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Theory of art - Countries around the world Art Overview - Painting - Calligraphy, seal cutting - Sculpture - Photographic Art - Arts and Crafts - Architectural art - Music - Dance - Dramatic Art - Movies, TV Arts

History, geography

Historical Theory - World History - History of China - Asian History - African History - European History - Oceania History - History of America, - Biography - Cultural Relics and Archaeology - Customs - Geography


Natural scientific theory and methodology - Current Situation and Development of Natural Science - Organizations, groups,meetings of Natural Science - Natural Science Research Methods - Natural science education and outreach - Natural Science Books,Collected Works, the continuity of publication - Natural Science Reference Books - Natural Science literature search tools - Natural scientific investigation,study - Nature study,natural history - Nonlinear Science - Journal of Systems Science - Information science, intelligence

Mathematical sciences and chemical

Mathematics - Mechanics - Physics - Chemistry - Crystallography

Astronomy,Earth Sciences

Astronomy - Surveying and Mapping - Geophysics - Atmospheric science (meteorology ) - Geology - Oceanography - Physical Geography

Biological Sciences

Zoology - Theories and methods of biological science - Current Situation and Development of Biological Sciences - Biological science research methods and techniques - Biological science education and outreach - Biological resources survey - General Biology - Cell Biology - Genetics - Physiology - Biochemistry - Biophysics - Molecular Biology - Bioengineering ( Biotechnology ) - Environmental Biology - Paleontology - Microbiology - Botany - Entomology - Anthropology

Agricultural Sciences

General theory - Status and development of agricultural science and technology - Agricultural scientific research,test - Agricultural economy - Agriculture as the foundation of science - Agricultural Engineering - Agriculture ( agronomy ) - Plant Protection - Crop - Gardening - Forestry - Livestock, animal medicine,hunting,silkworm,bee - Aquaculture, fisheries


Transportation and economic - Integrated transport - Rail transport - Road transport - Waterway transport - Air transport

Aviation, aerospace

Aviation, aerospace technology research and exploration - Aviation - Aerospace ( Astronauts ) - Aviation, aerospace medicine

Environmental science, safety science

Environmental Science Theory - Current Situation and Development of Environmental Science and Technology - Environmental protection publicity and education and popularization of - Environmental Protection reference books - The basic theory for the Environment and Science - Social and environmental - Administration of Environmental Protection - Disasters and their prevention - Environmental pollution and its prevention - Processing and comprehensive utilization of waste - Environmental Quality Assessment and Environmental Monitoring - Safety Science

Comprehensive books

Books - Encyclopedias, reference books - Dictionary - Proceedings of The Complete Works,Selected Works,Miscellaneous - Yearbook, annual - Journals,the continuity of publication - Library catalog,abstracts,indexes

Medicine, health

Surgery - Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Pediatrics - Oncology - Neurology and psychiatry - Dermatology and Venereology - Otorhinolaryngology - Ophthalmology - Oral Sciences - Foreign national medical - Of Medical - Pharmacy - General theory of - Current Situation and Development - Medical research methods - Preventive Medicine,Health - Chinese Medicine - Basic Medical - Clinical - Internal Medicine

Marxism,Leninism,Mao Zedong Thought,Deng Xiaoping Theory

Marx and Engels - Lenin - Stalin book - Mao Zedong - Deng Xiaoping's works - Compilation of the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin,Stalin,Mao Zedong,Deng Xiaoping - The life and biography of Marx, Engels, Lenin,Stalin,Mao Zedong,Deng Xiaoping - Marxism,Leninism,Mao Zedong Thought,Deng Xiaoping's theory of learning and research

Philosophy, religion

Philosophical education and outreach - Philosophical theories - World Philosophy - Chinese Philosophy - Asian philosophy - African philosophy - European philosophy - Oceania Philosophy - Inter-American philosophy - Noetic Sciences - Logic ( On Science ) - Ethics ( moral philosophy ) - Aesthetics - Psychology - Religion

