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The Reconstruction of the Archive of Uta-mi(?)arram, the Courier (rá-gaba) of the Tribute Animal Center of the Ur-iii Dynasty (As 4 Ⅰ/14-As 9 Ⅲ/24)

Author: LiuChangYu
Tutor: WuYuHong
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Historical Philology
Keywords: Third Dynasty of Ur Tribute Tribute Center Sheep livestock 乌塔米沙冉 File reconstruction
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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普兹瑞什达 dry tribute Tribute Center (é-Puzri?-Dagan) in the Third Dynasty of Ur second king Shule Ji (? Ulgi) dominated the first 38 years of establishment, and its ruins in what is now Iraq, De Laihai Farm (Drehem). Ur III dynasty, the central monarchy increasingly powerful tribute to the King over the increasing number of livestock, while the royal family and their sacrifices over the Governor would like gods and livestock for the court costs and other royal officials and soldiers consumption, these receivers and expenses work requires a specialized agency to manage, in this case, 普兹瑞什达 dry tribute offerings center set up in the Third Dynasty of Ur economic management system occupies a very important position. As tribute sacrifice Center diaspora literature unearthed clay tablets to a different collection of land and was published sporadically, leading to the international academic community can not be systematic and complete picture of research. To this end, Northeast Normal University, World Institute for the History of classical civilization established the \research, academic study of this period of political and economic literature provides essential information. This article is part of this ambitious project. This reconstruction of the tribute center specialized management and delivery of sacrifice special sheep livestock officials, riding the (rá-gaba) 乌塔米沙冉 (Uta-mi? Arram) files. Dresser Anaheim current statistics to literature unearthed 乌塔米沙冉 total 263. Papers reconstruction method is 乌塔米沙冉 file the original documents are arranged in chronological order, the original Latin and in English translation, and conduct fundamental analysis. By 乌塔米沙冉 documents and archives in the reconstruction and analysis, we can draw the following conclusions: From the literature we know 乌塔米沙冉 working time is from Armagh Sheen 4 years January 14 to Armagh Sheen 9 years on March 24, which lasted for more than five years, his identity is riding so, its main job is to manage the special sheep offerings, including: long-haired aslum sheep, Simma Shiji? ima? ki Yang, Lulu Bu Lulub sheep,? arumium sheep, horses, sheep, dry Magan, hooves (umbin-4) Sheep and Galtabbum sheep (occasional cow sacrifice).乌塔米沙冉 Management sheep sacrifice Another feature is the color sheep, white (babbar or babbár), black (ge6), yellow (gi or sig17), spot (gùn-a) and other colors of sheep sacrifice.乌塔米沙冉 is responsible for managing the center of a special tribute sacrifice sheep and color sheep captive special institutions, which is different from the general center fold.乌塔米沙冉 the main tasks and contacts include: Tribute offerings from the center manifold A Basa ga (Abba-sagga) and temporary Explorer Lu ga Le Marcoux (Lugal-amar-ku) at the receiver and transmitted live sheep livestock offerings to the dead sheep dead livestock officials Schuler Giuseppe kitchen as Mu (? ulgi-urumu). By 乌塔米沙冉 archive reconstruction and analysis, we generally sort out the main work center tribute sacrifice the basic work, the center's basic mode of operation, 乌塔米沙冉 main work experience and responsibilities for the study of tribute offerings Ur dynasty center and the political, economic, religious and diplomatic activities of the original, reliable documentation basis for the country to continue in-depth study of basic social form of Sumerian literature pragmatic basis.

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