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  1. Penetration of life elements in high school physics class teaching exploration,XiangDong/Yangzhou University,0/107
  2. Survey of Consumption Habits of Drinking Water in Citizens and High School Students in3Cities,FangXiuJie/Hebei Medical University,0/4
  3. Sandstone Characteristics and Assessment of Palaeocene in Lishui Sag,LuoZhongQin/Ocean University of China,0/99
  4. High-resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Sendimentary Facies Research of the Fourth Member of Shahejie Formation of Weicheng Oilfield,ZhangYi/Ocean University of China,0/47
  5. High-resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the2nd Member of Shuangyang Formation in Moliqing Reservoir, Yitong Basin,LiJingZhe/Ocean University of China,0/31
  6. The Study of Sedimentary Characteristics and Reservoir Heterogeneity of the1st Member of Qingshankou Formation in the Hei96-123Block, Daqingzijing Oilfield,ZhangXiLong/Ocean University of China,0/58
  7. Research on3D Geological Modeling and Remaining Oil Distribution of Block Wei81in Weicheng Oilfield,LiWeiLu/Ocean University of China,0/53
  8. Analysis of Reservoir Forming Conditions and Exploration Potential in North Belt of Chezhen Sag,FanZhenFeng/Ocean University of China,0/23
  9. Teaching graduate difference in rural senior high school physics learning difficulty,XingJun/Yangzhou University,0/80
  10. The current high school students in liberal arts and science research on the learning solid geometry differences,WengQingFang/Hangzhou Normal University,0/3
  11. Study of Regular Script in Three Kingdoms and Jin Dynasty,WangGuangRui/Jilin University,0/111
  12. The Study On Buddhism Calligraphy of Yuan Dynasty,RongLongChao/Jilin University,0/126
  13. The Study of the Qing Dynasty Official Calligraphy,ChenJia/Jilin University,0/331
  14. A Study on the Calligraphy Literature of the Tang Dynasty,CongSiFei/Jilin University,0/440
  15. The Genotoxicity Monitoring and Risk Assessment of Water Environment in a Region,PanLiBo/Chinese Academy of Environmental Science,0/18
  16. Survey of Environmental Health in Some Rural Areas of Huaihe River Basin,ChenGuoLiang/Hebei Medical University,0/77
  17. Injection-production Mechanism of Underground Gas Storage Based on the Fractured Buried Hill Oil Reservoir,WangJieMing/Ocean University of China,0/13
  18. Fine Geological Model of the Neogene Shawan Formation in Chunguang Oilfield,WuJie/Ocean University of China,0/49
  19. Reservoir Fine Modeling Study on Mingyi Fault Block of Wenmingzhai Oil Field,LiShaSha/Ocean University of China,0/49
  20. Reservoir Characters and Intercalation Assessment of the Lower2nd and the Upper3rd Members of Shahejie Formation of Ming1Block, Wenmingzhai Oilfield,DongZiZuo/Ocean University of China,0/63
  21. Diagenesis and Reservoir Evaluation in Ⅻ Sand Group of the Third Member of Qingshankou Formation, Daqingzi Oilfield, Songliao Basin,ZhangPengHui/Ocean University of China,0/64
  22. Sedimentary Facies Analysis and Reservoir Geological Modeling of the Second Member of the Shahejie Formation in Li32Area,Lijin Oilfield,YaDongJu/Ocean University of China,0/68
  23. Study of the High-resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Microfacies in Ming1Fault Block of Wenming Village Oilfield,DaiYunJiao/Ocean University of China,0/83
  24. Cretaceous Facies Research and Reservior Evaluation in Chunfeng Oilfield,HuoXiaoMin/Ocean University of China,0/109
  25. Seismic Sedimentology Research on Sand Group Ⅻ of the3rd Member of Qingshankou Formation in Qianbei Area, Qian’an Oilfield,YuanYong/Ocean University of China,1/102
  26. Research on Seismic Sedimentology in the Chepaizi Uplift,ZhangMing/Ocean University of China,0/189
  27. The Numerical Investigation to Some Nonlinear Evolution Equations,LiLiuTao/Henan University of Science and Technology,0/35
  28. The Research on the Solutions and Their Properties to Some Differential-difference Equations in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics,LiuZhiGuo/Henan University of Science and Technology,0/35
  29. Several Nonlinear Evolution Equations of the Exact Solution,WeiPengBo/Henan University of Science and Technology,0/48
  30. Research on the Compilation of Yiwenleiju,HanJianLi/Jilin University,3/413
  31. A Study on Jing-Tu Literature and Compilation in Qing Period,YuHaiBo/Jilin University,0/172
  32. Study on Distributed Runoff-Sediment Coupled Model in the Middle Reaches of the Yellow River,JinZuo/Hohai University,1/449
  33. Hydrocarbon Accumulation of the Deep Reservoir in Huimin Depression,YangZiCheng/Ocean University of China,1/469
  34. The Research of Conditions for Hydrocarbon Accumulation of Kongdian Formation in Huimin Depression,SiXueQiang/Ocean University of China,2/388
  35. Sedimentary Facies and Oil-Gas Distribution Characteristics of the Silurian in Tarim Basin,LiuXiaoLin/Ocean University of China,4/670
  36. Southern Songliao Basin in shallow sedimentary evolution and hydrocarbon distribution,ZhangZuo/Ocean University of China,3/544
  37. Research of Influence Factors and Methods on the Gas Quantitive Detection in Drilling Fluid for Reservoir,WangYin/Shandong University of Science and Technology,0/100
  38. Study on Improving Recovery Factor by Horizontal Wells for Ultra Heavy Oil Reservoirs in the Western Depression of Liaohe Basin,QuTongCi/Ocean University of China,0/340
  39. Study on Improving Recovery Factor by Horizontal Wells for Ultra Heavy Oil Reservoirs in the Western Depression of Liaohe Basin,QuTongCi/Ocean University of China,0/64
  40. A Testing Technique for Single Hydrocarbon Inclusions and Its Applications,YangAiLing/Ocean University of China,0/155
  41. Real Time Evaluation on Physical Property of Reservoirs and Its Fluids in Deep Layer Clastic Rocks Jiyang Depression,DengMeiYin/Ocean University of China,0/140
  42. Integrated Evaluation and Exploration Targets Optimisationin Garmsar Block, Iran,ZhangBin/Ocean University of China,0/14
  43. Technology Research on Tertiary Reservoir Prediction in Jiyang Depression,ZhangYunYin/Ocean University of China,0/261
  44. Integrated Evaluation and Exploration Targets Optimization in Garmsar Block, Lran,ZhangBin/Ocean University of China,0/73
  45. A Research on Sanxitang Copybook for Calligraphy,ZhangDuoQiang/Jilin University,0/77
  46. Formation Mechanism and Distribution of Paleogene-Neogene Stratigraphic Reservoirs in Jiyang Depression,ZhaoLeQiang/Ocean University of China,0/204
  47. Research on Calligraphy of Zhu Xi,YuJing/Jilin University,1/234
  48. Collation and Revision on "Shushihuiyao" in Tang Dynasty,ZhuYanZuo/Jilin University,0/100
  49. Research on Feng Fang’s Tong Xue Shu Cheng,YuanZuo/Jilin University,0/126
  50. Diagenesis and Its Impact on the Reservoir Quality of Deep Reservoir from Paleogene in Huimin Depression,ZuoLiJuan/Ocean University of China,4/424

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