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  1. The Responses of the Farmers to the Range Enclosure Policy in Yanchi County, Ningxia,ZhaoYuJie/Beijing Forestry University,0/82
  2. The Effect of Farmland Shelterbelts on Crop Yield in Plain Regions of China,HuangShouKe/Beijing Forestry University,0/44
  3. Estimating Willingness to Pay for Biodiversity Conservation of Changtang Nature Reserve,Tibet,China,WangZuoZuo/Beijing Forestry University,0/113
  4. Distribution Characteristics of Soil Conversation Forest in Northern Shanxi Loess Area,ChangCun/Beijing Forestry University,0/24
  5. Research on Carbon Storage of Farmland Shelterbelts in Plain Areas in China,TianShiYan/Beijing Forestry University,0/68
  6. The Study of Community Stability of Main Type Plantations in Northern Shaanxi Loess Area,WangLuLu/Beijing Forestry University,0/30
  7. Green GDP Accounting for Forestry Resources of Plain Areas in China,LeiNa/Beijing Forestry University,0/80
  8. Effect of Agroforestry Practices on Agricultural&Forest Products Yield, and Soil Characteristics,NaSuo/Beijing Forestry University,0/68
  9. The Effect of Vegetation Recovery of Two Kinds of Site Preparation in Northern Shaanxi Loess Area,LiPing/Beijing Forestry University,1/134
  10. Primary Impact Factors of Soil Nutrient and Soil Organic Carbon in the Loess Plateau,XieJing/Beijing Forestry University,0/156
  11. The Microrelief Distribution Law on Steep Slope in Semiarid Loess Area in North Shaanxi Province,ZuoGaoMing/Beijing Forestry University,0/60
  12. Study on Soil Moisture Characteristics in Loess Area of West Shanxi Province,ZhuYue/Beijing Forestry University,0/99
  13. Eco-environmental Impact of Urbanization Process of Sand Areas,HouYang/Beijing Forestry University,0/109
  14. Differentiation Law of Vegetation Characteristics on Slope Micro-topography of Semiarid Loess Area in North Shaanxi Province,WangJing/Beijing Forestry University,0/76
  15. Study on Characteristics of Water Utilization of Apple Tree and Its Influential Factors in Agroforestry System in the Loess Region of West Shanxi Province,LiJie/Beijing Forestry University,1/240
  16. Landscape Pattern Analysis and Landscape Planning of Helan Mountain-Yinchuan Basin System,ChenWeiPing/Beijing Forestry University,0/480
  17. Energy and Water Budget of a Poplar Plantation in Suburban Beijing,ZhangYan/Beijing Forestry University,6/350
  18. Study on Effect on Windspeed Reduction and Sand-Break by Low Coverage Belt Caragana Korshinskii Kom. Plantation,GaoHan/Beijing Forestry University,4/186
  19. Yanchi Northern Suburb drive mechanism and the effects of LUCC,FangGuangLing/Beijing Forestry University,1/290
  20. Effects of Different Sand Barriers on Wind-break and Sand Fixation,PuQiHeng/Beijing Forestry University,1/268
  21. Two kinds of Taihang Mountain agroforestry mode light distribution characteristics of fertilizer,GaoJun/Beijing Forestry University,2/227
  22. Research on Forest Health Evaluation of Larix Gmelini in the Great Xing’an Mountains,LiBing/Beijing Forestry University,9/358
  23. Fractal Porosity of Shelterbelts,LiChunPing/Beijing Forestry University,0/96
  24. Study on Soil Quality of Slope Micro-topography in North Shaanxi,ZhangHongZhi/Beijing Forestry University,0/68
  25. Research on Interspecific Relationship in Economic Tree and Crop Intercropping System on Loess Region of Western Shanxi Province,YunLei/Beijing Forestry University,1/124
  26. Study on Belowground Competition in Alley Silvopasture Systems of Caragana,QinShuGao/Beijing Forestry University,0/88
  27. Construction and Model of Agroforestry System in Sandstone Areas,YinLiQiang/Beijing Forestry University,0/116
  28. Ningxia sandy soil crusts influence physicochemical properties and their local environment,LiuLiXia/Beijing Forestry University,1/220
  29. Effect of Forest Canopy on Redistribution of Rainfall and the Characters of Litter Form on Liupan Mountains,LuXingLong/Beijing Forestry University,1/106
  30. The Classification、Structure and Function of Agroforestry Ecosyetems in Western Liaoning Province,CuiYiLin/Beijing Forestry University,2/164
  31. Beijing Urban Ecological River Vegetation Building Preliminary Evaluation Study,PanHe/Beijing Forestry University,2/436
  32. Agroforestry System and Plan in Sandstone Areas of Zhungeer, Inner Mongolia,LiuLiYing/Beijing Forestry University,3/180
  33. Distribution Characteristics of Root System and Fractal Characters of Fruit Trees in Fruit-Wheat Intercropping in Hillside Fields on Loess Platea,MaJun/Beijing Forestry University,0/170
  34. Assessment of Rural Human Settlement Security in Sandy Desertification Areas Based on Ecological Footprint Method,ZuoYanPing/Beijing Forestry University,1/290
  35. Qi County before returning farmland to forest land use change,LiYang/Beijing Forestry University,0/190
  36. Plain carbon content per plant poplar shelterbelts , carbon storage and distribution,GengXiangGuo/Beijing Forestry University,1/234
  37. Research on Ecological Risk Assessment of Northen Yanchi County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,ChengWenLong/Beijing Forestry University,0/171
  38. Security Assessment and Scenario Prediction of Human Settlements in Desertification Area,MaLiZuo/Beijing Forestry University,1/80
  39. Water Quality Response to Landscape Change in Baihe Watershed,XieHeFang/Beijing Forestry University,2/298
  40. Analysis of Industrial Structure of Plain Forestry in Huang-Huai-Hai Region,ZhengHui/Beijing Forestry University,1/139
  41. Agroforestry System Ecological Function and Model Construction in Sandstone Areas,HeJingLiang/Beijing Forestry University,0/64
  42. Study on Ecological Field of Sheltbelts for Farmland,FengJingYu/Beijing Forestry University,0/59
  43. Sand rural settlements and living environment quality evaluation mode filters,ZhangYiZuo/Beijing Forestry University,0/111
  44. The Study on Factors Affecting Formation and Development of Biological Soil Crusts of Loess Region in North of Shaanxi Province,WangRui/Beijing Forestry University,0/56
  45. Study on Fish-scale Pits of Different Specification in Semi-arid Loess Plateau of Northern Shaanxi Province,WangJing/Beijing Forestry University,0/61
  46. Community Characteristics and Spatial Pattern of Artemisia Arenaria on Different Sites in Semi-arid Desertification Areas,YueDan/Beijing Forestry University,1/78

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