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  1. Isolation of Microbes for Bacteria Agent Recovering Oil and Metabolic Behavior of Isolates under Different Environment,XuXiaoHong/Dalian University of Technology,0/2
  2. Structure Design and Performance Evaluation of Small Cationic Clay Stabilizers,CuiYan/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/83
  3. The Research of Stimulation Technology of Temporary Plugging and Acidization in the Low Permeability Oilfield,SongZhiQiang/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/13
  4. Technical Feasibility Study of the Low-permeability Oil Zone Waterflood Development Project,HeJianHong/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/3
  5. Analysis of Injection in Kawaguchi Oilfield,GuoHanQing/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/3
  6. The Dynamic Analysis Technology Research on Horizontal Wells of Jingbian Gas Field,HanDaoMing/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/1
  7. The Research and Manufacture of Sulfonated Lignite and Sulfonated Tanning Extract as Standard Experiment Materal,LiuJun/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/4
  8. The Study of Technical and Economic Evaluation of the Waterflooding Project for Zheng Zhuang Region Extending in Yan Chang Oil Field,ZhaoShuangPing/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/2
  9. Oil Production Field Risk Assessment and Control System Application and Research,ZhangHuPing/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/1
  10. Technical Researches on Waterflooding of Chang2Reservoir in Zichang Oil Field,GaoJie/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/0
  11. Research of Technology to Increase Per-well Production About Chang7Oil Reservoir in Jiyuan,PangPeng/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/5
  12. Xifeng Oilfield Water Injection Technology Advanced in the Early Development of Evaluation,LiYaFeng/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/4
  13. Introduction and Development of Fracturing Design and Optimization Software,TanWenSheng/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/0
  14. Analysis on Production Test and Develop Potential About New Well Field,LiuJie/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/2
  15. Research of Pzl Well Productivity Evaluation in Southern of Yulin Gas Field,ZhangQiang/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/2
  16. Chang4+5, Chang6of Puziwan South Reservoir Layer Injection Test and Effect Evaluation,ZhaoPeng/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/0
  17. Dissertation Title:Research on Development Potential of Low Palaeozoic in Tao2And Tao7Well Area of Sulige Gasfield,GuoChunLing/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/0
  18. The Research on the Separate Layer Fracturing Technology Applied in the41/2" Casing Well of Changqing Oilfield,JuYaFeng/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/1
  19. Study on Waterflooding Program of Hanqu-Zhangtianqu Area, Dingbian,WangPeng/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/1
  20. Detailed Evaluation and Process Optimization of Transformation in West41Well Chang8Reservoir,LiYongGang/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/2
  21. Technology and Research of Injection Well Annulus Protecting Fluid,ZhangZhenYun/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/6
  22. Study of the Properties with Polymer Wax Paraffin Inhibitor,BaiJianShou/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/9
  23. Research on Improving Pumping-unit System Efficiency in Low-permeability Oilfield,ChenWei/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/6
  24. Study on the Infiltrating Fluid Regular Pattern of Heavy Oil Steam Stimulation And Deep Catalytic Cracking Process for Near Wellbore Area,ZhangRongRong/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/5
  25. Study on Reservoir Injection/Production Project of Fanxue Area, Dingbian,GaoMiaoMiao/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/2
  26. The Optimization Applications of Foam Drainage Gas Recovery Technology in Sulige's Gas Well,ChangPeng/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/7
  27. A Study on Low Fluctuation Pump by Using Hydraulic Filter,WuHongQin/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/2
  28. Research on Drainage Gas Recovery Craft of Su48Area, Sulige,CaiLiFeng/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/7
  29. Research and Application of Deep Profile Control of the Water Injection Wells in Low-permeability Oilfield,TangSiZuo/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/9
  30. Study on Risk Management Mode of Changbei Gas,JiangYan/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/4
  31. A Study on Investment Effect Evaluation of the Development Project Productivity Construction of Yanchang Low Permeability Oil Field,HouYingChun/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/2
  32. HuaQing Low Permeability Reservoirs, Construction Project Management Methods of Research and Practice,LiYiMin/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/2
  33. Key Technology Research of Oil Production for Horizontal Well,ZhangRunHu/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/1
  34. The Development Effects and Stable Production Technology of Southern Yulin Gas Field,WangYongQiang/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/4
  35. A New System of Temperature and Salt Resistance of Crosslinked,WangXuZhuang/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/6
  36. Application and Analysis of the Technology of Gas Well Down-hole,YinDongHong/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/6
  37. Zhaike Area Water Injection Dynamic Analysis,MaYuWu/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/6
  38. Research and Application on Fracturing Technology with Acid Crosslinking Water Fracturing Fluid,ZhaoHua/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/5
  39. Mechanical Cleaning Equipment, Storage Tanks and Application Analysis,WenJiaLin/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/4
  40. Research on Analysis and Management of High Moisture Content Wells of YuJia Wan Area of ZiBei OilfieId,LiuJinBao/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/2
  41. Study of Water Discharge Technique of Gas-well in the Sulige Gasfield,CaoCaiYun/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/5
  42. Comprehensive Set of High-return Strategies of Killing,WangXinGang/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/8
  43. Improvement and Promotion of Injection Wells Snubbing Operation,ChenLei/Xi'an University of Petroleum,1/7
  44. Efficient Development Countermeasure Research of Yong370Well Area,WangYong/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/0
  45. Waterflooding Extraction Schematic Design of Chang2in Bei Gou-Zhang Chao Combined Area,ZhangFengBo/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/1
  46. A Study on Water Shutoff and Profile Control Agent of Polyacrylamide Gel,ZhangPeng/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/20
  47. The Preparation and Performance of Microemulsion for Oil-Gas Resources,GuoYan/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/14
  48. Coal Powder Suspending Agent Used in Coal-Bed Fracturing,TanGuoFeng/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/6
  49. Study on Petroleum Enterprises Soft Power Evaluation and Improvement Strategy,ChenBo/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/23
  50. Research on Evaluation and Optimization of Experimentally Simulating and Exploiting Devices of Natural Gas Hydrate,AnYing/,0/48

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