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  1. The Research of Molecular Mechanism of Combined Effects of All-trans-retinoic Acid and Trichostatin A on Cervical Cancer Cells,ZhouHu/Anhui Medical University,,0/24
  2. The Association of Pparγ/RARs Signaling Pathway with Renal Interstitial Fibrosis in Ureteral Obstructiong Rats,LongYaoBin/Guangxi Medical University,0/36
  3. Neural Lesion in Fetal Rats with Retinoic Acid-induced Myelomeningocele and Fetal Surgery Experiment,BiYunLi/Fudan University,0/33
  4. Shh/BMP4Involved in Enteric Nervous System Development in Anorectal Malformations,ChenXinXin/Shanxi Medical,0/34
  5. The Study on Prevention of Paclitaxel Associated with All-trans Retinoic Acid on Allograft Angiopathy in Rats,ZhangJun/Fujian Medical,0/3
  6. The Effection of All-trans Retinoic Acid (ATRA) on the Expression of MCP-1and TLR-4in Intima Injury of Rabbit Carotid Artery Focus and Intima Proliferation,RenNa/Qingdao University,0/28
  7. Study on the Relationship and Functions of Fibrinogen and P-selectin in Atherosclerosis,ZhouBiRong/Anhui Medical University,,0/375
  8. Analysis of Gene Expression and Function in the Tongue of Retinoic Acid-Induced Cleft Palate by Gene-Chip Technology,WangZuoZuo/Dalian Medical University,0/7
  9. A Novel Function of Peyer’s Patches Eosinophils:Inducing the Differentiation of Naive T Cell into Regulatory T Cell via Retinoic Acid,ChenHongZuo/Zhejiang University,0/9
  10. The Influence of Retinoic Acid to Rat Alveolar Epithelial Cells Type Ⅱ Which Affected by Acrolein,ChengHangYuan/Lanzhou University,0/18
  11. The Study of Exogenous Retinoic Acid on Myocardial Cell Apoptosis,NieYuanYuan/Guilin Medical College,,0/21
  12. Role of RARα in Atra-induced Klf4Expression in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells,ShiJianHong/Hebei Medical University,0/57
  13. Stable Expression of Transcription Factor FoxA1 or FoxM1 Effects Cell Pluripotency and Differentiation Potential of Stem Cells,DongDiFei/Hunan University,0/44
  14. The Study on Neural Cells Differentiation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Induced by Retinoic ACID,MaLinLin/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/56
  15. Effects of Retinoic Acid on Proliferation Apoptosis and Myogenic Differentiation of C2C12Cell Lines in Vitro,LiuBo/Dalian Medical University,0/16
  16. Transcriptional Regulation of TopoⅡβ Gene Expression by Sp1during the Neuronal Differentiation of SH-SY-5Y Cells,GuoZuo/Hebei Medical University,0/43
  17. The Effects of Retinoic Acid on the Expression of Germ-cell Associated Genes and Cell Cycle in Rat Adipose-derived Stem Cells,DuanFuHua/Southern Medical University,,0/52
  18. Retinoic Acid Receptor Beta Mediates the Facilitation for Mesenchymal Stem Cells Neuronal Differentiation Induced by All-trans Retinoic Acid,GongMin/Chongqing Medical University,0/102
  19. The Expression of Foxp3、rorγt and Il-17 in Guinea Pig, s Lung Tissue with Emphysema and Underlying Meaning,ChenHui/Shanxi Medical,0/44
  20. Mechanisms and Correlation of Cleft Palate and Tongue Malformation Using Retinoic Acid-induced and Wnt5a Knockout Maxillofacial Abnormalities Models,CongWei/Dalian Medical University,0/20
  21. Establishing the Model of NTDs and the Reserch in Expression of the RARα and Hoxd4Gene,XiangNingBo/Central South University,1/37
  22. The Experimental Animal Study of NTDs Induced by All-trans Retinoic Acid in C57 Mouce,WuRong/Shanxi Medical,1/50
  23. Effect of All-Trans Retinoic Acid on Apoptosisi and Proteinuria of Adriamycin-Induced Nephropathy Mice,WangXiaoLi/Chongqing Medical University,0/91
  24. Controlled Clinical Observation of Compound Huangdai Tablet in the Intensive Therapy of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia,JiaoZhiZhen/Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/57
  25. Molecular Cloning of ALDH1A2, CYP26A1, C4-1Genes and Tissue Expression Characterristics in Goose,ZuoJun/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/2
