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  1. The principle of free evaluation of evidence study,ZhengWeiMei/China University of Political Science,10/1253
  2. Perspective of Chinese government political parties Relations,NiuYuQing/The Central Party School,10/1527
  3. Third Sector and the Rule of Law,JiTao/China University of Political Science,4/1171
  4. Criminal constitutional perspective of,WeiJian/China University of Political Science,6/1115
  5. Administrative law principle of good faith Research,ZuoErBao/China University of Political Science,11/1594
  6. Company Law : Government Power and merchant interests of the game,JiangTiao/China University of Political Science,0/936
  7. University of transition rule of law,YaoJinJu/China University of Political Science,6/1023
  8. Functions of the ruling Social Integration,LuXiWang/The Central Party School,20/1251
  9. China's state-owned assets management system research,MaHuai/Central University for Nationalities,7/1696
  10. Modernity and the Cultural Spirit of Private Law,MaChangShan/Heilongjiang University,4/648
  11. Contemporary Chinese marriage changes in the rule of law ( 1949-2003 ),ZhouYouQiang/The Central Party School,10/1861
  12. The feudal study contemporary Chinese society,ZhangZhuQing/The Central Party School,0/567
  13. Chinese police system modernization,MengQingChao/China University of Political Science,4/840
  14. Research cybercrime,ZhuoXiang/China University of Political Science,29/3765
  15. Warring States and the Criminal Law of the Age of Enlightenment Thought,AnBin/Southwest University of Political Science,1/434
  16. Study on the Legalization of the Government Culture Administration Behaviors,GuoYaJun/Jilin University,2/1114
  17. Essay on Independence of Judges,YangZongRen/Jilin University,2/1554
  18. The criminal proceedings modern research,XuShenJian/China University of Political Science,1/527
  19. From tax despotism to tax constitutionalism,FanLiXin/Xiamen University,5/1313
  20. On the State Coercion in Corporate Law,DengHui/China University of Political Science,21/1284
  21. The comprehensive development of the rule of law and human,ChenLiLong/Hunan Normal University,3/1137
  22. Choice of system - the road of socialist rule of law to explore the interaction between state and society,LiYanPing/Tianjin Normal University,4/714
  23. Chinese Communist Party way research,ChangChao/Northeast Normal University,2/702
  24. Comparative Study of Chinese and Western government budget,YuanXingHou/Xiamen University,28/3524
  25. Outline of tax law,ZhengJiangPing/Xiamen University,5/757
  26. Constitutionality System,LinGuangHua/Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,9/2446
  27. A socialist country ruled by law and political power relations,ZhongAiJun/The Central Party School,4/916
  28. Transition of Chinese Communist Party,LiuYongYan/The Central Party School,2/550
  29. Socialist Legalization,ChenZhangLe/The Central Party School,5/895
  30. Theoretical thinking of building the party and government relations with Chinese characteristics,WangLei/The Central Party School,5/727
  31. Power analysis of criminal policy,QuXinJiu/China University of Political Science,36/1928
  32. The basis for the rule of law of the state-owned enterprises reform of property rights,LuoZhiXian/The Central Party School,1/368
  33. Rule of law under the conditions of Chinese Communist Party,ZhangXiaoYan/The Central Party School,1/893
  34. Research on the Acceptance of Law in Contemporary China,YeLiZhou/Jilin University,3/402
  35. Study on the Conflicts and Evolution of the Rule by Man and the Rule of Law in the Contemporary Chinese History,ZhengShuFen/Jilin University,2/807
  36. Study on Construction of Law-governed State Generating Endogenously from Market Economy,LiangMuSheng/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/384
  37. On the Historical Transformation of Shanghai Law Society,MuZhongJie/East China University of Political Science,0/183
  38. Law Critique on Environmental Ethics Reflection on the Research Route of Environmental Law of China,GongGu/Ocean University of China,3/910
  39. Protection of private property rights in the socialist market economy under the conditions of problem,HuiJianLi/Shaanxi Normal University,0/497
  40. Party regulations of the Communist Party of China,LiJun/Fudan University,1/356
  41. Study on Political Philosophy of Huang-Lao School,WangHaiCheng/East China Normal University,0/378
  42. Govern the Work by Law,WuTong/East China Normal University,0/403
  43. Michael Oakeshott political outlook,ZhaoZuo/The Central Party School,2/181
  44. On the democratic remedy the mistakes of the rule of law,ZhangXiaoLei/The Central Party School,0/266
  45. Research on Legal System of Civil Service Performance in Modern China,QinTao/Wuhan University,1/571
  46. The petition system research in the relations between the party and the masses Perspective,LiNa/The Central Party School,5/1054
  47. The Study of Building the Socialist Legal System with Chinese Characteristics,LiZuo/Northeast Normal University,2/965
  48. Research on Juridification of Accountability Power,WangPing/Suzhou University,1/329
  49. The rule of law function of civil society organizations,LvZhenQian/The Central Party School,1/633
  50. Research on the Legalization of Administrative Decision-Making,LuJianFeng/Lanzhou University,1/1033

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