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  1. The Preliminary Studies on Species and Phylogenetic Beta Diversity of Subtropical Forest Communities in Gutianshan, China,RaoMiDe/Zhejiang Normal University,0/25
  2. Study on Carbon Accounting Measurement and Practice in Forestry Enterprises-from the View of Forest Carbon Sink,ZhangXiaoYou/Beijing Forestry University,0/115
  3. Mercury Inputs, Outputs, and Sources under the Forest Canopy in Typical Subtropical Forest Ecosystem of Southwest China,MaMing/Southwestern University,0/26
  4. The Storage and Distribution of Non-structural Carbohydrate of Common Species Seedlings at Tiantong National Forest Park,MengXiangJiao/East China Normal University,0/3
  5. Combining Remote Sensing and Ground-based Observations for Monitoring Carbon and Water Fluxes of Moso Bamboo Forest,XuXiaoJun/Beijing Forestry University,0/45
  6. Ecosystem Function Research of Casuarina Equisetifolia Shelterforest in Fujian Coastal,HuangYiXiong/Northeast Normal University,0/45
  7. Effects of the Invasion and Ecological Control of Spartina Alterniflora on the Foodweb of Mangrove Wetlands,FengJianXiang/Xiamen University,0/4
  8. Evaluation of Ecological System Service Value on Xiamen Island and Future Development Trend Analysis,AiXunAn/Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,0/38
  9. Study on Intelligent Decision Support System for Service Function Value Evaluation of Ecological Public Welfare Forest in Hunan Province,PengJiaHong/Hunan Agricultural University,0/15
  10. Isolation, Biological Activity and Secondary Metabolite Investigations of Fungi from Special Habitat,LianLianXiang/Xiamen University,0/10
  11. Study on the Community Ecology of Fagus Lucida Deciduous Broad-leaved Forest,TianYuYing/Xiamen University,0/2
  12. Study on the Hydrological Effects of the Pinus tabulaeformis Artificial Forests in Loess Plateau,ZhaoMingYang/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/14
  13. The Hydrological Effect Research in Different Forest Type in North Mountain of Hebei Province,WangZuo/Agricultural University of Hebei,0/11
  14. Study on the Relationship between the Main Factors and Its Function of Water Conservation in Larix Principis-rupprechtii Mayr. Plantation Forest in Northern Hebei Mountain,WangJiaoYang/Agricultural University of Hebei,0/23
  15. Study on Eeo-hydrological Processes of Several Vegetationtypes in Diediegou Catchmentin the North of Liupan Mountains,LiuQian/Gansu Agricultural University,0/18
  16. Research of Water Vapor Flux and Water Physiologiy about the Praecox Stands in Tiahu Lake and the Bamboo Forest in Anji,ZuoEnJie/Zhejiang Forestry University,0/20
  17. The Study of Responding Relation Between Land Utilization/coverage Changes and the Eco-hydrology in the Typical Basin of Shiyang River,WangDuoYao/Beijing Forestry University,0/60
  18. Evaluation Research of Scientific Research Project in Forestry,WanZuo/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/42
  19. The Driving Force of the Forest Ecological Projects,ShaoLei/Anhui Agricultural University,0/44
  20. Research on the Cost-benefit and Carbon Sequestration Capacity of Different Management Orientations Moso Bamboo: Evidence from Zhejiang Province,LiuQiang/Zhejiang Forestry University,0/41
  21. The Analysis of Forestland Benefit Possible Changes of Different Types in Carbon Trading Situation,RenTengTeng/Zhejiang Forestry University,0/27
  22. The Study of Cost-beneift and Carbon Sinks Supply between Forest Fir and Masson Pine,WangXiaoLing/Zhejiang Forestry University,0/50
  23. Comparative Study of the Diversity of Endophytic Fungi from Several Plants in Lauraceae and Magnoliaceae,WuXiaoZuo/East China Normal University,0/23
  24. Genetic Diversity Study of Tilia amurensis Ruprecht and Juglans cathayensis Dode from Shandong Province by AFLP Markers,WangDongSheng/Shandong Agricultural University,0/16
