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  1. Study of Dong Zhian’s Literary Philology of Pre-Qin and Han Dynasties,SuJinXia/Northeast Normal University,0/1
  2. The Study about Wang Mo,WangRuoXi/Northeast Normal University,0/53
  3. SongMinQiu "The Chang-an Record "Lead Book to Analyse,WeiXiE/Northeast Normal University,0/56
  4. The Research on Mythological View of Pre-Qin Confucianism,LiuShuHui/Northeast Normal University,0/37
  5. The Research about Origin and Related Issues of the School of Logicians before Qin Dynasty,GaoLei/Northeast Normal University,0/59
  6. The Study of the Philology Achievements about Wang Xinfu,SongWeiHong/Northeast Normal University,0/1
  7. Summary on China’s Historical Chronology since1950,WuBiDan/Northeast Normal University,0/65
  8. A Study of Hui Zhu Lu by Wang Mingqing,ShiJia/Northeast Normal University,0/0
  9. Texual Research and Quotations’ Collecting of Diwangshiji,WuXiYu/Northeast Normal University,0/3
  10. The Research on The Book of Songs of Sun Zuoyun,LuZuoZuo/Northeast Normal University,0/1
  11. Cheng Qianfan and the Study of Song Poetry,WangShanShan/Northeast Normal University,0/1
  12. The Research on Literature of Southern Dynasty Royal,YuOuYang/Northeast Normal University,0/5
  13. On the Canal Poetry of Gongzizhen,DongLiMei/Northeast Normal University,0/33
  14. The Discuss on the Lie Zi Studies,YangFuJun/Northeast Normal University,0/90
  15. Several Problems in the Research of CaoPi in the Past30Years,WangYang/Northeast Normal University,0/230
  16. The Research of the Literary Composition by the Banished during the Perished Song Dynasty,ZuoXueYing/Northeast Normal University,0/261
  17. A Study of the Philology and Mythology of Luo Mi’s Lu Shi,ZhuXianLin/Northeast Normal University,0/141
  18. A Study of Pre-Tang Dynasty Narrative Poetry,LiHongYan/Northeast Normal University,0/145
  19. Math and History: The Study on the Legend of Dayu,YangDong/Northeast Normal University,0/1129
  20. Manchu Shaman Myth Study,GuYing/Northeast Normal University,0/588
  21. Study on Encouraging Learning Proses of Ancient China,SongXiang/Northeast Normal University,0/87
  22. Chinese Mythology History in the First Half of the 20th Century,WangZuo/Northeast Normal University,0/111
  23. The Quote Book Study of Luomi’ LuShi,ZhuXianLin/Northeast Normal University,3/171
  24. Pan Jingzheng Literature Activity Research,LiPeng/Northeast Normal University,3/92
  25. Ding Fubao and Research "Earlier Estimates Lin",WangZhiGang/Northeast Normal University,0/145
  26. Gong Gong and His Document Data Study,ShenZuo/Northeast Normal University,0/187
  27. The Writings Research of the Yan Clan (Pre-Qin-late Tang),LiGuangLong/Northeast Normal University,1/147
  28. The Study of Huai Nan Zi in the 20th Century,YangDong/Northeast Normal University,5/399
  29. Clinical suspected trachoma , Chlamydia trachomatis infection in patients with a positive rate of Investigation and Analysis,ZhangYaoGuang/Jiamusi University,0/29
  30. The Research of the Origin of the World and the Explain of Instruments of the Sections of Creation,YuanZuo/Northeast Normal University,3/154
  31. The Studying of Acient Books about Wenxindiaolong,LiuJing/Northeast Normal University,1/332
  32. "The Annals of Zuo Translation" Expresses Doubts,MaXiuQin/Northeast Normal University,0/90
  33. 《Tong Dian·Ritual Standard·Lucky Ritual》 Study,ZhangYing/Northeast Normal University,1/181
  34. The Analects of Confucius and Its Spread in Han Dynasty,JiangHuanQin/Northeast Normal University,1/317
  35. The Study of LuQinli and "the Pre-qin and Han Dynasty Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties Poem",AnJing/Northeast Normal University,1/209
  36. A Survey on the Studies of the Analects in Wei and Jin,WangZuo/Northeast Normal University,0/247
  37. The Studying of Fu Sheng and the Commentary of the Book of Documents,GuYing/Northeast Normal University,4/311
  38. The Study of Myth and Legend of Partial Unearthed Documents,LiuShuHui/Northeast Normal University,0/342
  39. A Compilation and Research of Lu Lianzi,ZuoJiQing/Northeast Normal University,1/58
  40. Compiling and Comments on ZhangJunfang’s Jinshencuoshuo,GaoMingYue/Northeast Normal University,0/52
  41. The Study of Ancient Books Publishing of Zhong Hua Book Store on Half of the 20 th Century,QiLin/Northeast Normal University,0/140
  42. The New Mode Exploration of the Combination of Explicit and Implicit Education in College Students’ Ideological and Political Education,ShiBin/Dalian University of Foreign Languages,0/260
  43. The Latter Half of the Twentieth Century "Warring States" Studies,HeYing/Northeast Normal University,0/546
  44. Revises on New Oracle Bone Inscription Collection,LiYiMing/Northeast Normal University,0/188
  45. The Research on <Jin Shu· Building Biography>,JiaJingJing/Northeast Normal University,0/71
  46. The Research of Shi Kuang and 《Shi Kuang》,MaXinLi/Northeast Normal University,0/42
  47. On the Research of Version of Modern Text Bamboo Annals,Li/Northeast Normal University,0/34

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