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Theory of art - Countries around the world Art Overview - Painting - Calligraphy, seal cutting - Sculpture - Photographic Art - Arts and Crafts - Architectural art - Music - Dance - Dramatic Art - Movies, TV Arts

History, geography

Historical Theory - World History - History of China - Asian History - African History - European History - Oceania History - History of America, - Biography - Cultural Relics and Archaeology - Customs - Geography


Natural scientific theory and methodology - Current Situation and Development of Natural Science - Organizations, groups,meetings of Natural Science - Natural Science Research Methods - Natural science education and outreach - Natural Science Books,Collected Works, the continuity of publication - Natural Science Reference Books - Natural Science literature search tools - Natural scientific investigation,study - Nature study,natural history - Nonlinear Science - Journal of Systems Science - Information science, intelligence

Mathematical sciences and chemical

Mathematics - Mechanics - Physics - Chemistry - Crystallography

Astronomy,Earth Sciences

Astronomy - Surveying and Mapping - Geophysics - Atmospheric science (meteorology ) - Geology - Oceanography - Physical Geography

Biological Sciences

Zoology - Theories and methods of biological science - Current Situation and Development of Biological Sciences - Biological science research methods and techniques - Biological science education and outreach - Biological resources survey - General Biology - Cell Biology - Genetics - Physiology - Biochemistry - Biophysics - Molecular Biology - Bioengineering ( Biotechnology ) - Environmental Biology - Paleontology - Microbiology - Botany - Entomology - Anthropology

Agricultural Sciences

General theory - Status and development of agricultural science and technology - Agricultural scientific research,test - Agricultural economy - Agriculture as the foundation of science - Agricultural Engineering - Agriculture ( agronomy ) - Plant Protection - Crop - Gardening - Forestry - Livestock, animal medicine,hunting,silkworm,bee - Aquaculture, fisheries


Transportation and economic - Integrated transport - Rail transport - Road transport - Waterway transport - Air transport

Aviation, aerospace

Aviation, aerospace technology research and exploration - Aviation - Aerospace ( Astronauts ) - Aviation, aerospace medicine

Environmental science, safety science

Environmental Science Theory - Current Situation and Development of Environmental Science and Technology - Environmental protection publicity and education and popularization of - Environmental Protection reference books - The basic theory for the Environment and Science - Social and environmental - Administration of Environmental Protection - Disasters and their prevention - Environmental pollution and its prevention - Processing and comprehensive utilization of waste - Environmental Quality Assessment and Environmental Monitoring - Safety Science

Comprehensive books

Books - Encyclopedias, reference books - Dictionary - Proceedings of The Complete Works,Selected Works,Miscellaneous - Yearbook, annual - Journals,the continuity of publication - Library catalog,abstracts,indexes

Medicine, health

Surgery - Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Pediatrics - Oncology - Neurology and psychiatry - Dermatology and Venereology - Otorhinolaryngology - Ophthalmology - Oral Sciences - Foreign national medical - Of Medical - Pharmacy - General theory of - Current Situation and Development - Medical research methods - Preventive Medicine,Health - Chinese Medicine - Basic Medical - Clinical - Internal Medicine

Marxism,Leninism,Mao Zedong Thought,Deng Xiaoping Theory

Marx and Engels - Lenin - Stalin book - Mao Zedong - Deng Xiaoping's works - Compilation of the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin,Stalin,Mao Zedong,Deng Xiaoping - The life and biography of Marx, Engels, Lenin,Stalin,Mao Zedong,Deng Xiaoping - Marxism,Leninism,Mao Zedong Thought,Deng Xiaoping's theory of learning and research

Philosophy, religion

Philosophical education and outreach - Philosophical theories - World Philosophy - Chinese Philosophy - Asian philosophy - African philosophy - European philosophy - Oceania Philosophy - Inter-American philosophy - Noetic Sciences - Logic ( On Science ) - Ethics ( moral philosophy ) - Aesthetics - Psychology - Religion

Social Sciences

Social science theory and methodology - Current Situation and Development of Social Science - Social science organizations, groups,conference - Social Science Research Methods - Social science education and popularization of - Social Science Books,Collected Works,the continuity of publication - Social Science Reference Books - Social science literature search books - Statistics - Sociology - Demographic - Management - Journal of Systems Science - Ethnology - Talent Study - Labor Science

Political, legal

Political Theory - The international communist movement - Communist Party of China - Communist - Workers, peasants,youth, women's movement and organization - World politics - China's political - National political - Diplomacy, international relations - Legal - Legal


Military theory - The world's military - China's military - Countries in the military - Of strategy,battle school,tactical learning - Military technology - Military topography,military geography


Economics - The world economic profiles,economic history,economic geography - Economic planning and management - Agricultural economy - Industrial economy - Information Industry economy ( Zonglun,) - Transportation and economic - Tourism economy - Posts and Telecommunications economic - Trade and Economic - Fiscal, monetary

Culture, science,education, sports

Cultural Theory - The world culture and culture - Information and knowledge dissemination - Science,scientific research - Education - Sports

Language, writing

Linguistics - Chinese - China 's minority languages - FOREIGN - Sino-Tibetan - Altaic ( Turkic - Mongolian - Tunguska language ) - Austro-Asiatic ( Australia Strobel - Asia Language ) - South India language ( Dravidian languages ??, de la Vader language ) - Austronesian ( Malaya - Polynesian language ) - Northeast Asia, the various language - Caucasian European ( Iberian - Caucasian languages ??) - Uralic ( Finno - Ugric languages) - Flash - with language ( A non- Luo - Asia Language ) - Indo-European - African languages - Languages ??the Americas - The Oceania various language - International Auxiliary Language


