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Theory of art - Countries around the world Art Overview - Painting - Calligraphy, seal cutting - Sculpture - Photographic Art - Arts and Crafts - Architectural art - Music - Dance - Dramatic Art - Movies, TV Arts

History, geography

Historical Theory - World History - History of China - Asian History - African History - European History - Oceania History - History of America, - Biography - Cultural Relics and Archaeology - Customs - Geography


Natural scientific theory and methodology - Current Situation and Development of Natural Science - Organizations, groups,meetings of Natural Science - Natural Science Research Methods - Natural science education and outreach - Natural Science Books,Collected Works, the continuity of publication - Natural Science Reference Books - Natural Science literature search tools - Natural scientific investigation,study - Nature study,natural history - Nonlinear Science - Journal of Systems Science - Information science, intelligence

Mathematical sciences and chemical

Mathematics - Mechanics - Physics - Chemistry - Crystallography

Astronomy,Earth Sciences

Astronomy - Surveying and Mapping - Geophysics - Atmospheric science (meteorology ) - Geology - Oceanography - Physical Geography

Biological Sciences

Zoology - Theories and methods of biological science - Current Situation and Development of Biological Sciences - Biological science research methods and techniques - Biological science education and outreach - Biological resources survey - General Biology - Cell Biology - Genetics - Physiology - Biochemistry - Biophysics - Molecular Biology - Bioengineering ( Biotechnology ) - Environmental Biology - Paleontology - Microbiology - Botany - Entomology - Anthropology

Agricultural Sciences

General theory - Status and development of agricultural science and technology - Agricultural scientific research,test - Agricultural economy - Agriculture as the foundation of science - Agricultural Engineering - Agriculture ( agronomy ) - Plant Protection - Crop - Gardening - Forestry - Livestock, animal medicine,hunting,silkworm,bee - Aquaculture, fisheries


Transportation and economic - Integrated transport - Rail transport - Road transport - Waterway transport - Air transport

Aviation, aerospace

Aviation, aerospace technology research and exploration - Aviation - Aerospace ( Astronauts ) - Aviation, aerospace medicine

Environmental science, safety science

Environmental Science Theory - Current Situation and Development of Environmental Science and Technology - Environmental protection publicity and education and popularization of - Environmental Protection reference books - The basic theory for the Environment and Science - Social and environmental - Administration of Environmental Protection - Disasters and their prevention - Environmental pollution and its prevention - Processing and comprehensive utilization of waste - Environmental Quality Assessment and Environmental Monitoring - Safety Science

Comprehensive books

Books - Encyclopedias, reference books - Dictionary - Proceedings of The Complete Works,Selected Works,Miscellaneous - Yearbook, annual - Journals,the continuity of publication - Library catalog,abstracts,indexes

Medicine, health

Surgery - Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Pediatrics - Oncology - Neurology and psychiatry - Dermatology and Venereology - Otorhinolaryngology - Ophthalmology - Oral Sciences - Foreign national medical - Of Medical - Pharmacy - General theory of - Current Situation and Development - Medical research methods - Preventive Medicine,Health - Chinese Medicine - Basic Medical - Clinical - Internal Medicine

Marxism,Leninism,Mao Zedong Thought,Deng Xiaoping Theory

Marx and Engels - Lenin - Stalin book - Mao Zedong - Deng Xiaoping's works - Compilation of the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin,Stalin,Mao Zedong,Deng Xiaoping - The life and biography of Marx, Engels, Lenin,Stalin,Mao Zedong,Deng Xiaoping - Marxism,Leninism,Mao Zedong Thought,Deng Xiaoping's theory of learning and research

Philosophy, religion

Philosophical education and outreach - Philosophical theories - World Philosophy - Chinese Philosophy - Asian philosophy - African philosophy - European philosophy - Oceania Philosophy - Inter-American philosophy - Noetic Sciences - Logic ( On Science ) - Ethics ( moral philosophy ) - Aesthetics - Psychology - Religion

