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Preparation and Application of Nano-TiO2 Photocatalyst with a Visible-light Activity

Author: YuHuiLi
Tutor: ZhaoZuo
School: Suzhou Institute of Technology
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: Photocatalytic Codoped Load TiO2 Modified
CLC: O643.36
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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This paper studies the photocatalyst preparation method - sol - gel method (SG) and precipitation - impregnation method (PD). The results found that nano-TiO 2 particle size, lattice distortion degree, prepared by the two methods are very similar; specific surface area light catalytic activity and preparation process, PD method slightly better than SG method. SG Law nanoscale photocatalysts load immobilized effects of PD effective method. Only UV active TiO 2 the codoped modified to expand its visible light absorption performance. Thereby, four total doping type photocatalyst: Ni, S, Ni, N, Co, N and Co, N, S, co-doped. The results show that good photocatalytic activity in doping of TiO 2 , and to expand its range of spectral absorption. In contrast, the Ni / S / TiO 2 Ni / N / TiO 2 photocatalytic activity in general; Co / N / TiO 2 2 of Well, in purely visible degradation rate of 88.4%. With the single doped Co, N or N / S TiO 2 , compared to its absorbing ability in the ultraviolet region and the visible region have been significantly improved. DRS, XRD, TEM, EDX and XPS characterization by means of light-absorbing performance of the modified photocatalyst, crystal morphology, grain size, surface morphology and elemental doping amount. The results showed that the four new catalyst are anatase phase, and the doping of the element does not affect the TiO 2 phase transition temperature of the catalyst average particle size of about 6 1 about 1 nanometer. Compared to 20nm particle size of P25 modified catalyst particle size smaller than the surface area of ​​greater help to improve its visible light catalytic performance. DRS results showed that the catalyst in varying degrees redshift redshift extent of small to large order: Ni / S / TiO 2 ≈ Ni / N / TiO 2 lt; Co / N / TiO 2 lt; Co / N / S / TiO 2 , their order of visible light absorption properties. Modified photocatalyst Co / N / TiO 2 or Co / N / S / TiO 2 load activated carbon and its photocatalytic activity declined, but the difference is not great . Co / N / TiO 2 -AC and Co / N / S / TiO 2 -AC visible light catalytic performance to be much higher than the the TiO 2 < / sub>-AC, water by organic pollutants - humic acid are good visible light activity after 3h illumination degradation rate reached 87.72% and 85.94%, respectively. SG method can better load reaches a nanoscale optical catalyst separation, recovery purposes.

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