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The Research for Controlling the Releasing Speed of Chlorine Dioxide

Author: ChenYingChao
Tutor: WangGuangLong
School: Zhengzhou University
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: Chlorine dioxide Urea nitrate Maifanite Sodium chlorite Release
CLC: TQ124.43
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Chlorine dioxide is a powerful disinfectant, oxidation reaction occurs only when used for disinfection, chlorination occurred not produce chlorinated hydrocarbons and other carcinogens, oxidative capacity is 2.6 times that of chlorine. Therefore, more and more attention, the World Health Organization sent its A-level security as disinfectants. Developed a new urea salt - urea nitrate, study the basic properties of the main factors affect the synthesis of urea nitrate; using a new carrier - maifanite its basic nature, and its change study; explore the feasibility of solid sodium chlorite and urea nitrate, the main reaction components at room temperature to achieve a slow release of chlorine dioxide, the preparation of the solid sustained-release of chlorine dioxide disinfectant, determination of chlorine dioxide Releasing Law. In the preparation of urea nitrate, the molar ratio of nitric acid and urea, the concentration of nitric acid, and the reaction temperature, reaction time is principally affected factors. After the experimental study found that the optimum conditions are: urea and nitric acid molar ratio of 1:1, the molar concentration of nitric acid to 5.5 mol / L, the reaction temperature is 20 ° C, the reaction time was 20min. The nature and structure of the urea nitrate characteristics analysis results: The bulk density of of 0.493g/cm 3 ; crystal shape of the prism-shaped; the acidity of the aqueous solution weaker than nitric acid, citric acid; hygroscopicity is relatively weak; the urea nitrate X-ray diffraction, NMR spectrum, infrared spectroscopy showed urea nitrate is a new complex, to meet the solid - solid reactions in solid chlorine dioxide donor H requirements, as solid acid instead of a strong mineral acid such as nitric acid and solid organic acids used in the preparation of solid chlorine dioxide has good market prospects. Results as industrialization implementation and control of the release of chlorine dioxide the acidifier further improvement of the theoretical basis and reference. Found through the determination of the physical properties of maifanite: maifanite main chemical ingredient is the SiO 2 the Al 2 O 3 , K , 2 O, etc.; rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, boron, manganese and other elements; Nanyang maifanite X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy showed that the main mineral composition of K-feldspar and SiO , belonging to the frame-like silicate mineral; maifanite surface area of ​​2.33m 2 / g, a pore volume of 5.637 × 10 -3 cm 3 / g, average pore radius of 48.35 (?). Maifanite into modification experiments found that 100 ° C activation 90min: best modified process conditions on the stone. The results show maifanite in line with the sustained-release preparation of solid chlorine dioxide carrier. To modified maifanite for the carrier as the main reaction components, sodium chlorate, urea nitrate, novel solid oxidative disinfectant was prepared at room temperature can use the ambient humidity, and able to slow the release of chlorine dioxide gas. Solid chlorine dioxide release speed control: urea nitrate as acidifiers practicable; sodium chlorite and urea nitrate mass ratio of 1:0.8; the carrier maifanite of ClO < / sub> the release rate has obviously the ability to control the amount of the carrier have a great impact on ClO 2 released. Solid chlorine dioxide can be prepared in this experiment the total elimination of safety hazards, and activation is not required to use chlorine dioxide can be sustained and slow release, also can be directly dissolved in water to form chlorine dioxide solution is used for one-time disinfection, showing good market competitiveness. Chlorine dioxide release kinetics are flow - solid-phase non-catalytic reaction, the shrinking unreacted core model. The whole reaction is divided into two parts, before and after, early in the case of the gas film diffusion control, the latter part of the case of the control of chemical kinetics, the amount of the carrier can change the location of the two parts of the inflection point.

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