Countries in literature - Literary Theory - World Literature - Chinese Literature

Industrial Technology

Arms industry - Energy and Power Engineering - Nuclear technology - Electrotechnical - Building Science - Hydraulic Engineering - Radio electronics, telecommunications technology - Automation technology,computer technology - Chemical Industry - Light industry,handicrafts - Theory of industrial technology - Technology Status and Development - Organizations, groups,conference - Reference Books - Industrial economy - General industrial technology - Mining Engineering - Oil and gas industry - Metallurgical Industry - Metallurgy and Metal Craft - Machinery and Instrument Industry
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Research on the Relationships of Structure to Properties of New Cardanol Betaine-type Surfactant
Molecular dynamics simulations of a new sulfobetaine-type zwitterionic surfactant wereperformed at the decane/water interface, the
Chemical processes - TQ423.31 - GaoXiang - Northeast University of Petroleum

Preparation of Novel Adsorbents for the Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions
In this paper, a series of studies were conducted, which were mainly about thepreconcentration and determination of heavy metals w
Analytical Chemistry - TQ424 - GuXiaoWen - Jilin University

Research on Microstructural Damage and Its Numerical Simulation Method for Composite Solid Propellant
Composite solid propellant is a kind of energetic material with very high volume fraction of particles in binder matrix, and there
Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering - V512 - ChangWuJun - Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering

Research on the Measurement Index of Oil Enterprise Team’s Safety Climate
Safety culture is an important means to prevent accidents and improve enterprise safetymanagement level. And safety climate is usu
Safety Technology and Engineering - X937 - ZuoXiaoZuo - Xi'an University of Science and Technology

Studies for the Ultrasonic Cavitation Field Distribution Measurement Method and Its Influence on Oxidative Desulfurization
In recent years, with the world’s increasing strict environmental regulations, fueloil depth desulfurization has become a worldwid
Chemical Engineering - X701.3 - WenJingJing - Tianjin University

Valve Ring Bolt Group Assembly Process Optimization and Experimental Research
The pump valve is one of the important control element of aerospace engine.In order to adapt to spaceflight plumbing quality contr
Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation - V465 - ZhangXiaoQing - Harbin Institute of Technology

Analysis and key component life prediction fault latch system of a gun
Because of the more complicated integrated technology and the worse working condition, the fault rate of gun’s system armed by our
Armament Launch Theory and Technology - TJ307 - FuKun - Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering

Model Design for Car of Solar Electric
China holds one fifths of the world automobile markets, after15years, China hasbecome the largest country in automobile demand in
Vehicle Engineering - U469.721 - ZhangXiaoDong - Shenyang University of Technology

Study on the Mechanical Properties of Reinforced Concrete Beam Wrapped with GFRP Plate
Fiber reinforced polymer(FRP) is achieved wide attention and application in civil engineering due to its low weight, high strength
Structural Engineering - TU375.1 - ZhaoFei - Zhejiang University

The Research on Phase-shifted Full-bridge Soft-switching DC Converter
With the development of science and technology, we put forward higher request toswitching power supply power density, efficiency a
Power Electronics and Power Drives - TM46 - WangJingFang - Harbin Engineering University

Risk assessment method and application of power transformer
Large power transformer is the important hinge of power system equipment, the reliable operation of power transformer is the found
Electrical Engineering - TM41 - XiaoDan - Kunming University of Science and Technology

A Study on Measurement and Development Trend of Agricultural Informatization in Gansu Province
As the prerequisite and basic guarantee of human production activities, agriculture still retains the most traditional production
Physical Geography - S126 - ChenBaoYu - Lanzhou University

Mechanical Stability Characteristic of Red Soil Aggregates and Its Effects on Soil Splash Erosion
Red soil region in China with high weathering、strong leaching and strong biological cycle decided the vulnerability and unstabilit
Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating - S157 - HuaZhongGuang - Huazhong Agricultural University

Analysis and Control of a Class of Pharmacokinetic Systems
Pharmacokinetic model is the mathematical description of the drugs’movement process in the complex biological systems, thereby pre
Operational Research and Cybernetics - R96 - GuanChi - Northeastern University

The Research of Absurd in Western Literature of the Twentieth Century
The development of the absurd has gone through a course fromthe art expression to the philosophy to the aesthetics. At the earlyph
Literature and Art - I109 - FengRuiNa - Shanxi Normal University

"Research on multi angle left X1 right X2" format
“左X1右X2”structure is fairly common in contemporary Chinese language, but the research on which is still not in-depth.This struct
Chinese as a Foreign Language - H146 - DanLinLin - Nanjing Normal University

English Literacy Training for Junior High School Students
The overall objective of the English teaching for the Elementary Education Stage is tocultivate students’ comprehensive ability of
Subject Teaching - G633.41 - LiuYing - Shandong Normal University

The Study on the Propagandistic Documentary
Propagandistic documentary is one type of documentary that aims at constructing a certain ideology with documenting as its aesthet
Literature and Art - J952 - YuQuan - East China Normal University

The social role of dress art - social public figures on
In the social structure, social role to cast each successful socialimage, the perfect image includes both the external image also
Drama \u0026 Opera - J525 - LuJing - Shanghai Theatrical Institute

Research on Color Applied in Food Packaging
Packaging was just a container to keep the goods safe during transportation before.Nowadays its concept has been extended greatly,
Art of Design - TS206.2 - ZhangYiZuo - Hefei University of Technology

degree thesis is a written report of test results of scientific research, the students of colleges and universities or research institutions to obtain a degree, under the guidance of instructors completed
dissertation is divided into bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation
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