Social Sciences

Social science theory and methodology - Current Situation and Development of Social Science - Social science organizations, groups,conference - Social Science Research Methods - Social science education and popularization of - Social Science Books,Collected Works,the continuity of publication - Social Science Reference Books - Social science literature search books - Statistics - Sociology - Demographic - Management - Journal of Systems Science - Ethnology - Talent Study - Labor Science

Political, legal

Political Theory - The international communist movement - Communist Party of China - Communist - Workers, peasants,youth, women's movement and organization - World politics - China's political - National political - Diplomacy, international relations - Legal - Legal


Military theory - The world's military - China's military - Countries in the military - Of strategy,battle school,tactical learning - Military technology - Military topography,military geography


Economics - The world economic profiles,economic history,economic geography - Economic planning and management - Agricultural economy - Industrial economy - Information Industry economy ( Zonglun,) - Transportation and economic - Tourism economy - Posts and Telecommunications economic - Trade and Economic - Fiscal, monetary

Culture, science,education, sports

Cultural Theory - The world culture and culture - Information and knowledge dissemination - Science,scientific research - Education - Sports

Language, writing

Linguistics - Chinese - China 's minority languages - FOREIGN - Sino-Tibetan - Altaic ( Turkic - Mongolian - Tunguska language ) - Austro-Asiatic ( Australia Strobel - Asia Language ) - South India language ( Dravidian languages ??, de la Vader language ) - Austronesian ( Malaya - Polynesian language ) - Northeast Asia, the various language - Caucasian European ( Iberian - Caucasian languages ??) - Uralic ( Finno - Ugric languages) - Flash - with language ( A non- Luo - Asia Language ) - Indo-European - African languages - Languages ??the Americas - The Oceania various language - International Auxiliary Language


Countries in literature - Literary Theory - World Literature - Chinese Literature

Industrial Technology

Arms industry - Energy and Power Engineering - Nuclear technology - Electrotechnical - Building Science - Hydraulic Engineering - Radio electronics, telecommunications technology - Automation technology,computer technology - Chemical Industry - Light industry,handicrafts - Theory of industrial technology - Technology Status and Development - Organizations, groups,conference - Reference Books - Industrial economy - General industrial technology - Mining Engineering - Oil and gas industry - Metallurgical Industry - Metallurgy and Metal Craft - Machinery and Instrument Industry
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Thermal-mode Analysis of Thermal-gradient Beam and Plate Element
Thermal deformation and thermal modal analysis are important parts of structural analysis.Traditional beam and plate elements can
Engineering Mechanics - TB123 - YuLiuJian - Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Image and Space
After a hundred years development of the modern architecture, the relationship between media art and architecture art was becoming
Architectural Design and Theory - TU-05 - LiSu - Hefei University of Technology

Resistance Evaluation and Genotype Deduce of Several Hybrid Rice Parents to Rice Blast
Rice blast disease which is caused by Magnaporthe grisea is one of the three major deseases of rice, infecting the quantity and qu
Plant Pathology - S511 - FangLi - Sichuan Agricultural University

Comparative Study on Legal Issue on Access of Foreign Direct Investment in People’s Republic of China and Republic of Korea
The introduction of foreign direct investment has great significance for both People’sRepublic of China and Republic of Korea, and
Legal - D922.295 - WangDeHua - Liaoning University

Screening and Identification of Susceptibility and Fertility Related Mutants from Transgenic Rice IRBB13(PXa13:GFP)
Rice Bacterial Blight is one of the most harmful bacterial disease in rice production,which widely distributed in the rice plantin
Plant Pathology - S511 - HanKuanDe - Shandong Agricultural University

The Evaluation and Application of APF-Ⅰ Chemical Attractant in Monitoring and Management of Monochamus Alternatus Hope
Chemical attractant had become one of the most important agents in pestmonitoring and controlling because of its better uses and h
Forest Protection - S763.38 - ZhengLiPing - Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

