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  1. The Research of Life Right Emergency Hedge,ShiLanHua/East China University of Political Science,0/98
  2. The Cognizance of Crime of Forced Transaction,PangYiChao/East China University of Political Science,0/64
  3. Duality Theory of Unit Crime and the Application of Punishment with It,WangLi/East China University of Political Science,0/44
  4. The Theoretical Study of the Calculation Standard of the Amount of Illegal Management of the Crime of Counterfeiting Registered Trademarks,HuXiaoZuo/East China University of Political Science,0/74
  5. A Study on the Quantitative Elements in New Types of Larceny,ZhangYiXian/East China University of Political Science,1/0
  6. Critical Survey and Re-proposed on the Identified Mode of 'Significant Losses' in Infringing Commercial Secrets Cases,ZhangXinXue/East China University of Political Science,0/76
  7. The Creation of a "Crime of Child Abuse" Criminal Law of China,DingDanQiao/East China University of Political Science,0/295
  8. The Research on Measurement of Penalty about the Crime of Drunk Driving,ZuoYiQun/East China University of Political Science,0/80
  9. Research on Three Problems of the Crime of Loan Fraud,XuYing/East China University of Political Science,0/32
  10. Study about Subjective Understanding of Quantitative Faxtor in Offenses against Property Crime,CaiZhengHua/East China University of Political Science,0/22
  11. Criminal Rules and Regulations on Evasion of Social Insurance Premiums,ZhuHaiFeng/East China University of Political Science,0/10
  12. The Study of Criminal Responsibility of Drug Addict,YuanZuo/East China University of Political Science,0/55
  13. Theft Crime Amendment of Criminal Law Application and Thinking,LiangYun/East China University of Political Science,0/88
  14. Incriminate Standard’s Integration of Unit Crime,ZhouYaLi/East China University of Political Science,0/113
  15. Talk about the Our Country Criminal Law on the Sex Crime of the Regulation and Perfect,LiuQingYun/East China University of Political Science,0/151
  16. Research on the Legal Issues of Drunk Driving as a Crime,ZhouJiZhou/East China University of Political Science,1/228
  17. Some Problems of Copyright Crime in Network and Criminal Law Research,HeJun/East China University of Political Science,0/119
  18. Criminal Law in the Qualification Penalty,OuYangJing/East China University of Politics and Law,6/168
  19. Research on Certain Unaccomplished Offences of Special Forms,LiWeiDong/East China University of Politics and Law,1/180
  20. The Criminal Judicial Policy of Severity Tempered with Gentleness in Traffic Accident Crime,LiuYi/East China University of Politics and Law,1/225
  21. Study of the Mafia-Style Crime in Judicial Practice,JiangXinWei/East China University of Politics and Law,2/307
  22. Research on Serval Patterns of the Crime of Appray,ZhaoHaiSheng/East China University of Politics and Law,1/209
  23. Discussing on the Employing Crime,LiuZuo/East China University of Political Science,2/203
  24. On Threat Behavior of Criminal Law,ZhuHongWei/East China University of Politics and Law,2/115
  25. Research on the Criminal Responsibility of the Members in Unit Crime,XiaoChaoWen/East China University of Politics and Law,1/119
  26. Study on Several Issues Regarding Crime of Bribe-taking (or Seeking) by State-owned Unit,LuoHao/East China University of Politics and Law,0/160
  27. Study on Litigation Fraud and Criminal Control Thereof,ZhengZuo/East China University of Politics and Law,7/559
  28. Rethinking on the Trend of Lightening Penalty on Functionary Criminals,LiuXiaoHui/East China University of Politics and Law,9/470
  29. Some Problems of the crime of affray,RuanKaiKai/East China University of Politics and Law,2/223
  30. Defects of the criminal law protection of our intellectual property and Reconstruction,LiNaiRong/East China University of Politics and Law,0/312
  31. On the object of property crime,YeZhiJian/East China University of Politics and Law,3/191
  32. Study on the crime owned assets,FangXuanCan/East China University of Politics and Law,0/110
  33. Study of the Concretizing of the Conviction Scope for Person of Relative Capability for Criminal Responsibility,BaiJiang/East China University of Political Science,2/281
  34. The Study of Several Problems in the Crime of Commercial Bribery,WangYan/East China University of Political Science,1/133
  35. Blank Description of Crime of Chinese Criminal Law,HeKuan/East China University of Political Science,1/190
  36. Think on Victim Factor in Criminal Law,BaoWenJiong/East China University of Political Science,2/267
  37. A Study on the Criminal Penalties Application in Economic Crimes Committed by Units,LiuZhiLong/East China University of Political Science,1/136
  38. Critical Evaluation of the Design of Criminal Penalty,JieHaiYan/East China University of Politics and Law,1/108
  39. Research on System Unit Offense,TianJun/East China University of Politics and Law,0/20
  40. Presumption of Fault in Criminal Law,YangZhen/East China University of Politics and Law,1/173
  41. On the Study of the Intersection between the Criminal and Civil Act in the Crime of Fraud,FuGuoFang/East China University of Politics and Law,2/220
  42. Research on the Crime of Loan Swindling,SuZhen/East China University of Politics and Law,1/130
  43. Analysis on Practical Issues Regarding Confession,BaiJingZuo/East China University of Politics and Law,2/240
  44. On Joint Bribery Crime,ZengTao/East China University of Politics and Law,0/115
  45. Embezzlement of public funds,YinCuiZuo/East China University of Politics and Law,0/98
  46. Rational communication of the statute and case law - criminal jurisprudence system path selection,ZuoYuLan/East China University of Politics and Law,1/163
  47. Reorganization and Application of the Approaches for Differentiating the Crime of Contractual Swindle from Merely Contractual Fraud,ChenSiQun/East China University of Politics and Law,2/295
  48. On the crime of smuggling ordinary goods, goods,SunLin/East China University of Politics and Law,2/287
  49. Of the Crime of Loan Swindling,TangJianFang/East China University of Politics and Law,0/166
  50. Criticism and Restructure of China’s Power Allocation of Judicial Interpretation of Criminal Law,ZengLin/East China University of Politics and Law,1/164

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