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  1. Purification, separation of Chinese Italy bee bee venom peptide structure identification, activity assay and solid phase synthesis of,MengYou/Beijing Union Medical College,0/82
  2. Construction of Label Free Aptamer-Based Biosensing Platform and Determination of Proteins,DengKun/Third Military Medical University,0/48
  3. Comparative Research of Murine Habu Snake Venom-induced Glomerulonephritis in Different Mouse Strains,WenJun/,0/13
  4. Study of the Efficacy and Mechanisms of Action of Naja Naja Atra Venom in a Mouse Model of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus,ZhuJiaLi/Suzhou University,0/32
  5. Research on cDNA Library and Proteome of the Tentacle from Jellyfish Cyanea capillata,LuJia/Second Military Medical University,0/8
  6. Gloydius intermedius (Gloydius intermedius) purification and bioactivity of snake venom serine protease GI-SP2,LiXuHui/Shaanxi Normal University,0/27
  7. Venomic and Biochemical Properties Study of Venom from the Spider Araneus Ventricosus,DuanZhiGui/Hunan Normal University,0/12
  8. The cDNA Library Construction and Identification of Toxic Protein in the Venom of Heteropoda Venatoria,LiangHaiYong/Hunan Agricultural University,0/1
  9. Simultaneous Protein Identification and Quantification in MS/MS Spectrum&the Designing and Testing of18O Labeling Quantitative Formula,ZhangWenLong/Hunan Normal University,0/0
  10. Differential Expression of PI3K/Akt/mTOR Signaling Pathway-related Cytokines in Mice with H22 Liver Cancer Proliferation Following Exercise and the Medicine Intervention,ChenZuoZuo/Hunan Normal University,0/0
  11. The Role of the Peripheral Acid-sensing Ion Channels in Bee Venom-induced Spontaneous Pain, Hyperalgesia, and Inflammation in Rats,LuYao/Liaoning Medical,0/4
  12. Effect of Sodium Hypochlorte (NaClO) on Toxicity of Naja naja atra Venom,GuoPengJu/Guangxi Medical University,0/18
  13. Isolation and Purification of Phospholipase A2from Guangxi Cobra Venom and Study Its Effects on Human Hepatocelluar Carcinoma Cell SMMC-7721,QiaoYuLi/Guangxi Medical University,0/35
  14. Experimental Study of Inhibitory Effect of Polypeptide Extract Scorpion Venom on Angiogenesis of HepG2Heptocecullar Carcinoma,LiXiaoHui/Jinan University,0/19
  15. Scorpion Venom Upregulated GDNF MRNA Expression in Hippocampus in Lithium Chloride-pilocarpine Induced Rat Status Epileptics Model,LiSuPing/Luzhou Medical College,0/42
  16. A Intial Exploratory Study of the Coagulation Dysfunction in Rats in Agkitrodon Acutus Venom-induced,HeHuaJin/Guangxi Medical University,0/36
  17. Therapeutic Potential of Naja Naja Atra Venom on Diabetic Nephropathy Model Rats,DaiGuiLi/Suzhou University,0/11
  18. The Effect of Hydrogen Sulfide on PGE2in Acute Lung Injury Rat Induced by Agkistrodon Halys Pallas Venom,XuFei/Nanhua University,2/15
  19. Change of Endogenous Hydrogen Sulfide/Cystathionine-γ-lyase System in Rats of Acute Lung Injury Induced by Agkistrodon Halys Pallas Venom,WangYun/Nanhua University,2/19
  20. The Regulating Action of Hydrogen Sulfide on Oxidative Stress in Acute Lung Injury Induced by Agkistrodon Venom in Rats,ZhangZuo/Nanhua University,0/1
  21. Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide on Inflammatory Factor in A Rat’s Acute Lung Injury Induced by Agkistrodon Jiang Zhe Venom,ZhouShu/Nanhua University,0/2
  22. Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide on Pulmonary Surfactant in Acute Lung Injury Induced by Agkistrodon Venom in Rats,HeYuSi/Nanhua University,0/2
  23. The Role of Hydrogen Sulfide on Apoptosis in Rats of Acute Lung Injury Induced by Agkistrodon Venom,YaoZuoYi/Nanhua University,0/3
  24. Scorpion Venom Component Ⅲ Inhibits Human Leukemia Cell Proliferation and Its Mechanism,SongXiangFeng/Zhengzhou University,0/43
  25. Identification of Major Protobothrops Mucrosquamatus Venom Allergens Using Immunoproteomics and Mass Spectrometric Approaches,HuYuJing/Nanjing Medical University,0/26