Social Sciences

Social science theory and methodology - Current Situation and Development of Social Science - Social science organizations, groups,conference - Social Science Research Methods - Social science education and popularization of - Social Science Books,Collected Works,the continuity of publication - Social Science Reference Books - Social science literature search books - Statistics - Sociology - Demographic - Management - Journal of Systems Science - Ethnology - Talent Study - Labor Science

Political, legal

Political Theory - The international communist movement - Communist Party of China - Communist - Workers, peasants,youth, women's movement and organization - World politics - China's political - National political - Diplomacy, international relations - Legal - Legal


Military theory - The world's military - China's military - Countries in the military - Of strategy,battle school,tactical learning - Military technology - Military topography,military geography


Economics - The world economic profiles,economic history,economic geography - Economic planning and management - Agricultural economy - Industrial economy - Information Industry economy ( Zonglun,) - Transportation and economic - Tourism economy - Posts and Telecommunications economic - Trade and Economic - Fiscal, monetary

Culture, science,education, sports

Cultural Theory - The world culture and culture - Information and knowledge dissemination - Science,scientific research - Education - Sports

Language, writing

Linguistics - Chinese - China 's minority languages - FOREIGN - Sino-Tibetan - Altaic ( Turkic - Mongolian - Tunguska language ) - Austro-Asiatic ( Australia Strobel - Asia Language ) - South India language ( Dravidian languages ??, de la Vader language ) - Austronesian ( Malaya - Polynesian language ) - Northeast Asia, the various language - Caucasian European ( Iberian - Caucasian languages ??) - Uralic ( Finno - Ugric languages) - Flash - with language ( A non- Luo - Asia Language ) - Indo-European - African languages - Languages ??the Americas - The Oceania various language - International Auxiliary Language


Countries in literature - Literary Theory - World Literature - Chinese Literature

Industrial Technology

Arms industry - Energy and Power Engineering - Nuclear technology - Electrotechnical - Building Science - Hydraulic Engineering - Radio electronics, telecommunications technology - Automation technology,computer technology - Chemical Industry - Light industry,handicrafts - Theory of industrial technology - Technology Status and Development - Organizations, groups,conference - Reference Books - Industrial economy - General industrial technology - Mining Engineering - Oil and gas industry - Metallurgical Industry - Metallurgy and Metal Craft - Machinery and Instrument Industry
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The Technical Philosophical Reflection of the Low Carbon Economy
Science and technology are the core of supporting people to solve those questions such as the changing of global climate, the redu
Philosophy of Science and Technology - N02 - SunYu - Donghua University

Properties of the Nonlinear Expectations and Their Applications
Peng (2006) introduced the notions of G-normal distribution, G-expectation and G-Brownian motion, constructed the Ito integral wit
Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering - O211.67 - LiuZhi - Shandong University

Influences of Low-head Dams on Local Habitat,Fish Diversity and Their Assemblage Structures in the Headwater Streams of the Qingyi Watershed
Dams have been recognized as one of the primary means by which humansalter fluvial ecosystems, including their structures, functio
Ecology - Q958.8 - WangHong - Anhui Normal University

Application of GeoImage to Navigation
Geoimage navigation is a new type of navigation that based on the geographical image asits main background data and the digital ma
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - P23 - SiYiBo - PLA Information Engineering University

By Using Optical Fiber Cable Transmission Several Frequencies of Acoustic Logging Technology Research
Currently, the sonic logging has become an indispensable modern logging methods, withelectrical and other logging methods irreplac
Control Engineering - P631.81 - YangZhiBin - Harbin Engineering University

Synthetic Studies of Nicotine Analogues,Aominine and Vincorine
This thesis is mainly focused on the synthetic studies of the nicotine analogues, anonimine, and vincorine. It consists of three p
Organic Chemistry - O621.3 - YuCunMing - Lanzhou University