  26. Basic Research of in Vitro Maturation and Cryopreservation of Canine Oocytes,LiangShuang/Yanbian University,0/14
  27. Regulation of Germ Cell Meiotic Initiation in the Embryonic Chicken,HeBin/Zhejiang University,0/111
  28. Study the Synthesis of All-trans Retinoids,ShenDongGuo/Hunan Normal University,0/73
  29. Molecular Cloning, Tissue-specific Expression of Retinoid X Receptors and Retinoic Acid Receptors of Lateolabrax japonicus,TongCaiHuan/Ningbo University,0/30
  30. Analysis and preliminary functional related gene expression in the nervous system,ZhouBin/Beijing Union Medical College,0/25
  31. A Study on the Configuration of Microwell Patterns and Differentiation Status on Secretion of VEGF and IL-8of SH-SY5Y Cells,LuoMeiRong/Chongqing University,0/8
  32. The Role of PEA3in Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition and the Raltive Mechanism,SuMin/Nanjing Medical University,0/68
  33. Study on Male Germ Cell Derived from Chicken Embryonic Stem Cell and the Generation of Transgenic Chicken,SunMin/Yangzhou University,0/95
  34. The Experimental Study of the Relationship between Retinoic Acid Receptor Beta and Prostate Cancer,RaoJianMing/Central South University,0/80
  35. Attenuated GJIC in Endometrial Stromal Cells Involvement in the Pathogenesis of Endometriosis and the Regulation of GJIC in Stromal Cells from Endometriotic Lesions and Endometria with Endometriosis by ATRA,LiuZhiNeng/Chongqing Medical University,0/105
  36. Study on the Effect and Mechanisms of Early Vitamin a Nutrition on Learning and Memory Function in Rat,HuangHongMei/Chongqing Medical University,0/414
  37. Hearing Loss Induced by Electrode Insertion Trauma: Mechanisms and the Effect of Retinoic Acid in Inner Ear,Liu/Shandong University,0/44
  38. The Role of Dimethylarginine Dimethylaminohydrolase in Differentiation and Anti-apoptotic Effect of Durg in PC12 Cells,WangShan/Central South University,0/104
  39. Empirical Study of MeJA Antihepatocarcinoma Effect and Its Mechanism,LuYongGang/Kunming Medical College,0/266
  40. The Study on the in Vitro Model of Human Epidermal Melanocytes and Keratinocytes Co-culture System and on the Effects of 11 Compounds on Pigmentation,JieShiHai/Peking Union Medical College , China,5/302
  41. HCF-1 and the molecular mechanism of regulation of cell cycle , NSPc,YueJiPing/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/123
  42. Effects of Retinoic Acid Related Gene JWA on Function of Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells in Vitro,ChangCheng/Third Military Medical University,0/35
  43. Relationship between Wnt Signaling Pathway and Neural Tube Defects Induced by Excess Retinoic Acid in Mouse,ZhangYanPing/Shandong University,0/251
  44. Synthesis N-Perfluoroalkylethyl-substituted Oxadiazole, Triazole and Its Application of Quasiracemic Synthesis,JiangLiHui/Hunan University,0/260
  45. In Vitro Study on the Differentiation Mechanism of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Cells Induced by Tanshinone ⅡA,WuXueQiang/Sichuan University,0/194
  46. Role of Wnt/β-catenin Pathway in the Differentiation of Rat Embryonic Stem Cells into Neurons,ZhongDeJun/Sichuan University,0/562
  47. Mechanism of Retinoic Acid and Mitogen-activated Protein Kinases Regulating Hyperoxia Lung Injury,LiWenBin/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/116
  48. Mechanisms of Skin Diseases Associated with Arsenic and Antagonistic Effects of Retinoic Acid,BiXinLing/Second Military Medical University,0/152
  49. Effects of All Trans Retinoic Acid on Growth and Cx43 Gene Expression of Retinoblastoma Cells,LiLi/Central South University,0/127
  50. Study on Transcription, Induce Transcription and Eukaryotic Expression of Porcine RBP4 Gene,ZhangDongJie/Northeast Agricultural University,7/170

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