  26. The Correlation between Myocardial Injury and Expression of NT-proBNP、TNF-α on Myocardium Tissue of Mice Induced by Agkistrodon Halys Pallas Venom,LiZhaoBing/Nanhua University,0/10
  27. A New Animal Model of Trigeminal Neuralgia Produced by Administration of Cobra Venom to the Infraobital Nerve in the Rat,AnJianXiong/Central South University,0/3
  28. Evaluation of Brain Induced Pain by Open Field Test,ZhangJiaRui/Fourth Military Medical University,0/74
  29. Experimental study of neurotransmitters in the hippocampus in MCI rats and the change of Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction, the Svate-3 and NGF functions,ZhangZuo/Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/14
  30. Study on Inhibitory Effect and Mechanism of PESV on Human Ovarian Cancer Cell Line SKOV3,ZhangZuo/Jinan University,0/25
  31. Antithrombotic Effect of Agkistrodon Acutus Venom by Oral Administration,LinZhongYue/Fujian Medical,0/11
  32. Protective Effect of Gloydius Brevicaudus Venom Plasminogen Activator Against Cerebral Ischemia/reperfusion Injury in Mice,CaiJingBin/Fujian Medical,0/5
  33. Effects of Naja Naja Atra Venom (NNAV) on the Proliferation and Apoptosis of a Human Keratinocyte Cell Line HaCaT,ChengLiFang/Fujian Medical,0/7
  34. Molecular Cloning and Characterization of a Venom Phospholipase A2 from the Bumblebee Bombus Ignitus,XinZuo/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,0/19
  35. Isolution Identification and Fuction of Anti-tumor Activity Compontents Guangdong Cobra Venom (Naja naja atra),LiFengJun/South China University of Technology,0/6
  36. Expression of Scorpion Analgesic Peptide Ⅳ and Its Analgesic Activity Contrast,ZhangXi/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,0/21
  37. Detoxification and removing blood stasis in treating chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and Blood Stasis Toxin stagnation syndrome clinical observation,SuiJuan/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/98
  38. The Efficacy of Anti-Rheumatoid Arthritis Actions of Naja Naja Atra Venom and Underlysing Mechanisms,ZhuKouZhu/Suzhou University,0/100
  39. Proteomic Analysis of Honeybee Venom,LiRongLi/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/6
  40. Toad venom injection control pigs infected with pathogenic Escherichia coli (white scour of piglets) experimental research,YangKai/Guangxi University,0/40
  41. Nature of Venom from Scleroderma Sichuanensis Xiao(Hymenoptera:Bethylidae) and Its Effects on Paralysis and Physiology Regulation of Tenebrio Molitor L.(Coleoptera:Tenebrionidae),ZuoHuan/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/18
  42. Isolation and Identification of Parasitism Related Genes form Meloidogyne Incognita and Rna Interference Research,WangZuo/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/131
  43. Identification of Venom Proteins from Nasonia Vitripennis and Functional Analysis of PACIFASTIN and KAZAL Type Genes,QianZuo/Zhejiang University,0/5
  44. Analysis of Venom Proteomics and Four Venom Protein Physiological Functions in Pteromalus Puparum,WangLei/Zhejiang University,1/46
  45. Purification and Characterization of PLA2from Gloydius Ussuriensis Venom,ZhangHui/Jilin University,0/40
  46. Expression and Optimization of Kallikrein from Agkistrodon Halys Pallas Snake Venom Using a Wheat Germ Cell-free Protein Synthesis System,WangYunPeng/Tianjin University,0/25
  47. Gene Cloning and Expression of Toxins from Two Spiders,LiBin/Central South University,0/31
  48. Soluble Expression and Characterization of Bovine Prochymosin and Snake Venom Thrombin-like Enzyme,YinMaoLu/Dalian University of Technology,0/28
  49. Gloydius intermedius (G.intermedius) expression of snake venom serine protease GI-TLE1 yeast,ZhangHongLi/Shaanxi Normal University,0/35
  50. Gloydius intermedius (Gloydius intermedius) purification and biological activity of isolated venom phospholipase A_2 neurotoxin,MaZhaoRui/Shaanxi Normal University,0/44

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