The Design System and Algorithm Research of Monitoring Agglomeration in Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed
Gas-solid fluidized bed process is very simple in industrial, itsrequirement to the equipment is not very high, and its economic b
Control Engineering - TQ056 - ZhouZuo - Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Study on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Rocks and Slope Stability Under Rfeeze-thaw Cycle
The new cut slope rock mass of open pit mining in the alpine regioneffected by freeze-thaw cycle, will lead to the change of its p
Mining engineering - TD804 - SuWei - Changsha Institute of Mining Research

Study on the Filling Capacity, Microstructure and Mechanic Property of Thin-walled AlSi10MnMg Aluminium Alloy Component during High Pressure Casting
Energy consumption, emissions and environmental problems, brought by the rapid development of Chinese automotive industry, have pr
Materials Engineering - TG249.2 - LiuZeLin - Hunan University

Research on Optimization Design and Simulation Analysis for the Key Components of1m Aperture Photoelectric Theodolite
In order to satisfy the requirments of modern range measuring technology,photoelectric theodolite gradually develops towards large
Optical Engineering - TH761.1 - SanXiaoGang - Graduate Schoo,Chinese Academy of Sciences

Accumulative Settlement of Saturated Silt Subgrade under Transportation Cyclic Loading
In recent years, the transport industry is booming, the construction of transport infrastructure is in full swing, and constructio
Civil Engineering - U416.1 - LuWenBo - Zhejiang University

The Design and Performance Study on High-viscosity Modified Asphalt Mixture
Eighties of last century, we began to use the large-pore asphalt mixture in the Highway Engineering in China. The large-pore aspha
Architecture and Civil Engineering - U414 - LiuHeng - Dalian University of Technology

Study on Development and Using of Renewable Energy in Huang He Delta
In the 21st century, the biggest challenge that human face is how to achieve sustainable social and economic development. Our coun
Management Science and Engineering - F426 - GuanBin - China University of Petroleum

Key Technical Problems Research on Offshore Wind Turbine Support System Design
With the energy demand growth and the development of onshore wind power has become increasingly saturated in recent years, more an
Mechanical Design and Theory - TM315 - WangYaZhou - Xinjiang Agricultural University

Seismic Response Analysis of Offshore Bucket Foundation Wind Turbine System
Offshore wind power is always concerned in the new energy field currently. Seismic analysis of an offshore wind turbine plays an i
Hydraulic structures - TM614 - LiuGuoWei - Tianjin University

The Study on Educational Value of Symbiosis Philosophy in Basha Miao’s Traditional Agricultural
With the rapid development of social processes and globalization trend growing, as one of the keywords today, the Symbiosis is att
National education - S-4 - MaLanLan - Southwestern University

Study on Technology of Improving Nutrition Value of Peanutvine
Peanutvine in China is very abundant, its output comes to2.43millions tons per year according to the statistics from China statist
Animal Nutrition and Feed Science - S816 - LiLei - Huazhong Agricultural University

The Clinical Research of Diagnosis and Treatment with Yin Type Perimenopausal Syndrome Complicating Dyslipidemia
Background:Perimenopause period is an important physiological stage in female’s life. It cause by the decay of ovary’s function, w
Chinese Gynecology - R271.1 - QiXiQin - Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Role of CD24in the Development and Function of the Regulatory T Cells
BackgroundAny biological system involves negative feedback, and it is now recognized that the regulatory T cells (Treg cells) play
Internal Medicine - R392 - ShiYun - Southern Medical University,

Clinical Curative Effect Research on Combinative Treatment with Alprostadil and Shenkang Injection on Chronic Renal Failure
The incidence of chronic kidney disease is increasing year by year all over the world, and resulting in gradual increase of the am
- R692.5 - WangShu - Zhengzhou University

degree thesis is a written report of test results of scientific research, the students of colleges and universities or research institutions to obtain a degree, under the guidance of instructors completed
dissertation is divided into bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation
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