Belt,TongJinSong/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/670
  32. The Mineralization and Metallogenic Process of Orogenic Gold Deposits, Western Qinling Region,ZhangZuoHeng/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,5/764
  33. Studies on the Genesis of Dashui Superlarge Hematite Silicalite-Type Gold Ore Deposit in Gansu Province,ZuoShengHao/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,1/403
  34. Orggenic Processes of the Inner Mongolia-Yanshan Area in Eastern China during the Late Late Paleozoic-Mesozoic,WangZuo/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,4/360
  35. The Neoproterozoic Tectono-Thermal Events in the Eastern Qinling Orogen, and Their Geo-Tectonic Significances,ChenZhiHong/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,4/397
  36. Regional Minerogenetic Series, Tectono-Minerogenic Cycles and Evolution in the Qinling Orogen,WangPingAn/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,1/836
  37. Lithospheric Structure of Zoigê Basin-West Qinling Orogen and Its Geodynamical Process,WangHaiYan/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,0/285
  38. The Geological Components and Tectonic Evolution of South Tainshan, Xinjiang,ZhuZhiXin/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,9/978
  39. The Mechanic and Tectonic Evolution of Mesozoic Basins in Northwestern Junggar Orogenic Belt,LiZuo/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,2/561
  40. The Geologic, Geochemical Characteristics and Metallogeny of the Main Pb-Zn Deposits in South Tianshan Orogenic Belt,ZhangZhiBin/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/547
  41. Non-Smithian Strata in the Melange District of Eastern Kunlun Orogenic Belt,ZhangKeXin/China University of Geosciences,0/380
  42. Pb-Sr-Nd Isotopic Characteristics of the Early Cretaceous Mafic Rocks from Eastern China: The Contribution of the Lower Crust to the Mantle Source,LiQuanZhong/University of Science and Technology of China,0/569
  43. Meso-Cenozoic Evolution of Dabashan Foreland Basin-thrust Belt, Central China,LiZhiWu/Chengdu University of Technology,12/693
  44. Late Mesozoic Magmatic Intrusion Sequences Implication for the Transition of Tectonic Regimes, Central of the Dabie Orogenic Belt, China,XuHaiJin/China University of Geosciences,2/372
  45. Geological Setting and Metallogenesis of Lehua-Dexing Metallogenic Belt in Northeastern Jiangxi Province,LiuZhiYuan/Northeastern University,1/380
  46. The Structure and Evolution of Paleoproterozoic Lithosphere in Eastern Liaoning,ZuoZhiBo/Jilin University,0/119
  47. Metallogenesis and Mineral Resources Assessment in Eastern Kunlun Orogenic Belt,DingQingFeng/Jilin University,13/751
  48. East Qinling orogenic belt law of Henan section of gold mineralization and its formation mechanism,YangQunZhou/Central South University,3/475
  49. Paleoproterozoic Tectonic-Magmatic Event in Tonghua Area,LuXiaoPing/Jilin University,4/299
  50. A Study on the Structures and Evolution of the Juncture Area of Shanxi, Gansu Province and Ningxia Autonomous Region Since Paleozoic Time,ZhangJin/Institute of Geology of China Earthquake Administration,18/697

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