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  1. Investigation on Co-Zn Interfacial Reaction and Phase Equilibria of the Zn-Co-Al/B Ternary System,ChenZhu/Xiangtan University,0/15
  2. The Studies of Fe-Al-Zn Ternary Systems by Mechanical Alloying,LiLanYing/Guangxi University,0/26
  3. Phase Relations and Interfacial Reactions of Cu-Ni-Ti Ternary System,ZhangHang/Central South University,0/6
  4. Isothermal Section of the GD-MN-SI Ternary System at500℃,XuYaoPing/Guangxi University,0/24
  5. Study on Phase Equilibria of the Nb-Ni-Ti Ternary System at High Temperature,LanZhiYu/Northeastern University,0/2
  6. Investigation on Phase Equilibria of the Fe-Ai-Sb Ternary System,HouTian/Xiangtan University,0/27
  7. The Phase Diagrams of Ternary System for Metal Silicide,JiangWenPing/Guangxi University,0/30
  8. Study on the Separation Process of Methanol+acetonitrile+benzene System,ZongLiLi/Hebei University of Technology,0/20
  9. Thermodynamic Assessment of Fe-Bi-Ce and Sn-Cu-Ce Systems,LiJuan/Central South University,0/9
  10. Investigation on Phase Equilibria of the Zn-Co-Ni Ternary System and the Effect of Co and Ni in Zinc Bath on the Galvanized Coating,WangZhanHui/Xiangtan University,0/8
  11. Isothermal Section of the Er-Co-Al Ternary System at500℃,LiuChen/Guangxi University,0/30
  12. The Isothermal Section of the Ce-Si-Zr and Er-Si-V Ternary System,YangWenChao/Guangxi University,0/57
  13. Chiral Molecular Recognition Based onβ-cyclodextrin Ternary System,RenYanFang/Shanxi University,0/92
  14. Research of Relationship between Micro Structure and Properties for Self-leveling Mortar,LiHaiNan/Henan University,0/106
  15. Modification of Porous Membranes by Blending with Triblock Copolymers PEG-PB-PEG,WangZuo/Zhejiang University,0/192
  16. The Study of Preparation,Characterization and Associated Phase Diagrams of Engel Double Salt Crystal,ZhangZuo/Zhengzhou University,0/23
  17. Experimental Research of the Candidate Material of the Earth’s Outer Core by Shock Wave,HuXiaoJun/Wuhan University of Technology,1/34
  18. Structure and Properties of Perovskite-type Ferroelectric Solid Solutions Near the Morphotropic Phase Boundary,PanJinSong/Tsinghua University,0/542
  19. Studies on Pharmacokinetics of Sustained-Release Pellets of Clamthromycin, Clamthromycin Citrate and Cyclodextrin Complex,ZhangXiangRong/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,1/536
  20. Investigation on Phase Equilibriums, Phase Transformation and Diffusion at Low Cu Side in Al-Zn-Cu Ternary System,RenYuPing/Northeastern University,1/441
  21. Fundamental Study on the Supercritical Fluid Assisted Devolatilization of Polymers,WuJiaLong/Zhejiang University,1/161
  22. Defect and External Pressure Effects on the Physical Properties of Some Typical Materials,LiuZhiMing/Jilin University,0/212
  23. The Isothermal Section of the Gd-Fe-Sb Ternary System at 773K,CuiXueHong/Guangxi University,0/41
  24. The Isothermal Section of the Dy-Fe-Sb Ternary System at 773K,ZongBo/Guangxi University,0/42
  25. The Isothermal Section of the Gd-Ge-Sb Ternary System at 773K and the Crystal Structure and Thermal Expansion Behavior of CuSb2Ti5,LiuHongZuo/Guangxi University,1/62
  26. Cr - Ni -Ti , Fe - Ti -Si and Co-Fe-Ta alloy phase diagram of the ternary,TanYongHeng/Central South University,2/168
  27. The Isothermal Section of the Phase Diagram of the La-Ni-Cu Ternary System at 673K,MaFengQuan/Guangxi University,0/24
  28. The 600℃ Isothermal Section of the La-Ni-Cr Ternary System Phase Diagram and the Electrochemical Property of LaNi4.7Six Cr0.3-x Alloys,LvJunXia/Guangxi University,0/43
  29. Study on the Phase Diagrams of Fe-Pb-Sb and Nd-In-Sn Ternary Systems and on the Cystal Structures of Some Compounds,SunZhiHui/Guangxi University,0/70
  30. Ternary optical computer key components,YanJunYong/Northwestern Polytechnical University,0/69
  31. Preparation and Properties of montmorillonite based nanocomposite ER fluid materials,XiangLiQin/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/116
  32. The 500℃ Isothermal Section of the Phase Diagram of Fe-Ho-Sb Ternary System,ZhaoHongQuan/Guangxi University,0/39
  33. Study on the Phase Chemistry Reaction between CsCl/CdCl2 and Rare Earth Chlorides Reacting in Hydrochloric Acid Solution,LiLi/Shaanxi Normal University,0/68
  34. The Isothermal Section of the La-Fe-Sb Ternary System at 773K,WangLiNa/Guangxi University,0/73
  35. The Isothermal Section of the Phase Diagram of the Al-Pr-Sb Ternary System at 500℃,LiaoJiangPing/Guangxi University,0/27
  36. The Isothermal Section of the Er-Mn-Nd and Pr-Fe-Sb Ternary System at 773K,LiuWenJun/Guangxi University,0/36
  37. Study on the 773K Isothermal Section of the Nd-Fe-Sb Ternary System and on the Cystal Structure of Compounds FeDy6Sb2, NdFeSb3,QinPingLi/Guangxi University,0/38
  38. The 693K Isothermal Section of Cu-La-Sb Ternary System and the Cystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of Two New Re-Compounds,ZhangJiLiang/Guangxi University,0/41
  39. Au / Zr / Ti / C system thermodynamic calculation,LiZhiHua/Central South University,1/160
  40. Solidus under Ce-Co-Al ternary correlation coefficient and Ce_2Co_ (15-x) Al_ (2 x) crystal structure and magnetic properties of the compound,ZhouFuFang/Shantou University,0/43
  41. Study on Phase Equilibrium and Interdiffusion Behavior in the Low Cu Part of the Al-Zn-Cu Ternary System,LiuYuXiang/Northeastern University,0/124
  42. Study on the Phase Diagrams of Cr-Pb-Sb, Er-Fe-Sb System and on the Cystal Structure of New Compounds,CaiGeMei/Guangxi University,2/73
  43. The 673K and 1123K Isothermal Sections (Partial) of the Phase Diagram of the Ce-Mg-Ni Ternary System,WangYanChun/Guangxi University,0/46
  44. Research of Some Systems Based on Pan-Boolean Algebra,QiuGuoTing/Wuhan University of Technology,5/104
  45. The Phase Behavior of Supercritical Fluid and Its Application in Coating Industry,LiuZuo/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,5/199
  46. Study on Hydroformylation of Propylene in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Critical Properties of Supercritical Systems,WuXiangYang/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,2/128
  47. Study on the Interaction between Supercritical Fluid and Solute, and on the Phase Behavior of Coating Matrix in Supercritical Fluid,XuJinLong/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,2/181
  49. La-Ni-Fe ternary alloy phase diagram 400 ℃ and 550 ℃ isothermal section,ZhuYanGuo/Guangxi University,0/33
  50. Study On the Equilibrium Solubility of Cesium Chloride-Fatty Alcohol (ROH; R=CH3-, C2H5-, C3H7-)-Water Ternary System and its Phase Relationship,MengMei/Shaanxi Normal University,0/61

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