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  1. The Research of Histone H3K27Trimethylation and Acetylation Regulate the Development of Mouse Embryos,WangCaiHong/Anhui University,0/6
  2. Pluripotent and Function of Parthenogenetic Haploid Embryonic Stem Cells of Mouse,HeZhengQuan/Anhui University,0/1
  3. Establishment of Human Embryonic Stem Cells Line and Human Parthenogenetic Embryonic Stem Cells Line,LuZhenYu/Tianjin Medical University,0/45
  4. Biological Characteristics and Phylogeny Analysis of Two Haemaphysalis species,ChenXueJie/Hebei Normal,0/43
  5. Effects of TSA and5-Aza-Cdr on the Development of Porcine Parthenogenetic Embryo and Expressions of Releated Genes,KangYaYa/Northeast Agricultural University,0/39
  6. The Research on Transferred Cherry Gene Tan Sheep Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer,SunYi/Ningxia University,0/0
  7. Cloning and Expression Analysis of PLCζ Gene from Chinese Merino Sheep,HeZhiRui/Shihezi University,0/2
  8. Studies on the Fate of Mitochondria of Donor Cells in Goat-Bovine Inter-Specie Cloned Embryo,MaMiaoMiao/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/40
  9. Effect of C-type Natriuretic on Maturation and Parthenogenetic Development of Bovine Oocytes in Vitro,MengYongFang/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/0
  10. The Expression, Locatization and Function of Nlrp4e in Preimplation Mouse Embryo,ChangBo/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/36
  11. The Study of Parthenogenetic Embryonic Stem Cells Transplantation for Muirne Myocardial Infarction Therapy,LiuYi/Nankai University,0/89
  12. Studies Related to Somatic Cells Nuclear Transfer in Porcine,HuangYaQiong/Guangxi University,3/372
  13. Effect of Oocytes with Different Paternal Genetic Backgrounds on Development of Nuclear Transfer and Parthenogenetic Embryo,YanXingRong/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/218
  14. The Research on the Geographical Parthenogenesis of Rice Water Weevil, Lissorhoptrus Oryzophilus Kuschel,YangZuo/Zhejiang University,4/204
  15. Isolation of Parthenogenetic Embryonic Stem Cells Containing Genomes from Non-Growing and Fully Grown Oocytes and Establishment of Model of Muscle Damnification and Repair,ShaoHua/Inner Mongolia University,0/119
  16. Studies on the in Vitro Maturation of Oocytes and Vitrification of Human Embryos,FengGuiXue/Guangxi University,0/292
  17. Assisted Oocyte Activation Technology and Isolation,Culture of Embryonic Stem Cells,LuQun/Shandong University,0/468
  18. Studies on the Embryos Production Completely in Vitro and the Sampling Methods in Embryo-sex-identification in Bovine,ZhangJianXin/Shanxi Agricultural University,0/263
  19. Studies on Mouse Nuclear Transfer with Embryonic and Somatic Cells as Donors and Pronuclear Transplantation,ZhangGang/Shandong Normal University,0/308
  20. Studies on Reproduction and Development in Daphnia(Ctenodaphnia) Carinata,ZhangMingFeng/East China Normal University,1/321
  21. Studies Related to Parthenogenetic Activation of Buffalo Oocytes and Somatic Nuclear Transfer,YangSuFang/Guangxi University,19/275
  22. Parthenogenetic activation and adult somatic cell nuclear transfer in bovine,LiXueFeng/Northwest University of Science and Technology,34/408
  23. CLONED GOATS FROM ADULT SOMATIC CELLS BY NUCLEAR TRANSFER,GuoJiTong/Northwest University of Science and Technology,62/386
  24. Research on How to Overcome the Immune Barrier of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Transplantation,OuYangZuo/Central South University,0/299
  25. Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells into Definitive Endoderm on hEF Cells and Comparison of Normal and Parthenogentic Human Embryonic Stem Cells on Inducing Islet-like Cells,ZhouJing/Central South University,0/65
  26. Derivation of Neuroepithelial Progenitors and Dopaminergic Neurons from Human Embryonic Stem Cells,YuanDing/Central South University,0/149
  27. Study on Oxidative Damage of Embryos Cloned from Somatic Cell in Yanbian Cattle,YangYueChun/Yanbian University,1/137
  28. Effects of Energy Metabolism during Mouse Oocyte Aging and the Study on the Effects of Male on the Development of Mouse Embryo,MiaoDeQiang/Shandong Agricultural University,0/100
  29. The Research of Rabbit Somatic Nuclear Transfer with in Vitro Matured Oocyte,LiuYong/Shandong Agricultural University,2/177
  30. Porcine Somaric Cell Nuclear Transplantation and in Witro Fertilization Technology Research,MaHong/Northeast Agricultural University,0/168
  31. Change of Ca2+ Distribution of Parthenogenetic Embryo Induced by Parthenogenetic Activation and Expression of EGFR,WuYunQiQiGe/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/34
  32. WOW embryo culture method and its application,MaYeFei/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/109
  33. Study on Accessing Parthenogenetic Embryos by Mouse MI Oocytes,CiShuFeng/Southwestern University,0/90
  34. Studies on in Vitro Developmental Potential of Porcine Cumulus Cells Free Oocytes,ChenHua/Anhui Agricultural University,1/37
  35. Heterogeneous Embryos Reconstructed by Horse Somatic Cell and Bovine and Ovine Oocytes and Their Developmental Potential,LiBaoShan/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/51
  36. Cloned Sheeps from Adult Skin Fibroblast Cells,ZhangHongQin/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,2/54
  37. Protocol Optimization for Production of Porcine Cloned Embryos by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer,YangYu/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/182
  38. Establishment of in Vitro Culture System in Bovine Oocyte and Embryo,YinZhiMing/Northeast Agricultural University,1/110
  39. Effect of Heat Stress on the Cytoplasmic Maturation of Mouse Oocyte during in Vitro Maturation,WangJunZuo/Shandong Agricultural University,0/134
  40. Preliminary Studies on the Issues Related to in Vitro Ferlitization of Porcine Oocytes,LanZongBao/Guangxi University,1/195
  41. In Vitro Serum-Free Culture of Goat Oocytes and Parthenogenetic Embryos,WangGuoHua/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/85
  42. Effect of Hyaluronic Acid on in Vitro Maturation of Goat Oocytes and Parthenogenetic Embryo Development,JiangYongHai/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/68
  43. Apoptosis and Oxidative Damage in Parthenogenetic Bovine Embryos,ZhangZhiPeng/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/81
  44. The Influence of Granulose Cell on the in Vitro Maturation of Bovine Oocytes and Development of Early Embryos,WangYongSheng/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/141
  45. Parthenogenetic Activation and Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Embryo Reconstruction in Mouse,MaLiBing/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/80
  46. Factors Affecting the in Vitro Maturation of Buffalo Oocytes,HuBing/Guangxi University,1/67
  47. Studies on Nuclear Transfer Using Somatic Cells as Nucleus Donors in Mice,JiangXiaoMing/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/130
  48. In Vitro Mature and Pathenogenetic Activation of Porcine Oocytes,ChenXiaoYu/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/151
  49. Parthenogenetic Embryo Culture and Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer in Bovine,LiXiangChen/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/107
  50. Study on in Vitro Maturation and Parthenogenetic Activation of Sheep Oocytes,WangXuGuang/Xinjiang Agricultural University,11/83

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