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  1. Nation and Society: Research on the Vicissitude of City Management Organization and the Law System in Qing Dynasty,ZhouZhiQian/Sichuan University,3/1220
  2. Urban Development and Social Change of Gansu in Qing Dynasty,LiShiMing/Sichuan University,1/792
  3. Research on the Development of the Cities along Coastwise of Xiangjiang River and Changes of the Society (From the Middle of 17~(th) Century to the Early of 20~(th) Century),ZhangHeQing/Sichuan University,1/976
  4. The Research Development of the City in the Southwest Frontier,HouXuanJie/Sichuan University,1/1087
  5. Amalgamation under Segregation:,HuangDaYuan/Sichuan University,1/624
  6. The Research on Resource-based City of Qing Dynasty,LiuLvHong/Sichuan University,2/553
  7. Research of Scientific-Technological City in Internatinal View,ShenXiaoRong/Sichuan University,1/544
  8. The Urban Network and National Economic Development in the Modern Guangxi,ChenZuo/Sichuan University,9/789
  9. The Historical Evolvement of Urban Public Space,ZhouBo/Sichuan University,18/4599
  10. The Research of War and the Declined City in Modern China,CaiYunHui/Sichuan University,8/1133
  11. A Comparative Study on 20~(th) Century’s Beijing and Shanghai,QiuGuoSheng/Sichuan University,9/1780
  12. The Abnomal City Flower,MaJinLan/Sichuan University,1/328
  13. Inherit and Reform,LiShanYue/Sichuan University,0/183
  14. Qing Kunming City Folklore Research,WuChangGen/Sichuan University,0/267
  15. Social Culture Changes in the Western Sichuan Plain Ancient Town,LinNing/Sichuan University,0/266
  16. Research on the Traffic and City Development of Chengdu in the Qing Dynasty,ZhuJun/Sichuan University,2/317
  17. The Research on Wuchang City in the Qing Dynasty,LongShengChun/Sichuan University,1/259
  18. The Research on Nanchang Urban Economy Development and Reforming Process in Qing Dynasty,ZhangMin/Sichuan University,0/194
  19. The Transmutation of Changsha’s Urban Position in the Qing Dynasty,ChenSong/Sichuan University,0/206
  20. A Comparative Study on City’s Development of Chongqing and Chengdu of Qing Dynasty,ChenLi/Sichuan University,4/338
  21. The Research on the Administrtive System and Power of Provinces and Counties during 1927-1937 Period,LiShuFen/Sichuan University,1/369
  22. Study on the City Development of Kunming in Qing Dynasty,XuJianJun/Sichuan University,2/247
  23. The Research on the Development of Nanjing City in the Qing Dynasty(1644-1911),WenZuo/Sichuan University,1/329
  24. Studies on the Urban System of Ganjiang Basin in the Period of Ming and Qing,LuoXiaoHui/Sichuan University,0/249
  25. Traffic, Water Conservancy and Prospering and Fading of a City,XiMingWang/Sichuan University,0/562
  26. The Change of City Life of Guangzhou in Qing Dynasty Influenced by Western Culture,ChenLing/Sichuan University,2/558
  27. The Study of the Urban Structure, Functions and the Early Transformation in Yangtze River’s Anhui Region,ZhangLiang/Sichuan University,3/354
  28. The Research on the Economy of Xi’an in the Qing Dynasty,AnJunKe/Sichuan University,0/202
  29. The South Barrier of BeiJing: Research on the Development of Bao Ding City in Qing Dynasty, 1644-1911,ZhaoJinHui/Sichuan University,0/222
  30. The Medium-sized Cites and Their Regional Development Studies of South-northern Economical Zone of Sichuan Province,LuYun/Sichuan University,0/154
  31. Study on the Medium-sized Cities and the Regional Development in the Eastern and Southern Regions of Sichuan Province in the 20~(th) Century,ZhouLanLan/Sichuan University,0/149
  32. Study on the Medium-sized Cities and the Regional Development of Shanxi Province in the 20~(th) Century,LiYingTao/Sichuan University,0/244
  33. Study on the Development of Midium-Sized Cities and Regions of Xinjiang in 20th Century,PengRong/Sichuan University,4/379
  34. People’s Education Museum in Modern Times,MaoWenJun/Sichuan University,10/378
  35. A Research on Modern Industry and Urban Development,BaoChengZhi/Sichuan University,0/362
  36. Local Urban Security Management Study in Qing Dynasty,YangFaYuan/Sichuan University,3/441
  37. The Reconstruction of Chengdu City on Early and Middle Qing Dynasty,LiuQiao/Sichuan University,3/309
  38. On the Urban House and Land Transaction Management of Qing Dynasty,ZhuangLingJun/Sichuan University,2/335
  39. Study on Establishment and Planning Construction of Manchu City in Qing Dynasty,HuangPing/Sichuan University,3/412
  40. Qing city fire management research,DingXiaoShan/Sichuan University,5/431
  41. Qing Urban Public Health Management Research,GongXiaoXue/Sichuan University,8/619
  42. Qing royal activities and the rise of Chengde City,DengWenJing/Sichuan University,4/429
  43. Initiation and Development of Urban Planning in the Initial Stage of the People’s Republic of China (1949-1957),LiYiBin/Sichuan University,2/523
  44. The Vicissitudes of Urban Material Life in Initial Stage of the People’s Republic of China (1949-1957),ZhengYan/Sichuan University,1/432
  45. Study on the Strategy of Heavy Industry Priority Development and Industry City Development during the Initial Stage of New China,ZhouMingChang/Sichuan University,4/573
  46. The Research on the Development of Resources-based Cities (1949-1957),LvYong/Sichuan University,4/220
  47. Study of City Administration During Initial Founding Period of PRC (1949---1957),ChouJingHao/Sichuan University,3/475
  48. Study on the Urbanization Process, Cause and Characteristic in Early Days of the People’s Republic of China,FuChun/Sichuan University,2/430
  49. The Research on the Relationship between the Country and the City (1949-1957),ChenMing/Sichuan University,1/590
  50. The Development of the West Center-City at the Early Days of New China (1949-1957),LiaoAiMin/Sichuan University,0/222

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