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  1. The Research on Constituents and the Current Situation Investigation of Searching Quotiem,ZengXiTao/Jiangxi Normal University,0/9
  2. The Research of Key Scholars in the Field of Chinese (Mainland) Distance Education Since Reform and Open up,LiFuNing/Jiangxi Normal University,0/25
  3. Tea Cultural Study on Virtual Experiment Platform Design and Development Professional,ZhangBin/Jiangxi Normal University,0/26
  4. A Research on Building Mashup Perjonal Learning Environments of Distance Learners,YangJie/Jiangxi Normal University,1/137
  5. A Study of30Years’ Instructional Design in China: an Analysis of Key Books,ChenJuan/Jiangxi Normal University,0/261
  6. On the Problems&Solving Strategies of Learning Support Service in Distance Open Education: the Perspective of a Case Study,WuYuZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,0/317
  7. A Study of30Years’ Instructional Design in China:an Analysis of Key Papers,LuHongYan/Jiangxi Normal University,0/182
  8. A Study of30Years’ Instructional Design in China(Mainland):an Analysis of Key Scholars,ZhangXiaoMei/Jiangxi Normal University,0/295
  9. A Research on Constructing the Personal Learning Environments (PLEs): a Perspective of Ecology,ZhouRen/Jiangxi Normal University,0/178
  10. The Research on Contents of Learning Power under the Digital Learning Circumstance,GuoLei/Jiangxi Normal University,0/287
  11. Research on the Application of Original English Movies in College English Speaking Instruction,WuShuZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,0/20
  12. The Investigation of the M-learning on Studying English in College Student and Strategy Study,YuMin/Jiangxi Normal University,0/394
  13. Research on the Knowledge Management Tools Supporting the Promotion of Learning Capacity,MaoHongYun/Jiangxi Normal University,4/496
  14. Research on Web-based Course Design Based on Process Management,LiJian/Jiangxi Normal University,4/291
  15. Knowledge Construction and Team Study: A Research Based on Wiki Community,LiuChunRong/Jiangxi Normal University,8/888
  16. Transformation in Higher Education Theoretical Course Teaching: A Perspective of CLE,YuanAiQing/Jiangxi Normal University,0/191
  17. Research on the Webquest Instructional Model to Promote the Development of the Undergraduates’ High Order Thinking Skill,JiangKeWei/Jiangxi Normal University,11/425
  18. Research on Instruction Supported by Concept Map,ChenChunSheng/Jiangxi Normal University,18/489
  19. Research on Components and Training Models of Information Competence for Primary and Middle School Teachers,XieZuoQin/Jiangxi Normal University,8/467
  20. Research on Integration of Primary School Chinese Curriculum and Movie & TV Resources,WangHua/Jiangxi Normal University,6/602
  21. Learning by Doing: Research on Science Teaching Model in Primary Schools,LuWei/Jiangxi Normal University,5/754
  22. Research on the Effect That Filmcourse Promotes Environmental Education in Kindergarten,TangGuoHua/Jiangxi Normal University,0/210
  23. Research on Bilingual Teaching Strategy Based on Situated Cognition Theory,WangYanPing/Jiangxi Normal University,8/721
  24. Research on the Model of Case-Based In-service Teacher’s Informationalized Teaching Skill Training,LiZhiYing/Jiangxi Normal University,8/422
  25. Research on Resource-Based Thematic Learning (RBTL),YangLei/Jiangxi Normal University,12/366
  26. Research on MI-Based Personalized Learning,YangNanChang/Jiangxi Normal University,14/880
  27. Research on Project-based Learning,LiuJingFu/Jiangxi Normal University,40/1703
  28. Research on Problem-based Learning,LiuXiaoYan/Jiangxi Normal University,38/1892
  29. A Research on Social Software in Personal Knowledge Management,HuQiang/Jiangxi Normal University,10/834
  30. Research on Promoting Undergraduates’ Professional Practical Abilities: A Perspective of Cognitive Apprenticeship,ZhangZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,3/1046
  31. The Applied Research on the Knowledge Visualization as a Learning Tool,QiuZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,18/693
  32. Research on Interpersonal Interaction in Web-based Collaborative Learning,HeLing/Jiangxi Normal University,5/569
  33. Designing and Developing of an ELP System for Promoting Reflective Learning,ZuoYongMing/Jiangxi Normal University,5/258
  34. Research of College English Self-regulated Learning Strategy Based on Net Platform,LiuYang/Jiangxi Normal University,13/1224
  35. Research on the Teacher Professional Development Based on ICT,XiongPin/Jiangxi Normal University,7/751
  36. The Present Situation of the Teachers’ Information Accomplishment and Cultivation Countermeasures in Primary and High Schools in the Eastem Lake District of Nanchang City,HuangZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,3/208
  37. Strategies of Educational Informationization Based on Diffusion of Innovation Theory,XieYun/Jiangxi Normal University,9/371
  38. The Research on Obstacles and Strategies of Bilingual Education in Chinese University from the Perspective of ISD,CaoDongYun/Jiangxi Normal University,13/1135
  39. Researches on Theoretical and Instructional Application of Cognitive Tools,ChengLiJuan/Jiangxi Normal University,9/340
  40. A Study of Instructional Design of Modern Educational Technology Based on Moodle,WuChuPing/Jiangxi Normal University,13/756
  41. A Study on the Status Quo and the Strategy of Information Technology Web-based Instructional Research,WuZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,7/412
  42. Research on Local Promotion Pattern of Elementary Education Informatization,LongQunBing/Jiangxi Normal University,1/311
  43. Design and Implementation of Online Examination System Based on ASP.NET and XML,YuHongXia/Jiangxi Normal University,3/263
  44. The Design Strategies of IT Teachers’ Group Blog,LiuMin/Jiangxi Normal University,1/354
  45. On Training Strategies of College Students’ Entrepreneurial Accomplishments,HuangJuan/Jiangxi Normal University,5/826
  46. Research on Strategies for Improving Oral English Ability of Vocational College Students: A Perspective of Situated Cognition,MaoHaiYing/Jiangxi Normal University,0/440
  47. Practical Research on Unit Instructional Design Based on Information Technology,ChenHongYun/Jiangxi Normal University,1/254
  48. The Research on Promoting the Undergraduates Evaluation Capacity of Using Network Information,LiaoYunYan/Jiangxi Normal University,0/181
  49. The Research on Promoting the Learning Power Based on CSNM: A Perspective of Connectivism,LinAnZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,0/295
  50. Research on Cultivating Learning Community of Teachers in an Online Environment,ZhuRong/Jiangxi Normal University,3/462

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