  25. Study on Cordyceps Species and Its Allies from Bamboo Forest,ZhangXiaoYao/Anhui Agricultural University,1/0
  26. Study on the Food Hoarding Behavior of Siberian Chipmunks, Tamias sibiricus,ShenZhen/Henan University of Science and Technology,0/6
  27. Effect of Photoperiod and Temperature on Eclosion and Mating in Hyphantria Cunea,TongYan/Jiangxi Agricultural University,,0/7
  28. The Research on the Resistance in Different Camellia Species of Guangxi on Meloidogyne Incognita,WeiWei/Guangxi University,0/17
  29. Studies on Relationship between Reproduction and Mating Types in Nature Populations of Beauveria bassiana,CaiYue/Anhui Agricultural University,0/12
  30. Relationship between Resistance to Colltotrichum gloeosporioides and Chemical Components of Fruit Coat of Camellia oleifera Cultivars,CaoZhiHua/Anhui Agricultural University,0/28
  31. The Effects of Simulated Rodent Consumption on Acorn and Seedling Vigor of Several Oak Species,DongZhong/Henan University of Science and Technology,0/4
  32. Effects of Seed Size and Insect-infestation on Seedling Growth of Quercus Tree Species,CaoLingLi/Henan University of Science and Technology,0/7
  33. The Study on Molecular Identification of Lymantria Dispar in Different Areas,LinYao/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/3
  34. Studies on the Occurrence and Chemical Control of Pealius Spina in Xiamen,ChenHeJie/Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,0/3
  35. Studies on the Host Adaptation Mechanism of Octosonta Nipae (Maulik),XiBo/Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,0/10
  36. The Genetic Variation of Ips. Subelongatus in Northeast China,ChenDaFeng/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/16
  37. The Loss Assessment of the Populus×euramericana Canker Disease,XuJingWei/Shandong Agricultural University,0/8
  38. Genetic Diversity of Emerald Ash Borer Agrilus Planipennis Fairmaire in China,JieQuanRong/Shandong Agricultural University,0/9
  39. Study on Host Choice and Niche of Monochamus Alternatus Larvae,GaoNa/Shandong Agricultural University,0/24
  40. Study on Feeding Preference for the Larvae of Euproctis Angulata,XiaLingDan/East China Normal University,0/10
  41. Identification and Phylogeny of Ophiostomatoid Fungi Associated with Ips Subelonsatus in China,MengXianJing/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/21
  42. Study on the Lycorma Delicatula and Egg Parasitoids,HouZuoZuo/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/35
  43. Rapid Detection and Bio-control of Eucalyptus Bacterial Wilt,WangYan/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/32
  44. Key Factors Contributing to Population of Dendrolimus punctatus under Drought,FeiHaiZe/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/22
  45. Prediction of Fall Webworm's Potential Suitable Geographic Distribution in Different Weather Conditions in China,YangMingZuo/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/43
  46. Research on Bioassav and Culture Conditions of Pathogenic Fungi Esteya Vermicola against Bursaphelenchus Xylophilus,DuZuo/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/26
  47. The Phylogenetic Taxonomy of Botryosphaeriaceae Fungi,WangQingLing/Agricultural University of Hebei,0/82
  48. Community Diversities of Endophytic Fungi in Poplar and Preliminary Screening of Biocontrol Endophyte to Ctyospora chrysosperma,ChenZuo/Agricultural University of Hebei,0/26
  49. Studies on the Response Mechanisms of Pine Caterpillar Enzymatic System to Pine Induced Resistance,ZhangXiongShuai/Agricultural University of Hebei,0/2
  50. Protein Toxin Produced from Arthrinium Phaeospermum Causing Blight in Bambusa Pervariabilis×Dendrocalamopsis Grandis and Its Accurate Pathogenic Mechanism,LiZuoJiang/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/43

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