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Synthesis and Properties of NIR Aza-BODIPYs with Aryl and Alkynyl Substituents on the Boron Center
Among the recent twenty years, Aza-BODIPY(eg. compd.1) as a family offluoresencence dyes has been attracting increasing interest.
Analytical Chemistry - TQ610.1 - FuYanZuo - Henan University

The Evolving of the Traditional Chinese Patchwork and Its Application in the Modern Woman Clothing
The Traditional Chinese patchwork, originating from the ordinary civil life and referringto the pieces of fabric put into complete
Art of Design - J523.5 - XingLe - Jiangnan University

Between the Porcclam and Paper-contcmporury Jingdezhen Jounal Media Research
Jingdezhen ceramics capital of one thousand is still the China ceramicsespecially the production center artistic porcelain. In con
Art of Design - J527 - LiuZuo - Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

The Design and Implementation of Apt Attack Detection and Defensive Tool for Mailbox Server
With the rapid development of computer technology, the business in computer is developed from giving a single arithmetic, file pro
Software Engineering - TP393.08 - ZhangZhiShuo - Nanjing University

"Research and development strategy in India market China news weekly"
From the geographical advantages, Yunnan province bordering with a number of countries in South Asia, occupies a very important po
Business Administration - G239.26 - XiaoBo - Kunming University of Science and Technology

A Research on Structure of Local Financial Expenditure Based on the Perspective of Financial Competition
The main body of the article is concentrated efforts on studying the structure of local financial expenditure based on the backgro
Finance - F812.45 - WangQiYue - Shandong University

Predicting the future cash flow of the real estate industry earnings quality research based on
In this paper, we studied the earnings quality from the aspect of future cash flow based on the problem in decision-making. We com
Accounting - F293.33 - ZhangYan - Northwestern University

The Research for Credit Risk Management of Bank of Beijing Hangzhou Branch
In recent years, some customers of Bank of Beijing Hangzhou branch take a great deal of credit funds to real estate, high technolo
Business Administration - F832.4 - LinHaiJun - Zhejiang University of Technology

The Study on the Protection and Development of Eco-to Urism Resources of Liaohekou Eco-economic Zone
To keep the ecological tourism resort’s effective functions and the beautiful scenery, it is very important to protect the environ
Urban Planning and Design - F592.7 - XuDeLi - Shenyang University of construction

Under the new media environment characteristics China TV audience and the TV industry development
Drama as an important part of China’s cultural industry, are an important part of the TV program market, but also the audience fav
Communication - G229.2 - QiaoWenJuan - Nanjing Normal University

Research on Precise Information Push Tactics on Networked Manufacture
Networked Manufacture is an advanced manufacturing mode that is based oncomputer technology, network communication technology and
Management Science and Engineering - G203 - SuChao - Beijing University of Technology

Research on Transformer Fault Diagnosis Technology Based on ANN
Realizing the mapping from fault symptom space to fault space is the key of transformerfault diagnosis. It is a complex nonlinear
Control Theory and Control Engineering - TP18 - WangZhongYun - Northeast University of Petroleum

Nonlinear Control for Harmonic Drives
With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, much higher theaccuracy and response of mechanical systems are required.
Mechanical and Electronic Engineering - TP13 - XiaBin - Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology

Research on PCA Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis for Batch Processes
Molding is a widely used method in plastic processing. Injection molding machine is the main processing equipment. Injection moldi
Control Theory and Control Engineering - TP13 - YangJie - Northeastern University

Design and Implementation for RPR Network Managemen
Because of the rapid development of radio and television, metropolitan areanetwork, backbone network bandwidth demand increase sha
Software Engineering - TP393.07 - CuiYan - Beijing University of Technology

Simulation and Optimization of the Logistics System Based on Flexsim
With today’s increasingly fierce market competition at home and abroad and theincreased challenges which enterprises faced, modern
Applied Computer Technology - TP391.9 - CaiJing - Research Institute of Mechanical

Application Research of Oil-water Wells Casing3D Visualization Based on Surface Rendering
During the exploitation process of oilfield, the caliper logging is an important method ofthe oil-water well detection and repairi
Petroleum Engineering Computing Technology - TP391.41 - WangXingMing - Northeast University of Petroleum

Research on Pulse Coupled Neural Network in the Ultrasonic Image
In recent years, with the rapid development of interdisciplinary research, peopledemand a higher medical image processing results.
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems - TP391.41 - LiZuo - Shenyang University of Technology

Fabric Defect Detection Method Based on Texture Enhancement
The appearance defect of fabric is an important factor which influences the quality ofproducts, and defect detection becomes incre
Communication and Information System - TP391.41 - ZuoHaiQin - Hefei University of Technology

Research on Application of BRMS in the modern large-scale machine in the system
With its high safety, efficiency, mainframe is widely used in banking, insurance, transportation and some other important areas, h
Software Engineering - TP311.52 - XueJing - Fudan University

degree thesis is a written report of test results of scientific research, the students of colleges and universities or research institutions to obtain a degree, under the guidance of instructors completed
dissertation is divided into bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation
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