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Purification and Identification of an Acidic Polysaccharide Fraction GFLA-1 from the Flowers of Panax Ginseng C. A. Meyer

Author: HanDan
Tutor: ZhouYiFa
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Keywords: Ginseng flower polysaccharide Separation and purification Arabinogalactan HG type pectin RG type pectin
CLC: S567.51
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The preparatory work of the laboratory ginseng flowers the total polysaccharides extraction and separation of structure identification and activity of its partial fractions. On this basis, the paper flower Ginseng acidic sugar level GFLA-1 preparation to further separation and purification, and study the physical and chemical properties of all levels of points, monosaccharide composition and structural characteristics. Dried ginseng flower after hot boiled mentioning, ethanol alcohol Shen refined the ginseng flower the crude polysaccharide GFL (79.1 g). HPLC analysis GFL monosaccharide monosaccharide molar ratio of Man: and Rha: GlcA: GalA: Glc: Gal: Xyl: Ara = 3.1:2.2:0.9:16.0:8.2:52.3:1.5:10.8. GFL classification after DEAE-Cellulose column chromatography to give a neutral sugar fraction GFLN and four acidic sugar level stars GFLA-1, GFLA-2, GFLA-3 GFLA-4, and five fractions with previous studies in laboratory samples content, comparative analysis of monosaccharide composition and molecular weight. Because before the job is not GFLA-1-depth study, the papers will GFLA-1 by Sepharose CL-6B column chromatography for further classification, to obtain different molecular weights of the two fractions GFLA-1-A and GFLA-1- B. GFLA-1-A analysis showed that after high performance gel permeation chromatography and Sepharose CL-6B showed a single symmetrical peak molecular weight of about 9.1 × 104 Da. High-performance liquid chromatography analysis of its monosaccharide components, results showed GFLA-1-A is mainly composed of galactose and arabinose content of 58.3% and 34.4%, respectively, the ratio is close to 2:1, and the sum of both total content of 90%. In addition, also contains a small amount of rhamnose (4.4%), galacturonic acid (2.3%), and mannose (0.6%). Arabinose and galactose constituting component arabinogalactan domain, while because of the presence of a small amount of rhamnose and galacturonic acid and the ratio close, suggesting GFLA-1-A is an AG type neutral polysaccharides, and containing the RG-type side chain. The analysis also showed a single narrow peak GFLA-1-B performance gel permeation chromatography and Sepharose CL-6B, total sugar and uronic acid the peak showed better symmetry, molecular weight distribution than the concentration of approximately 4.7 × 103 Da. GFLA-1-B of the monosaccharide composition is more complex types of monosaccharides contained relatively range. The main monosaccharides galactose content of up to 35.6%. Furthermore, the galacturonic acid is also a major monosaccharides content of the total content of 27.3%. In addition to the above two monosaccharides, arabinose, 17.9% of the total sugar. The the three monosaccharide content reaches GFLA-1-B 80% of the total sugars, rhamnose (5.8%), glucuronic acid (4.9%), glucose (4.5%) and mannose (3.0%). Wherein galactose: arabinose of approximately 2:1, to speculate which also contains arabinogalactan and polygalacturonic domain. Also due to the presence of a small amount of rhamnose and galacturonic acid, it is speculated that which should contain a small amount of RG type side chain.

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