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Analysis and Control of Volatile Flavor Compounds in Fresh Milk

Author: DaiMin
Tutor: HuoGuiCheng
School: Northeast Agricultural University
Course: Of Food Science
Keywords: Preservation of milk Analysis of volatile flavor substances Flavor substances regulation Separation and extraction method
CLC: TS252.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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At present, China's research in the preservation of milk flavor less, in particular, the lack of a comprehensive understanding of the volatile flavor compounds. Analysis of volatile flavor compounds of fresh milk, flavor substances can not only understand the chemical composition of the introduction of an objective science to consumers and producers of dairy flavor substances, but also that dairy producers to improve the quality of fresh dairy flavor provide the basis. In this study, by using advanced separation methods and analytical instruments to analyze the detection of volatile flavor compounds in the fresh milk, and to explore the strength of these volatile flavor compounds in milk and then by adjusting precursor protein, fat, lactose and other volatile flavor volatile flavor compounds in the material content of the regulation of fresh milk to achieve the purpose to improve the flavor of fresh milk. This test uses static headspace solid phase micro-extraction, purge and trap - law, three methods separation and extraction of volatile flavor compounds in fresh milk, and its spectrometer using gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analyzed by HPLC. Volatile flavor compounds extracted by the three methods of qualitative and quantitative results show that the purge - trap method for the separation and extraction method, and in selected chromatographic conditions, the substance is able to obtain a better separation of each substance The recovery of more than 90%, indicating that the technique is accurate and reliable, and can be used for the analysis of volatile flavor compounds in fresh milk. Application purge - trap-GC-MS spectrometry of the three major dairy companies: enterprise, enterprise, enterprise production of fresh milk in the volatile flavor compounds were qualitative and quantitative analysis. The analysis results show that the three brands of fresh milk are basically the same types of volatile flavor compounds, including aldehydes, ketones, esters, nitrogen compounds, sulfur compounds. Pasteurized milk detected objects are aldehydes. There is no significant difference between the total number of volatile components detected by the three kinds of pasteurized milk, respectively, for 10 species, 8, 9 species. The quantitative results show that three pasteurized pasteurized milk volatile flavor compounds, the same volatile flavor compounds in three Pap sterilization was no big difference in the milk, the content of volatile flavor compounds detected in 0.02-5.0μg / L between. UHT milk detected objects are in ketones. There is no significant difference between the total number of volatile components detected three UHT milk, respectively, for 10 species, nine kinds. The results from the quantitative point of view, the content of volatile flavor compounds were detected in the three types of UHT milk in 0.05-5μg / L. The intensity of flavor compounds to assess the strength of the volatile flavor compounds in fresh milk. Flavor of pasteurized milk and UHT milk there is no big difference, but low levels of detection of volatile flavor compounds in pasteurized milk and UHT milk, flavor intensity values ??are mostly lower than 0.5, so the flavor contribution very small, resulting in poor flavor quality of the two types of preservation of milk. Only by dimethyl-thione and skatole cooking taste and caramel, and other volatile compounds have no or only weak flavor. Trial to explore the volatile flavor compounds in fresh milk regulation. Fresh milk volatile flavor compounds of fresh milk in protein, fat, lactose content analysis, the analysis showed that the detection the flavor precursors adjust fresh milk in protein, fat, lactose content of the fresh milk The total number and content of volatile flavor compounds have a big impact, can significantly improve the flavor of fresh milk. The tests also determined the content of the raw materials used in the preservation of milk for the production of a good flavor milk protein, fat, lactose, respectively: 4.8%, 5.0%, 4.0%.

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