The Research for the Design of Vancuum Cleaner Handler Angle Based on Semg Technique
With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s living standard, in a certain extent, traditional cleaning tool
Art of Design - TM925.31 - LuoJianSong - Zhejiang University of Technology

Research of Practical State Estimation Method of Distribution Networks
State estimation processes a given set of measurements to give thebest estimate of the state of the system. Implicitly assumed in
Proceedings of the - TM73 - XuZuo(WeiHua) - Shanghai Jiaotong University

Synthesis and Characterization of BaO-TiO2System Ferroelectric Materials by Hydrothermal Method
BaO-TiO2system contains many kinds of compounds which have greatapplications value and scientific significance. BaTiOMaterials Physics and Chemistry - TM221 - TangJia - Wuhan Institute of Technology

Study on the Characteristics oF Biomass Two-step Pyrolysis
Biomass is a good substitute for fossil energy due to its renewable, abundantly distributed characteristics. Pyrolysis is an impor
Power Engineering - TK6 - YangXiaoChu - North China Electric Power University

Experimentalstudy on Flexural Performance of Composite Slab with Steel Deck-recycled Concrete
Recycled aggregate concrete technology can realize the effective use ofconstruction waste, the reduction of urban environmental po
Architecture and Civil Engineering - TU398.9 - ZhuYanTao - Beijing University of Technology

Research on the Evacuation Space Design of Underground Complex with Subway Transportation
Due to the increase number of population, scarcity of land resources and otherfacts, the conflicts between urbanization and human
Architecture and Civil Engineering - TU92 - XiangZuo - Beijing University of Technology

The Parametric Design in New Office Design
The thesis focuses on the new offices, which has strongly connected with the changes of our society. Since the17century, office ha
Architectural Design and Theory - TU243 - XiaoLiu - North China University of

Study and Evaluation on Process Integration Management of Small and Medium-sized Design and Construction Enterprises
With the rapid development of economic and society, the modern scientific managementtechnology and information technology is used
Technology Economics and Management - F272 - XuLiJiao - Chang'an University

Study on the Shape of the Shell of An Underwater Thermal Glider and Its Experiment
Underwater thermal slider is an important weapon for human tomarch towards the vast ocean and conquer it. As a kind of AUV(automot
Marine Engineering - U674.941 - ZhouXuBin - Shanghai Jiaotong University

Research on Sensing and Decision-making for Navigation Threat of UUV
The autonomous ability of UUV which is the key competitive ability has become a topic research branch in ocean exploitation. The s
Control Theory and Control Engineering - U674.941 - ZhaoZhi - Harbin Engineering University

The Research of Simulation Modeling of Container Terminal Logistics System and Its Credibility
In recent years, the throughput of container terminal has increased dramatically, which put forward new requirements on the effici
Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering - U691 - ShiRuiFen - Dalian University of Technology

Study on Coupling Dynamic Behavior of Metro Vehicles and Track of Steel Spring Floating Slab
China is making great efforts to develop the urban rail transits to ease traffic congestion for large and medium-sized cities. The
Vehicle Operation Engineering - U231.2 - WuLei - Southwest Jiaotong University

Research on the Test Techniques of the Segmented Mirror
Because of the volume constraints of space-borne astronomical instruments,segmented reflectors,which have high-resolution, have be
Optical Engineering - TH74 - ZhangKaiSheng - Xi'an Optics and Fine Mechanics

Study on Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox Based on Particle Filter
The modern production is constantly moving in a high-performance, large-scale, highlyautomated direction.Gear box plan an ts of th
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems - TH165.3 - LiTao - University of North

degree thesis is a written report of test results of scientific research, the students of colleges and universities or research institutions to obtain a degree, under the guidance of instructors completed
dissertation is divided into bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation
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