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Model Study of Early Cretaceous Thermal Structure of Lithosphere from Songliao Basin, NE China

Author: LiGuangRong
Tutor: ChiXiaoGuo
School: Jilin University
Course: Mineralogy,petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology
Keywords: The thermal structure of the lithosphere Paleotemperature Songliao Basin Early Cretaceous
CLC: P313
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Songliao Basin Early Cretaceous tectonic thermal event, delamination or mafic magma intrusion, which both have a common characteristic, that is, the Songliao Basin in the Early Cretaceous large-scale reduction of the lithosphere thin. Lithospheric thinning Songliao Basin did not like the Tibetan Plateau uplift occurred after delamination events or mafic magma underplating but from Huoshiling to Quantou deposition which has been in the same period Daxinganling region development of a brief rift stage, which is consistent with the Songliao Basin, but the Depression stage is almost not developed. This paper attempts to explore from the point of view of the thermal structure of the Songliao Basin Early Cretaceous thermal state of the lithosphere. First of combined geophysical and experimental test data, and discuss the Songliao Basin lithosphere structure, and that the Songliao Basin shell under molten layer does not exist today. Then, starting from the northeast region and geochemistry of Mesozoic igneous rocks, semi-quantitative discussion of the Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous lithospheric thickness and magmatic origin. This later model discussion geological constraints. Next determined according to the the vitrinite information collected the Songliao Basin shallow geothermal gradient lines and ancient heat flow; paper a more detailed discussion of the surface elevation and thickness of the lithosphere structure, the Songliao Basin in the Early Cretaceous World bunk massive stretch, and accompanied by strike-slip. On this basis, the source term in the McKenzie the adiabatic tensile model established according to the laws of thermodynamics, the heat conduction equation, and discuss the Songliao Basin under the Early Cretaceous crustal in different magma layer thickness under the surface heat flow. Came to the conclusion the Early Cretaceous, Songliao Basin lithosphere thermal structure model. Studies have shown that, during the period of Huoshiling the Yingcheng lithosphere thickness is different. Mainly basaltic rocks Huoshiling period greater than 60-70km lithosphere, crustal thickness greater than 45-50km, it corresponds to the surface heat flow of about 70; mainly acidic magma of Yingcheng period still exist lithospheric mantle of 2-15km and 28 km of the crust. Songliao Basin in the Early Cretaceous in the lower crust there is a 5 km thick magma molten layer crustal melting layer (the additional geothermal field) lead to the upper crust of ancient geothermal gradient increases to 42-45, the lower crust is about 37, lithospheric mantle is about 26. Also will make vitrinite reflectance mostly concentrated to the 0.7-1.7 surface heat flow reached 128, the geothermal gradient is 31 and the heat flow values ??significantly higher than 69; lower crustal melting layer is in an unstable state, trends in an extensional deformation. The thesis analyzed on the basis of the Songliao Basin as early Cretaceous lithospheric rheology and strength characteristics of lower crustal melting layer of Songliao Basin big mW / m20 C / km0C / km0C / kmmW / m20 C / kmmW / M2 scale stretching the main layers.

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